Dallas, Texas 6.2 DFW Metro area. First post updated with new info

It makes me laugh that SRK is essentially facebook for fighting games…you can even do status updates WTF?

Damn. Dirk is too fucking good.

fa sho. chuvy is helping me in all the essential upgrades that need to be done.

Might as well go and slam it in to a tree if that fool is helpin you…

Dat SRT8. Is it a 2011? Cause the body refresh on those is fantastic.

This shit is weird.

Chuvy be trollin’.

Eh. I dont go to that site anymore. Also I didnt give a fuck about those achievements in the first place.

from valles twitter lol.

haha funny guy. I am down for a ride in that though. Hit up Uptown with that shit. Anyways, does anyone have a spare AT&T phone that they’re not using? Someone stole my iPhone 4 and I have to wait a few weeks to purchase another one so I kinda need something to hold me over. If so, please hit me up on Facebook or private message here. It’d be much appreciated. (Doesn’t have to be a nice phone, whatever works is fine with me)

I just saw that on twitter, (BTW follow me if you want: same as SRK name)

I honestly don’t get why don’t people use the dive kick more! (Trollface)

So has anyone even contacted any kind of mods to tell them that our old thread suddenly disappeared?

Who cares that thread sucked…

Hi guys!

I think only mods can see your alls thread. It’s greyed out a little bit and it has an icon of a red shield with an x over it. It has a setting set on it called moderated. This is why the thread doesn’t appear. I have tried to put the setting to visible but I get an error every time I try. I have posted this in the problems area so the admins can see. I cannot tell you if or when the old thread will be activated.


Anyone got the hookup on tires? My car needs a new set.

thanks man. its no big deal if the other thread gets unlocked. its just a spam thread sprinkled with good info now and then. oh and game meetups. might as well start fresh and fuck this one up.

Speaking of game meetups…

Games at my place this Friday and Saturday night. Bring a stick/console if you can. Bring drinks/smoke if you want. Not planning on cooking out this week, but I will if people want to bring stuff. Everyone is welcome!

What’s your address? You can PM me if you want.

this thread is ass