Dallas Classic MATRIX 5000 2d Tournament 1/24/09 results

:encore:Its finally over…

First thank you to everyone who showed up. It was really surprising to all of us in DFW that so many people showed up. Even more surprising is how many randow SRK lurkers showed up, which is a good sign. Running a tourney can get pretty overwhelming sometimes. Im just glad everyone had a good time. All game grand finals were fucking epic except CvS2 lol.

Valley crew thats a long trip glad yall could finally come up here. We gotta go down there now. Corpus Christi holding it down. H Town peeps coming up, hope next time yall can come again. Oklahoma for making the long trip down again, and your camera crew. Which was a WTF moment. And again BIG THANK YOU to DFW for keeping the scene alive and kicking! Street Fighter 4 is knocking on the door…

Thanks you Johnny aka Dj_Matrix for securing the location again and running the money side.

YungB254 aka Brian, my brother, for helping me run 3S, HD remix, and CvS2.

Urien Rose aka Angela for getting food.

Scotty2hotty for running GGAC, TvC, and MvC2.

DarkGeese for running SNK even though it didnt happen, maybe next time mang.

And everyone else who helped out in their own way.

Also we plan the next Dallas tourney to be late May or early June after school is over. This time we want to bring it to Regional Status.

Results -

Street Fighter III: Third Strike (27 entrants)

1: Yuuki (UR) - DFW
2: J.D. (YU) - The Valley aka Brownsville
3: YungB254 - (GO) - DFW/Waco
4: Toanage - (CH) - DFW
5: Ultimate Faust (Q) - OK
5: Andrew (KE) - McKinney
7: 2d Tony (CH) - DFW
7: Neil (EL) - OK
9: Jive Turkey Jones (UR) - The Valley aka Brownsville
9: Orochi Ryu (MA) - DFW
9: Buktooth (KE - DFW
9: Nmbr1Krush (RY) - DFW/Waco
13: RyukZero (DU) - East Dallas
13: BinhLOL (KE) - DFW
13: Dest556 (OR) - DFW
13: Ferdinand (??) - McKinney
17: Oseph aka Joey B (??) Haltom City Boys
17: John Lewis (CH) Haltom City Boys
17: Jan Del Rio (??) Houston
17: Nite, Raymond Steven’s friend (??) - Mckinney
17: Nathan (??) - Haltom City Boys
17: Spin4u (YU) - San Antonio
17: Justin F. (YA) - OK
25: Urien Rose (UR) - Waco
25: Seph aka Chase (??) - OK
25: Raymond Stevens (??) - McKinney
25: Thomas (??) - Haltom City boys

Capcom vs SNK 2 (15 entrants)

1: Buktooth
2: Demenion
3: Jan Del Rio
4: Sauvion
5: 2d Tony
5: Higashi
7: J.D.
7: Jive Turkey
9: Big Chris
9: Kevin
9: Foxstep CEO
9: Noe
13: Nero
13: RyukZero
13: Dj Matrix

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD REMIX (17 entrants)

1: Buktooth
2: Jakeclops
3: YungB254
4: Sauvion
5: 2d Tony
5: Demenion
7: Dest556
7: BinhLOL
9: Big Chris
9: J.D.
9: Dj Matrix
9: Ripgut
13: Higashi
13: Clint Beastwood
13: Joe Reyna
13: Jive Turkey
17: Big Nasty

:encore:Marvel Vs Capcom 2 TEAMS

  1. MSFREE (Toan & Scott2Hotty)
    2: Team Jake Trash (Luiz + Jake)
    3: Team Matrix (PMD + DJ_Matrix)
    4: Team Houston (Joey H + Big Chris)
    5: Team stay on it (Jacob + Suavion)
    5: Team Huslihn (Hustlinh aka Clint Beastwood + Orochi Ryu)
    7: Team Buknasty (2d Tony + Buktooth)

Marvel vs Capcom 2 (19 entrants)

1: Total Toanage - beat Fanatiq 4 games straight to win grand finals
2: Fanatiq Came from losers after taking PMD’s place
3: Jakeclops aka Chokeclops per Scott
4: Joey H
5: BigChris
5: Scott2Hotty
7: Clint Beastwood aka Hustlinh
7: Dj Matrix
9: ranmadu
9: SuperDuperKid
9: Suavion
9: Luiz
13: 2d Tony
13: G1Park
13: Foxstep
13: Eddie (Orochi ryu)
17: BigNasty
17: Buktooth
17. PMD * Fantiq took his place

TvC (17 entrants)

  1. Sephiroth
    2: Buktooth
    3: g1park
    4: DoomScyther
    5: G1Park
    5: Ultimate Faust
    9: Jive Turkey
    9: Scotty2Hotty
    9: ranmadu
    13: Suavion
    13: Jakeclops
    13: Dj Matrix
    13: Jan Delrio
    17: 2d Tony
    17: BigChris
    17: Orochi Ryu
    17: RyuuJin

Guilty Gear Accent Core round robin

1 Jan Del Rio

Runner Up - Dj Matrix and Ulitmate Faust

Andrew (me) is DFW yo!

I had a lot of fun…nice playing everyone and meeting some of you. If you are subscribed to my youtube channel (DarkGeese) you are seeing I am uploading those 48 matches from yesterday now and am 80% finished. When I finish with them all I will post them all up here and segregate them by the game… :looney:


Good shitt dallas. I will make sure to come out to the next one. Also 4th place to all of houston players… 2 good! Even though Toan stay in dallas now he still reps for that houston! :rock:

Where’s the Marvel Results?

hes originally from dallas yo!

thanks everyone that came out. i look forward to the next big event we hold and how much bigger it will get.

True! But still has that htown in him. Texa$ We Da Best!:bgrin:

Great ran tourney as always you guys, and congrats to all the winners and placers. Can’t wait to have Dallas be the Southwest center for these shindigs, and I’m totally hyped about it getting to regional status also.

Great games everyone, and we got some good footage and a couple good interviews (Buktooth and Dark Geese), although we wanted to get a few more, it was an idea that we kinda threw together on the fly and it was getting late. Next time we’ll do interviews of all the winners in each respective game and all that stuff, plus the hosts and their future hopes and prospects to getting the community here bigger and badder.

We’ll try and get the footage uploaded soon, and there might be a few ???'s on some of the Marvel single matches we got on who was playing, since the battery died on one of the recorders, and just in case there’s any mistakes, we appreciate any feedback and corrections when we get those vids up, like "Yo dawg, that was “so and so” playing “such and such”

There was a bit of confusion on the format of the GG:AC tourney, hopefully that’ll be a bit more transparent for next time if there’s enough interest for it.

Here’s to all that can make it for late May/early June! :smokin:

GG to everybody at the tourney i had a blast,i it was the first time been to dallas and i won’t be last.espically hanging with the dallas players dj_matrix(for hosting the tourney at the place),scotty to hotty,toan, and the rest of the dallas players you guys are GOOD!.i need to come there more often to play,next time you guys have a tourney i am definitetly down to go.

results for the rest of the games added.

Good shit to J.D getting 2nd in 3S.


Good shit Dallas!


Thanks to anyone who let me use their arcade stick. GGs to everyone, and shot outs to Toan and johnny.

GGs to all that I played. Fun times.
Lawlz at Bihn and I placing in the same area. We trash.

This tourney was soooooooooo fun
I want videos :lovin:

Toan is my favorite Marvel player :rofl:

I <3 Buk & Yuuki :lovin:
YoYo Magic:angel:

for the OK crew who brought a camera system that was worth more than the entire rooms appliances.

how long for the vids of the mvc2 finals and the TVC finals. good shit. i had a blast. again i bought the beer you leechers!! i did shit in the tourney. took pad players for granted.

good to see them h-town and dallas players again.

again must see the vids!!!


17: Spin4u (YU) - San Antonio

LOL :rofl::rofl:

rofl That’s me, the name is Hite (my last name, first is Coly) but I guess when you registered you heard it as Nite. Pretty lulz no prob though just saying. I’m actually from Denton but I was chilling with Raymond. DarkGeese might remember me, I was at his place a few times, a long ass time ago though. I’m rusty as shit. GGs though