Daigo's yearly income is at least 196k

That’s pretty decent for a pro gamer that only goes to one tournament a year.

Well, most of his income comes from his book and his paid apparitions at conventions.
That’s pretty good overall, but he can only do that because the man knew how to transform his legend into a business. That’s not for “being a progamer”, that’s for “being Daigo, the first progamer in history”.

Daigo has paid apparitions?? spooky!


The word you’re looking for is appearances.

Last I checked he also has a full time job as well.

Daigo’s work ethic in and out of the game is an inspiration. More people should strive to be like him, gamer or not.

He used to be a nurse I believe. He doesn’t do that any more. Also I thought Fatal1ty was the first pro gamer.

It just says that it’s according to several people.

It doesn’t say who those people are.

Well I wasn’t sure but didn’t bother to check.
English second language, sorry sorry.

I thought he left his full time job a few years ago ?
It’s kinda hard to get verified information about Japenese players, even Daigo.

…I find this to be hard to believe.

I heard he catches bullets with his teeth

nothing to apologize for. the idea of Daigo having ghosts of himself running around for a fee is pretty rad.

196 thousand dollars? Not so sure about that one, not hating though, so fuck off.

He has the glow

Well Markman for one was like,yeah, sounds plausible.

I have to wonder ifanyone else gets this kind of pay from basically fighting games.

Well, I was going to correct the apparitions gaffe with a blue ghost version of Daigo but you guys already corrected him. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for “first pro gamer” he is certainly close but it’s debatable. There is also fatal1ty. Dunno who is first but fatal1ty certainly created his self brand before Daigo.

Does that Boxer guy from Starcraft count?

Why? It’s not a lot, all things considered.

But I just want to sleep and play video games!

Am I the only person wondering why are we even care about how much he’s making? It’s not like he’s wiping the money out to any of us so why should we care how much he’s making?

Is that in Japanese or American currency?