Daigo Wins Evo 2010, EG Ricky Ortiz is Runner-Up

Congrats to Daigo as well as Ricky Ortiz!

great pics u know if the vid will be on youtube? cos the 2nd set the stream cut WAS EPIC till then tho XP oh and great play from everyone ^^ even if it wasn’t streamed people who play in the tournies make sure we keep beat em ups alive ^^ GRATS EVERYONE PWN U ALL AT AN EVO SOMETIME HAHAHA :slight_smile:

Congrats to Daigo. I’m happy he won again. I hope he has continued success. Kinda sux Tokido got eliminated earlier on, but oh well.

Wow he won two times in the row like the lakers. good shit,

I think daigo’s only competition would have been wong and he luck out.

Daigo showing the poise to stay on top yet again. Ricky definitely stepped up his game for this year. It was a shame players like Vangief and GamerBee got so far, but when you pick lower characters, your skill can only take you so far when going against players of equal skill but better characters. Hopefully we will see some more polished Rufus, Honda, and other top tiers to take on Daigo next year. Otherwise, great SSF4 tournament!

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeey…

Yeah I only missed that whole Diago winning thing thanks to the stream.

Oh heeeeeeeeeeeey…

Yeah I only missed that whole Diago winning thing thanks to the stream.

I dont know why but I personally dont care. I really dont like Daigo but it has nothing to do with sf. Then again its just me. anyway, no hatemail or replies needed. However, congratulations to him.

You don’t like him because he’s the champion.
No one ever likes the guy or team that wins year after year.

People like the underdog. In fact they made a movie about it called “Rocky” I think it came out in 2009.

I love markman photobombing that picture though, nice.

Rocky came out in 1976. Yeah, I’m talking about the “real” underdog movie. Rocky Balboa came out in '06 and was a shitfest and completely not applicable here.

But yes, I wanted RO to win.

I never noticed how big Ono’s head is…

Great matches, congrats Daigo and Ricky!

Hey look, there goes the joke

Yeah. Apparently.

Someone should hug Ricky for his excellent performance.

I volunteer Justin Wong.

This probably the best shot Wildcatz could ever asked for. It’s all there: Evo, Daigo, Ono, Markman, Wildcatz, Trophy, Champion.

Markman looks so godlike in the background.

Markman is stealthin it.

I think Infiltration had a shot. He was certainly the person out of the Top 8 that looked poised to put Daigo on the ropes, something he did to everyone in the Top 8.

Shame that Ricky won Losers’ finals, we’ll never know how that match would’ve played out (Unless of course, there’s some incoming Infil/Daigo money matches showing up later).

No surprise

Everyone knows Daigo is going to win.