Daigo - "HD Remix arcade would be a hit in Japan"


Came across this the other day on Sirlin’s site. Daigo is feeling the game apparently.

I really like HD remix and think a japanese arcade would give the scene a shot in the arm. I know HDR had a good showing at EVO but there still room for growth.

he thinks that cuz his character only had 1 change. a fake fireball was added. :rofl: think about it if your main is chun.

but really… the game is good and i think if it were an actual arcade game it would be a big hit anywhere.

of course
it would take daigo to say it and everyone will finally agree

ps yay

Man I’m just waiting for Daigo to say KOF XII is a great game so all the mindless sheep with no balls of their own will start to play it and pick the same characters Daigo picks.

Somebody tell me what Daigo is having for dinner so I can eat the same things he does and become a champion.

I refuse to eat anything else until I learn what Daigo eats.

Anything that will get more ppl to play KOF is ok in my book. Mindless sheep or not.

Hey guys, do you know that companies pay millions of dollars to get pros to endorse their products?

Nothing wrong with touting that one of the best street fighter players thinks HDR is good.

Edit:Not even daigo could make people like KOF

Unless your post is based upon Daigo’s opinion, it holds no value to me.
goes back to shrine of Daigo to worship


Imagine all the lost change and pissed off people when the game crashes on the VS screen.

I don’t think daigo plays shitty games, so this will remain a dream.

Yes, lets turn this into a KOF vs SF thread, that will be tons of fun won’t it?

why the KoF hate? that game is alot of fun even though im amazingly scrubtastic.


HDR still sucks regardless. So does Sirlin. 7th place in your OWN game. LOL.

People posting sarcastically about “Oh what is daigo having for dinner tonight?” completely missed the point and are trying to be cool amongst us.

I didn’t think Daigo would be on board with HD Remix but whatever. It’s a good game, good players play it, not too many reasons other than preference not to play it.

I’d be all for it, if they added more changes/fixes. HDR has room for improvement in some areas still.

It actually would have been a bad thing if Sirlin had placed significantly better in HDR(compared to his previous placing in ST).

The HD graphics would appeal the newer crowd that didn’t come up playing the original ST.

I think HDR is a great game, the problem is the old ST guard doesn’t want to adapt and play it.

It’s an amazing game and definitely deserves an arcade release. Makes sense.