Dad Calls Cops on Son to Teach Him a Lesson, Cops Shoot Son Dead

A father’s attempt to teach his son a lesson for taking his truck without permission ended in tragedy Monday after a local police officer shot the teenager dead.

Well, lesson learned, I guess.

this is only pkssible because america believes we need to be tough on crime.

I hope this shit loses his job.

secondly the excuses these shits come up with are more and more half assed showing how militirized and hawkish the pklice are getting. fuck this institi

Posted this in the bad police thread. Kid was a danger, but didn’t have to be killed. Cop ignores call responders suggestion of backing away since they know who the kid is. 6 shots fired in a single burst, suggests to me the cop wasn’t in control.

heres the police dash cam

damn… that’s fucking bullshit, either this cops a pussy and was actually scared or he’s a trigger happy retard… either way he needs to be as far away from law enforcement as possible.

Live and Learn.
Learn and Die.

I’m mixed about this. The kid showed he was willing to use the truck as a weapon when he backed into the cop car in the beginning and it seemed like he rammed it again at the end before he was shot. The kid also ran through a red light at a busy intersection and could have easily rammed into an innocent person and killed them. So if your the cop, you have someone in the drivers seat of a truck who has no problem running into you and no concern with taking risks that may kill other people.

But then again, I don’t know much about law enforcement, but I was always under the impression that they’re not supposed to shoot unless they absolutely have to. So can the cop make the argument that since the kid was still behind the wheel of the truck, and he was using the truck as a weapon and unconcerned with putting other people’s lives in danger, that he had to shoot the kid because his own life (the cop’s) was in danger when he left his car? Or something like that?

It’s hard for me to feel sympathy for the kid. Who knows, maybe his father was a terrible father and made his life incredibly difficult. But I don’t get that feeling from this. The kid stole the truck because his father wouldn’t buy him cigarettes? Really? And in his temper tantrum runs through a red light (that really bothered me, no need to potentially kill or injure innocent people)? Like, why run from the cops? Your not going to get away. What’s the worst they’ll do. “Ok kid, quit f’ing around, time to go back home”.

Doesn’t seem like the cop knew the truck belonged to the kid’s dad. What did the dispatcher say at 3:10 though? I can’t make out the first part, but then I hear “…you can probably back off”.

hanging on the edge of tomorrow?

Dispatcher says “I’m sure we know the suspect so, you can probably back off”

I blame the father for this.

  1. because you are the father and how your kids act reflect on you because YOU raised him.
  2. how many times have we heard that I’m gonna call the police on you to teach you a lesson and whoever gets the cops called on them gets scarred for life in some form or fashion? 911 is not a game or a tutorial.

I believe the cop AND the father should get a punished. The cop for the all-so-familiar God complex and for murder. And the father for child endangerment and manslaughter. Not to mention, if the cop really wanted to get the stolen car back, why the hell would you destroy it like that?

Nah, from the words of yesterday.

I don’t get how shit like this just happens.

It’s simple, common sense is not as common as you think, also stupid people are the majority.

You know how videos like this make the rounds on the internet and are forwarded to email inboxes everywhere? How many times do you think the father has seen this video?

Funnily enough, I blame the asshole murderer cop, who fired 6 rounds into the kid.

whats your point?
shit, if his father posts on SRK he can hit me up on ggpo. There’s nothing like a few games of ST or Alpha2 to take your mind off things.

Holy shit. Someone else can dissect this. Your children are not a reflection of you. By your logic, the mother of every gangbanger should be arrested too.

I hope he loses his life.

am I the only person shocked the dude was white?

What, you expect a black or hispanic dude to even call the cops in the first place?

The only thing that was left smoking was his ass.