D.C. schools new achievement targets vary by race

source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/student-achievement-targets-vary-by-race-income-in-dc-and-many-states/2012/09/18/3b306568-fd13-11e1-8adc-499661afe377_story.html?fb_ref=sm_btn_fb

There’s a second page on the main article. I’m sure white nationalists are having a field day with this : |

Unless they themselves are willing to teach a higher level of academics at those underachieving schools, they can kindly shut the hell up.

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That’s about all that comes to mind when reading this.It’s either that, or me typing out something longer than my work shift would allow me time.

This wouldn’t be a problem if people were taught shit that actually matters in our world today, i.e. computer shit, technology shit, medical field shit.

Or the universal “common sense”

^Moreso Logic/Rhetoric/Grammar + Personal Finance(after Arithmetic and all that good stuff) + Civics at an absolute minimum

Its awesome how non-universal common sense is.

For some reason this makes me mad. Probably makes me mad because they couldn’t be bother to fix the actual problems with education and now they are changing their targets. Its like trying to get improve your target practice by moving the target instead of fixing your posture.

Fucking BEWD, if you’re gonna post something this stupid, put a coffee warning in front of it. Something nice like Coffee Mug Required: “title of whatever nonsense you are posting.”

This is not what really matters, per se.

Rather, it is what has been left for the working poor to do (by the rich, who have systematically destroyed most other viable employment options), so that they might achieve some meager level of success.

One cannot teach common sense.

It is definitional.

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This is more what I’m talking about specifically by "common sense"
Just the ability to conduct yourself in the real world and not be a fucking jackass. The knowledge based and field-based information and reasoning can come later, but none of that means anything if you can’t understand basic adaptation to the real world.

I’m laughing. Because this has got to be a fucking JOKE.

The sad part is most of those kids learn the “common sense” on the streets which isn’t doing the kids any good. I should know because I live right outside of the D.C. city limits in Maryland. D.C. public schools have been shit for years now.

Isn’t this pretty cut and dry racism? This can’t be legal, can it?

Math and reading comprehension are integral parts of all these disciplines. What are you on about?

Kids in D.C. need to stop being a victim. :coffee:

D.C. and Illegality? No wayz

This is the education system saying that the education problem is a cultural problem. And it is a cultural problem, except it isn’t this white and black.

Ugh, I hate reading serif fonts on the computer.

True, seems like in a few decades the only jobs will be in medical (not doctor- maybe rolling fat people from room to room), military, education, or working for someone else in the service sector. Seems like that now actually. We could employ almost everyone and probably have a 4 or even 3 day work week by now, but then a lot of people would have free time, a big no-no.

Also, nobody mentioned history? It’s probably the most important subject and I’m still making up for our school system’s unbelievably poor history program (I know it’s intentionally bad, of course). “Ok, kids, these next few weeks we’re going to talk about the Revolutionary War. Again. Summarized in this book by a third rate college professor pandering to idiots in Texas, so don’t bother about primary sources or attempt to actually read Washington or Paine or anyone like that.”

history is most important? I’ll agree that its important, and I wouldn’t cut it out of the curriculum anywhere, but its still mostly trivia. The few people I know with history degrees aren’t doing shit with them. Personally I’d like less emphasis on memorization of dates and names cause I’ve long since forgotten all of that.

If they change the curriculum in those “not doing good” schools, wouldn’t that hurt the kids who are doing well or above average in those schools who really have no option but public school because private school is too expensive and district things preventing kids from going to the better suburban schools?