CvS2 results. Orlando FL, INTERGALACTIC tournament

CvS2 XBOX version: 30+ players

1st- Trent Van Deven
Agroove- nakoruru, cammy, geese, blanka, and random selected characters

2nd- Joe “Placido” Buniao
Agroove- nako, akuma, bison

3rd- Dan Rearden
4th- Nick “TheStampede” Bibey

CvS2 DC Version: 20+ players

1st- Alex Navarro
Agroove- sakura, blanka, hibiki, bison, and random selected characters

2nd- Alex Jebailey "GUINNESS"
Ngroove- hibiki, bison, cammy, blanka

3rd- Dwayne Shultz
4th- Chris Paw

Many props to Soul Bro Ryu. Great tournament, seemed very successful. Everyone seemed to have had a good time, look foward to the next one.
Roll Canceling is cheap, xbox version rules. :lol: Sucks we couldnt enter both tho.

Good tourney and turnout, 2 tiers=GHEY.

Yeah good job Trent on the XBOX for PUSSIES Tier, You must be really proud lol.

And Navarro you’re too good.

PS-no 2nd and 3rd place prizes lol CHEAP BASTARDS.

Overall great place, nice people working there, it’s the new DBS of Orlando.

PS-I never said my turtle joke a single time.

Roll canceling is a glitch and i wont stand for it. :lol:

RCing is for Cowards, I agree.

God damn… I couldn’t find the place!
So I just went to Rocky’s to practice the Magneto infinite! :lol:


Trent you have no shame. :lol:

I would of gone into the X-Box tournament if there were more Dreamcast controller converters. Instead I ended up getting a few Roll Canceled Rekkas up the ass. Good tournament though, I had fun. Why did no one bring their own chairs except for me?

at the tournament, which person were you? I dont know how to associate which srk nicks to faces there…

I was the guy who chose Todo/Yamazaki/Geese. Todo stood no chance, Yamazaki learned what Roll Cancelling was, and Geese botched the Deadly Rave on the last hit for the first match. Who are you Shafted!?

Good tourney. Trent, your the man. You too Alex. Those where some great matches. I was watching the footage that I got on camera of alot of the matches. It came out better then I thought it would. You can hear Alex in the background trash talking everyone :lol:

Asian kid, wearing blue, used cammy, iori, and some 3rd person, i think terry i dont remember.

Shafted are you the P-Groove guy (Chris if I remember correctly)?

yes it was a surprisingly great turnout, and besides being long as hell it flowed without any major problems, I congratulate all the winners, and thank everyone else that came out.

as for the prizes, I’m sorry about the no prizes for second and third, I was talking to the other owners and did my best to have awesome and fair prizes, and they really wanted to have awesome prizes, but frankly couldn’t afford more then what they gave, so again sorry, but hey not everyone could be winners, that’s your job, not mine :wink:

were hoping to learn from this though, and promise to have cooler prizes in the future, if the future tournaments have turn outs as good as this or more, that shouldn’t be a issue.

If you guys have any ideas to share please do so, I for one know one new rule is no little kids(or more like, not those exact kids), those kids tore up my store and all of us were pretty pissed, so I apologize if they did anything to affect your game.

and also, to help in better prizes, future tournaments probably won’t be catered like this one was, we did it for the first one so we can make an impression, but hey like I said, if you have any ideas I and the rest of cybertron will listen.

hell, I would like to see a tournament were majority of the money would be used for a cash prize, besides a portion going to the venue of course.

and again, thank all of you for showing up, we at the store feel excited for future tournaments, and I can only promise things will get better.

I also want to give props to SBR on the tournament, you put allot into it, so I’m glad to see things went well, now I’m sure you will be a pro at this in no time.

also I’m sure SBR will post his thanks, but I also want to thank those that were nice enough to donate their adaptors, sticks, or whatever during the tournament, you guys really made it easier for all of us.

  • SHO

Good tournament guys, other than those little kids, everything was great. Wouldn’t mind seeing another one of these in the future. The pizza kept me from starving too. :slight_smile:

Yeah, but my p-groove was hella scrubby when i fought dwaynes Vega/chun team.

Damn vega is too fast to parry and he has range as well…:frowning:


The pizza there kicked ass, fuck money, i’d rather not starve, food is good.

BTW, whcih one of the cybertron crew were you?

Shafted!! I’m the one that didn’t stand a chance against you and your zany roll canceled Rekkas. I couldn’t counter a damn thing you threw at me! Good games though, I learned some things. While I’m thinking about it: Nick, when do you think the next one of these will be held?

Which Alex???

lol, duely noted, but we think it may be cheaper for us if we don’t have pizza next time, but we do plan to still have drinks, but all input is wanted and will be noted.

as for which one was I, I was the lil guy in the black shirt and glasses.