CvS2 bay areaaaaaa

I bet. Was Wis giving people the business?

He actually lost to A-Haohmaru, Kyo, Hibiki-r2 guy.

Never seen anybody with that team. I also assume wis was sticking with that n-groove team instead of a-groove.

So what’s the plan for this week? MGL on wednesday again?

I don’t think i can make it this wednesday i have alot of work to do concerning school as my quarter is ending. If i do end up going somehow i will call one of you up but it looks doubtful.

Me and extravagant are looking at MGL Fri right now.

Assuming we don’t play tonight, I’d be down for MGL on friday. Also, I’d want to do SVGL either tomorrow or saturday.

Did extravagant show up last weekend btw?

Is tomorrow at MGL going down?

I’ll be there for sure. Have to run an errand there anyways.

x CVS24LIFE! x

x I can probably host on Tuesdayss x

for some HOT HOT CVS2 action ///

best game ever

x CVS24LIFE! x

x I can probably host on Tuesdayss x

for some HOT HOT CVS2 action ///

best game ever

I can probably make it to MGL or svgl Saturday, just got to clear it with the female.

What time friday?

probably 7-ish.

Late notice, I’ll be at MGL tonight probably after 8.

I want to go to SVGL tomorrow also, probably same time or later. Got to train up for SJ State :nunchuck:

CvS2 at keystone 2 would be awesome Albert. If it happens, I’d like to check it out.

bah, i could only make it around 3-5 today. hopefully i’ll be able to catch you guys on saturday, not sure if i can make it out or not!
if that C Cammy/Iori/Sagat guy is reading this, gg’s man. I gotta learn my match-ups better (i’m still a newb)

grr double post

Anybody wanna come to my house to play or what?

I have a ps2, a pad, and a stick. bring your own sticks.

GGs to the Milpitas crew last night. Competition was pretty stiff, I need to step up my game!

I’m going to SVGL in a bit, probably after 9. Hopefully you make it out brotherman, since I’ll be the only one of us who’s going.

We’ve been batting around the idea of playing at my place as well. I don’t think we can do it this week, but maybe later this month. I dunno who’s place would be most convenient for everybody, since you’re pretty far from the east bay guys, and I’m kinda far from y’all in SJ.

I’ll see you there! i’ll probably be there around 8 or 8:30

Fuuuuuck…damn projects…you all better not hold out next week when i am done with them…>( I want in so bad…