CvS2 bay areaaaaaa

So there’s a handful of us that want to play cvs2 regularly. Instead of clogging each other’s pm box, I figured it would be easier and better to make a thread to find out when and where everybody wants to play. MGL, SVGL, your mom’s house, wherever you will be playing cvs2 and would like others to come play, post it in here. This way, everybody will know where everybody else is playing, and who knows, maybe we can get some new people to come play as well.

2017 EDIT

Here is the information for the current incarnation of Game Center. We play CvS2 on the First Saturday of every month, at Caliburst. There is a new monthly event for older fighting games in the works, and I’ll update the post here with the info once it gets going.


[s]To my knowledge, the only place to consistently play CvS2 anymore is at Caliburst, a tournament that takes place at Game Centre 2 on the FIRST SATURDAY of EACH MONTH. For the details on GC2, check the first post of this thread. (see first post for venue rules and location)

2016 EDIT

Game Centre 2 has become Game Centre 3, and we still play CvS2. The event is currently scheduled for the FOURTH Saturday of every month. Post here if you’d like me to find links to the relevant information about GC3. [/s]

Lol my PM box is hella fullz.

Probably going to MGL this wednesday…the Arcademania keeps me going and thats my most frequent day.

Yeah, I got tired of deleting old PMs too, that’s why I thought this thread was a good idea.

Let me know if you’re going on Wed for sure, I’ll probably join you if you are. Last week was real good, and wednesdays and fridays are the best for MGL.

Sorry I couldnt make it last time, I got pretty busy with other affairs. As far as meeting weds at Golfland, after this week when I get back from Texas, I’m down to play. I’m not going to let this game die out, spent too much time with it!

i am 90% going tomorrow. I will give you a call Warzard. Mghost is probably going too to bring some S Groove lovin, and i will see if i can get more people to come or not.

Hopefully my friend Chris can come…he used to be so beast with K Groove and has a rapidly improving P Groove … :slight_smile:

Sounds good man, we’re always looking to pick up more players. Wednesday at MGL is becoming a regular thing. I’m also thinking of going to SVGL on friday or saturday. If anyone else can make it on saturday, i’ll go then, but if I don’t hear from anybody I’m going friday.

Cool, yeah call me. Wow, somebody dropping k for p. Is it me, or is p-groove getting more popular these days?

Oh, and looks like we got a tourney to look forward to now! (KS/IPW at MGL)

GGs to Lionx and really everybody at MGL last night. Good crowd!

As for the weekend, things are up in the air. I checked again, and sho nuff is obnoxiously far away. It’d be about a half-hour each way, so I’m probably going to pass on that. 2k watts mentioned going to MGL also, which is going to be a game-time decision. I may just go to SVGL late on Friday or on Saturday instead.

Oh, and we got another event coming up:

3/19 at SFSU. That’s really early though, especially for y’all in the south and east bay. I’m curious to see who’ll show up for it.

I’ll be at MGL tonight with a friend. Not sure if I can make the SFSU tourney as I have a friend coming from out of town that week.

MGL Wednesday?

Also, Lionx do you have the latest ibaraki VIP matches on your youtube? They’re uploading to nico nico now, dunno if that affects how you get the vids. Here’s where I watched 'em:

MGhost would appreciate that k-nakororu action, and dari plays balrog now. I’dve downloaded the vid myself, but couldn’t figure out how to download from niconico.

Naw i haven’t yet uploaded them, thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile: I have midterms and stuff to do, but tomorrow sometime for sure they will be up. Who is the Nako player though?

MGL Wednesday as always :slight_smile: Gonna give you a call that day.

Cool. The Nak player in the vid is called Makoto according to the ibaraki vip site.

Wed doesn’t look good for me this week. I’m looking to go to MGL on Fri or Sat night.

My plans got canceled. I’ll be able to head up to MGL tonight.

GGs everyone! I look forward to vidzzz.

Btw is that Makoto the same one that used P Groove back in the days?


12/13 and 1/10 Iburaki VIP matches are up!

GGs to the Wednesday night crew at MGL. GGs also to the cvs2 players at SVGL tonight (aka Manny, if you even check this thread). That Terry is a problem!

As for the vids, thanks for posting 'em up! Glad you were able to solve the nico nico mystery. I dunno if it is the same Makoto or not, might be worth asking Gunter or the guy who runs the rollcancel youtube page (I think he goes by Nestor?). I’m thinking it is the same guy; he recently made a comeback, and had switched to k-groove (I remember his k-akuma from another vid).

As for the next cvs2 meetup, 2kwatts and I were thinking saturday at SVGL. Time is TBA. Let me know if a particular time is best and we’ll shoot for that.

So I’ve actually got plans for tomorrow late night. Can you guys meet up earlier, say, at 6?

And, we’ve got another tourney coming up!

May be able to head up to SVGL earlier tonight. Will let u know.

The NicoFox extension is the best thing evar. :3

I am still not sure on today, i will text one of you guys to let you know.

GGs to the SVGL crew yesterday! How’d it go after I left?

Cvs was really happening. Better than Friday I think.