Customised Consoles

I’m looking to customise my Sega Megadrive MK1 (Japanese), i’ll be sending it to console passion so they can do the guts, but i’l be modding the outside such as the case. Which had me wondering has anyone here modded any of there consoles, if so have they got any pics? I did check the forum and couldnt see a thread like this, I will put the pics up when I get this done, hopefully by end of the month.

What do you mean by “do the guts?” What type of mods are they doing for you?

I am also having trouble understanding what you mean? Do you mean case mods? or Soft modding, mod chipping?

A 50Hz/60Hz, language switch and a LED. I’m not good with soldering so I’d rather pay someone else to do it. Main reason im feeling a little bit retro and for about 4 years I have had sitting on my shelf CONTRA (US version) and because of the region chip can’t play it on my JAP megadrive. Since doing a bit of modification on my Joysticks, thought might as well do something to my old megadrive console. Unscrewing my JAP and European (white reset button), i’ve noticed a few uncesary things about the UK model, such as the metal casing and screws. I have taken pictures, when I have finished the full conversion I will upload pics.

In lamens terms, I will be customising the case and they will be adding the chip. Reason for creating the thread is that I have seen alot of customised joysticks, but not many consoles and wanted inspiration.

console passion is great, good service.

I got a modded saturn from them, switchless region free, and its a white ntsc-j one.

as for other consoles, i have a fully modded xbox 1 (soft mod) and case modded.
PS2 using the HDD loader, PSP fatboy fully exploited, DS with flashcard, jtagged 360.

Don’t know if this is in relation to what you are asking for, but yeah.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Can you post some pics of the case modded xbox, what does soft mod mean bigsexyc420? i’m new to certain terminalogy, and all what you have said is in relation to what i’ve asked just put up some pics of the case mods :slight_smile:

Here are images of how the two sega megadrives look so far, the Japanese (White and Gold Megadrive) is nearly finished, just have to paint the volume control, power and reset buttons. The PAL sega megadrive is just primered and made a custom vent out of some acrylic. Gonna add more to the JAP one in the coming weeks, any feedback would be nice as to what I could do better, 1st case mod. When I’ve finished with the cases off to Console Passion they will go to get fitted with a single switch, so that they can play all regions and change the speed setting to 50Hz or 60Hz. I’m looking into seeing if the JAP can have a new cartridge connector put in place as well as how to make it HD friendly.



I do appologise for the images when I get time i’ll take better pics.

Good stuff nice an clean.

sorry for takin long, couldnt find any pics of my xbox.

Looks awesome, man! Great job :tup:

Those look sweet! Makes me want to dig some of my stuff out and give it a try. Great job.

I just finished customising the megadrives now fully, they just need to be sent off to console passion. I do have pics of what they look like, but they don’t have an LED. When the chips and LED have been put in by console passion i’ll upload a whole bunch of new pics for all to see, thinking of customsing the cases for my GBA SP’s now, got the bug as well as my dreamcast agetec.

Just finished a console mod for a friend back home.

Also made [media=youtube]tnyKEjVvXEQ[/media] :razzy:

B15 did a custom paint job on someones dreamcast, and I am in a NES Modding project (for Sticks of Joy Charity).
I also did 2 repair threads, one for the NES and its 72-pin cart connector and another for the Dreamcast Cmos battery.

Id love to buy some modded consoles

why not play contra in MAME in the real arcade version.
arcade version to the console is no comparison dude.
it’s like playing bad dudes on nes…not the same.

Because maybe he enjoys the console version? I know i do

but… bad dudes on nes is bad dudes on nes…

Sometimes the home games of yesteryear have a fond place in our hearts

for me nothing beats the arcade.

Heh, you’re preaching to the wrong crowd, man. Classic console nuts get a kick out of playing stuff “proper.” Even if a game is perfectly emulated, the experience is not.

Also, I had to laugh at your referencing Contra for an “NES ports are worse than arcade” argument because Contra is one of the few NES games which is hailed to be greatly improved over the arcade version (not graphically, but all around gameplay).