Custom SuperGun Cases

Hi all, I am Jasen… long time browser, new poster. I am an arcade enthusiast and SuperGun builder and wanted to share a little SuperGun enclosure that I am prototyping out and having made. Ultimately, I would love to get a bunch of them and have a ready stock of shells for sale/use because hammering out a unique case each and every time I build one… well, it sucks. Let me know what you think of my layout.

Overall Dimensions are 10"x6"x4"
Color: Black Powder Coat
Openings for: Controller Ports, Coin 1/2, JAMMA Harness, Kick Harness Connection, S-Video, Compononent Video, Composite, Audio (L/R), and Service/Test Switches.

I ordered two to see what they come out like, they are about $90 each. I suppose that when I order a few they will come out cheaper per unit.

A couple of likes! Awesome! I will be documenting the progress as they show up here:

I fixed a few things, specifically added a rocker switch to the front for ON/OFF and then another hole in the back for the power supply cable. You can see updated renderings at the link above. I anticipate getting these next week (while I am on travel for work) so I will post pictures up as soon as I get them.

Approved the final design today… should have it in the air for shipment by Friday! I’m very excited to see it up close and personal.

3D View of Front:

Back View:


Just thought I’d say this looks awesome. I’ve always wanted to build a supergun (If I finally decide to start) so this may be a motivating factor for me to get started.

Thanks for the replies, more to follow … When I build it out… It will shine.

They showed up today! They look great. The company did a fantastic job. I am starting a Kick Starter campaign to get a run of these made for the community. Unfortunately, the process takes a few days. Keep an eye out @ for more to follow.

In the mean time… here’s some SuperGun goodness!

Just awaiting Kickstarter approval!

From the dimensions you’ve posted, a standard arcade power supply should fit in there nicely!

Definitely curious to see the backer tiers.

It’s pretty straight forward. $100 gets you a case… $10 is a thanks. $250 is all of the parts to build one, $350 is a completed one. Turns out the metal cases are a bit pricey. The $100 is just enough to cover manufacturing and shipping to me/you.

Updates. This is the prototype case being populated. Notice that I had to bore out a few holes… things that will be taken care of in the KickStarted version!

All done… sort of. Need to finalize one MOLEX connection for the powersupply ont the outside.

wow looks really nice, good job.

Thanks! And soon (hopefully) everyone can have a slick case like this (only slightly better)!

Updated, completed, and working!

Also, still awaiting KickStarter to approve my project. Those bastards. I figure if they don’t then I will just do a pre-order type of thing and order a couple at a time. Unfortunately, this will be a bit expensive per unit since there would be a smaller number but at least we as a community could get them in and use them.

Approved! Take a look and support it if you can!

Take a look here:


I really like that you’re limiting all of reward bonuses. Lots of Kickstarters go into development hell because of over funding.

Excellent video, sir! You speak well! :smiley:

Thanks. I added some FAQs and will be announcing the addition of the holes for RGB connections as well… A lot of folks want RGB as well as the component, s-video, and composite.

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