Custom SuperGun Cases

Nice case. Great job

I hope everyone had a great Holiday! There are 11 days left in this Kickstarter Campaign. If you have ever wanted a SuperGun and didn’t want to do the hardest part, then this Project I am heading up is for you! Every little bit counts. Thanks for your interest! Also, based on a lot of input from folks’ emails and discussions I added a couple of updates to the project for everyone’s enjoyment. Check it out!


Just wanted to bump the thread since there’s only 3 days remaining. My brother and I just pledged $350 for the completed SuperGun.

Thanks for the support!

Since the kickstarter wasn’t able to make its goal, what’s the state of the project?

I am going forward and finalizing designs this week. More to follow, but I would like to make these as cheap as possible so people can afford them… Most likely it will require some preordering to get costs as low as possible for everyone.

Received confirmation that the new design is being built. I should have it early next week, all ready for an unboxing and mock build on video!

The wait is finally over! I finalized the SuperGun Enclosure V1 and it is ready for prime time! See the Post at There are a lot of pictures associated with it. I will be uploading the unboxing video here shortly.


Dimensions: 8" x 5" x 3"
Finish: Black Powder Coat, Smooth Satin Finish
Aluminum Constructed L-Shaped Case
See below for specific Cutouts and Features.


Prices are based on the number of orders I receive.

If I can get 30+ pre-orders each case will be $75 + shipping. This includes an unpopulated case and part list.
If I get less than 30, each case will be $100 + shipping. This includes an unpopulated case and part list.
A fully assembled ready to use SuperGun, without Controller, is $350. If you need or want a controller, I can build one to your specifications for a wide range of costs. However, I recommend that a NEO-GEO Arcade Stick be purchased for a reasonably priced alternative to custom work.

Front Connections

DB15 Controller Ports on the front to support Custom Joysticks or NEO-GEO Joysticks.
LED Mount on the front to show "Power On"
Momentary Push Buttons to support “Coin” simulation. Handy for boards that don’t have a Free Play mode or if you just want to track how often you need continues!

Rear Connections

Power Connection. 4 Pins to support +5V, -5V, +12V, and Ground.
DB9 Connection for a universal Kick Harness Build Approach.
2 Momentary Push Buttons for Service/Test Swtiches
Clip in Plastic Grommet for the JAMMA harness to safely enter the enclosure
RGB-S RCA Jacks for those lucky to have RGB monitors or TVs that support RGB directly
Component Video Jacks - Good for HDTVs
S-Video Jack - Good for Older TVs without Component
Composite Video Jack - Good for TVs without other options.

Internal Connections

Stand Offs properly spaced for a JROK Video Encoder to be properly mounted with standard PC screws.

Each order for a case is just that. A case. It provides the foundation for your SuperGun. You provide all of the parts, each order is accompanied by the part list that fits this case, and build it! For $350 I will build your entire SuperGun and ship it to you working. Grab a NEO-GEO controller and start playing! I typically don’t build Joysticks for these because everyone likes them a little differently and there are a lot of options available. The easiest is picking up a used NEO-GEO Stick and ensuring the ports on the SuperGun are wired properly. Each SuperGun I build will be built to support a NEO-GEO pinout.

Ready to Pre-Order?

Use the Contact Page at or PM me so I can get your information and a partial payment. I am taking deposits, $50, for each case people want. This will ensure only those serious participate and the group buy is able to move forward. Once the cases arrive and are inspected, I will calculate shipping costs and final costs and inform everyone. Assume each case will be $100 and that we won’t meet our goal of at least 30 units. This way nobody is disappointed if they have to pay the higher amount. I will take Pre-Orders for 2 weeks. If I receive 30+ orders before then I will start the manufacturing process to start getting these out to folks.

Well, here is another Custom SuperGun case Designed and built. I did this as a “two off”, one for me and another fellow. The pictures are documenting the build I did for him:

Nice job! Did you cut / paint the cases yourself? Those db-15 slots look painful.