CUSTOM FOCUS: SDT's Focus On Community Growth In TECH TALK!

Hello all!

I’ve started a new feature on one of my sites, it’s main focus is to highlight what the community is doing and our growth in “Tech Talk” !

Our first feature is here:

CUSTOM FOCUS: MKP Customs SDTEKKEN.COM ? Tekken News Resource!

Featuring Tech Talk’s the_cleaner aka MKP Conway.

Now, it may not be super in depth. But it is a medium to help spread the word about what WE (Tech Talk) are doing. If you have ideas on who should be featured next (I’d like to do this weekly), then drop us a line here.

NOTE: This shouldn’t be limited to just custom arcade sticks. Anything/everything that helps the tech talk community should be nominated/considered.

Ooh, great idea. I’ve got a few suggestions:

– An in-depth focus on the works of a specific case builder
– Modding trends (like LED lights, RJ45/Din stuff
– Spotlights on unique modders and their projects (like Gummowned and the insane sticks he’s built, or the lamps he’s made recently)
– Things that Toodles is up to (also including the status of his cats)
– Weekly community-voted “best of” stick artwork in categories (anime, sports, games, women, etc etc)
– Speaking of Art… something about Arthong? :stuck_out_tongue:

Be happy to help in any way I can :wgrin:

pm sent

Awesome. Let us know how we can help.

Another of my (personal) goals for this, I will put it on SRK front page too… Is o give this unsung hero community some more recognition/get the word out there of all the amazing stuff this sub-community is doing.

I like a lot of Duckie’s suggestions. I’d like maybe a progression of multiconsole sticks. From Project boxes and PSX converter sticks to UPCB to MC Cthuhlu, multi PCB mods and now the PS360, etc. I know I’m probably quite out of order in that list, just tossing out the multi console things people have done.

lol, btw random

you can totally tell im on vacation hahaha

I like this idea a lot, good shit MarkMan

euro builders have amazing work that should be showcased as well. Great idea Markman! So many things to touch up on in Tech Talk I think this could get a lot of people in the community interested and informed not only on custom sticks but retail sticks they are 50 / 50 on purchasing.

I want this to be a medium for our members to show off/talk about what they’ve been working on.

I’ve gotten a few emails on it so far… If anyone here wants to step up and have their own stuff featured, that’d be easier.

I’m on vacation for about 5 more days, post up :wink:

I wouldn’t mind having something of mine featured. It could be something normal like my triple wireless TE or a dual modded custom I’m working for myself. Or something unique like a LampStation3 that I’ll be making soon.

For new memebers like me who are in the process of saving to get the sticks of my dreams. I think on feature should be an example of the process of getting a custom made stick. From the request, to the communications between client and builder. The adjustments, and time that it takes to get all that done. So that more people are aware that these are not mass produced, but hand made to each personality.

Whats a lampstation.

Or the dual mod GH controller, which should be headed your way…

One of these days, there needs to be an article exploring how we’ve developed our own little cottage industry of sorts here. How, if someone wants a custom or modded stick, they can approach a builder/modder (jdm, spenzalii and just about every other guy on here) who will then likely source a case from one of the case builders (Voltech, B15, Souji, Arthong, etc.), then pick up a PCB from another person (Gummy, Toodles, etc.), then buy arcade parts from a supplier (LL, Arcadeforge, FADC, etc.) and then have the stick customized with some art or a design from an artists or painter (b15, me, etc.).

I’ll probably take you up on that real soon here.

I could actually do a write up just like that based on your project, or a condensed post (and link to my blog, shameless plug) on a custom build, from soup to nuts.

Lots of possibilities here

ooh or that. cant wait to receive the stuff to work on a new project.

I believe that’s the point.


I’ve got 2 1/2 parts on d3v’s project all done. I"ll e-mail them to markman and d3v to see if it will work