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Tech Talk. LEZ BLOW IT UP!

loved what you did with the LED’s on that morrigan case stellar work!! I just finished a custom where I would like to have something similar to that but the colors of a flame, yellow-orange-red-blue/purple. once again nice work man. I would love to see that write up keep up the good work man!!!

add: O yeah this site is the shit!!! without it my progress would be much slower. many great things can be found on SRK what a community

It would be pretty easy to get this going. Come up with a standard set of interview questions. Get some modders to answer them alongside pictures of their work. It should provide a wealth of interesting reading material.

I like this. Some examples I’d like to see:

Basic info?

What was your first joystick mod?

What was your first electronic project, joystick or otherwise?

What are your tips to first-timers?

What are some other modding projects you do?

What is your craziest mod? (IE, Project International Slumber, or even something ridiculous like the Guinness Lamp, franken fightpad, etc.)

Favorite Joystick? Favorite buttons? Favorite PCB(s)? Favorite mod, yours or otherwise?

Major accomplishments or contributions?

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Cool Beans MarkMan!!! 3 cookies and a free game to you! =]

I would create a standard set of questions, and then after you read through the responses Markman, I would say reply with a few “unique” questions that rose from your reading of them. Then scatter them in the interview so it gives it a “one of a kind” interesting read, each time some one reads a article.

Un-sticking this with the shirt thread. Breathe some life into it and we’ll get it going.

Thanks Kyle, I’ve been lazy to do this (update/and unstick). lol!