CT Thread | Weekly Thursdays 7pm Fire & Dice Games Milford CT

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yyyeeeeeaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Best check your maps boy, East Windsor is further from Simsbury than Windsor. Button scrub.

Best avatar hahaha

So you arent gonna come to ECT i take it?

Justin how is the MK coming along? Im debating playing Shang


Im still gonna run Wong Lao. Im gonna run Ermac as a backup just for zoning shenanigans. We are gonna get some MK at Nikos on wednesday hopefully, you should come through.

i got bjj on wednesdays and Im usually dead tired after

I hate that because there’s a new thread that I have to make up for all of the trolling that I wasted in the last thread :(.

Anyways, anyone else not maining yun in AE? no? word. im trying to learn the [not-yun] matchup… having tons of issues getting around [a move that yun doesnt have…] with Mak. :confused: loljk. He’s really good, probably better than vanilla sagat.

Im not going to ECT; its official. Someone else is gonna have to win that tourney (figured i’d let things mix themselves up this time). My only regret is not being able to gorge myself upon the delicious white castle with mayor mcjustin & his entourage. My thirst for unicorn milk shall persist for another few months at the least. It brings me profound sadness, but my wallet and urge to bang hot bitches in florida have convinced me that not going to ECT will likely benefit my pee pee in the future. :frowning: good luck to everyone from CT who is going.

Get hype for Windsor Wednesdays coming up. Casuals in all sorts of fighting games, especially SSFIVAE. This shit’s getting bigger and better with each passing week. This time it’ll be starting at 3PM (thanks to my new job) and ending when you just can’t mash anymore.

PM me for details if you’re interested at all. Windsor Wednesday at Sho’s Place is not something to be missed.

I approve of this message. And may your pee pee see great wealth in the future

Thats cool and all but we have a tournament this sunday that you can attend :slight_smile:

Yun is not better than IV Sagat.

TU xx :f:+:hk: Ultra ggs

Yun has to atleast move forward

Fiending for more casuals.

Duuude, yes. Address? Windsor from Manchester/Vernon area is no more than 20-30 mins yeah? Sooo this Wednesday? How much ppl u usually get? I got y’all on drinks+chip.

Also, who’s still down for casuals this Friday? I saw some people posted in the last thread that was just deleted so if you’re still interested please post again.

@Mcjustin: I freakin wish. =\ When’s the next big shi-bang?
Drive safe/have fun/bring food from home to save that paperrr.

@bacardi - i will be there.

also, i hope you’ve been playing 3s (i havent, at all) in preparation for OE (you’re gonna need it). :wink: <3

Jamal show up early to gaming etc we’ll get some games in sunday, or catch me on xbl till then sporadically

Craig - We can have a side 3s shin dig if you want :smiley:

Ok so here is the final list for the mantastic manfestival that is ECT

Kenny +2
Moosehummel (VA)

It will be $50 per person. If you are only there for one night or the whole weekend i think thats pretty fair, considering the going rate was $99 per night. I want to coordinate travel as so everyone can get down there and back no problem.

this is simply awesome; i dont think any of us will be sleeping though haha

That’s privileged info. If you want it, send me a PM. It is about a half hour to East Windsor. It is this Wednesday, it is every Wednesday. Last time we had a turnout of about 6 serious guys and a few of my more casual friends. All great guys to hang with. We’ll have 3 setups if all goes well.

Yo Sho you got any tools at your place so I can put get artwork on my stick. I don’t have the right sized allen key that I need so I can’t do anything with it yet?

What’s up fellas? It’s the new guy nikko. East coast throwdown here
I come! Mk9