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Had to make a new thread, problem with old thread. Not like anything was lost except pages of silliness

Raion, you a definite for ECT?

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ECT3 Schedule!

Registration will start at 9:00am and will close at 1:00pm on Saturday. During these hours there will be casual play. Once again guys please use the online registration. It will be cheaper for you and make things easier for us. All registrations taken on the day of will be $35.00.

The following games will start Saturday between 2 and 2:30pm.
-Tekken 6 BR
-Marvel VS Capcom 3
-Super Street Fighter 4 AE
-Mortal Kombat 9
-Arcana Heart 3
-BlazBlue CS2

There will be 8 pools for AE and MvC3. Only 4 pools will be used to run MK9. The pools will be broken up between the afternoon and evening. Pools 1-4 for AE and MvC3, as well as pools 1-2 for MK9, will start between 2 and 2:30pm. The next set of pools for these games will start between 6 and 6:30pm. As the morning pools finish the next pools will start. If you know your in an evening pool please be ready to play by 5:30pm, just in case.

BlazBlue, Tekken and Arcana Heart 3 will be run from start to finish on Saturday. No pools, just a straight bracket.

Sunday schedule
-Super Turbo 11:00am
-3rd strike 12:00pm
-UMK3 12:00pm

Finals will start at 2:00pm Sunday. Here is the schedule.
-MK9 top 8 starting at 2:00pm
-MvC3 top 8 when MK9 finishes by 3:30pm - 4:00pm
-UMK3 Grand Finals start between 6:30pm - 7:00pm
-3rd strike Grand Finals starts 7:30pm
-AE top 8 starts 8:00pm.

When we start MK9 finals, we will bring Marvel and AE down to Top 8 by running the last couple of matches on the side. AE and Marvel will reach Top 16 at the end of Saturday. So if you’re in the top 16 for Marvel or AE, expect to play at 2pm on Sunday, and then break until MK9 finals ends.

In the Future if there are any players around the Hartford area that want to carpool to events hit me up.

EDIT: Simsbury more specifically.

i’ll be rooting for u guys also is there a stream for ect3??

Of course there is bro. I’m pretty sure Sp00ky’s streaming it.

Edit: Also it’d be sick if we could get lists of players and where they’re from in the initial post. I know that’d be a lot of work, but it’d be damn awesome.

Hartford Area you say? I live in Windsor and Carpools sound good to me. My piece of shit jeep doesn’t go very far. Barely makes it to Manchester.

Could you put me on the list? Idk how this is working for the ECT thing, or if there’s room, how everyone is going, or if a hotel or what’s being rented.

Where is it for that matter? When is it? =<
Does $35 cover everything?

Dude, you really gotta check posts a little more. If you haven’t registered its $25 for registration alone. $$35 if you do it there, i have room for people but its $50 per person to cover the rooms.
ECT is in New Jersey and its next weekend

Sorry, I just am so busy with college and work I hadly have time for much at all.

Will I be carpooling with you guys in the case that I go (and is there room)?

So in total I’ll need $85? Does that cover the whole weekend there? Or is it a 2-3 day event? And thanks for letting me know.

Your gonna want more than that. How you gonna eat son? at the least you want like $150 I think. The more money you bring then the more fun you will have honestly.

True, bring as much as possible. Just so you can have fun. I have the rooms reserved from friday night til monday morning. Its a 2 day event. we are all going down friday to get settled in and to relax, practice and go out as a crew friday night. it would help if you carpooled with us as to help others and the such. ECT is saturday and sunday, but again, going down friday, and im leaving on monday. So, i got the final list. It will be $50 per person and that will cover [S]everything. Whether you come down the whole time or if you just go for one night or whatever. [/S]

I’m from that EAST Windsorrrrr
If you don’t mind pickin me up I’d be more than happy to toss in for gas. Wanna have a reliable way to get back and forth without asking Bluenine, though he is a godlike taxi service.

if your thinking on going to ECT might want to come down sunday and get some tourney practice under your belt (shameless plug)

I respect that LOL

Sunday should be fun.

So Mr Gets Perfect is top dog in MVC3 at the momment…Essex is right behind him…

Sounds like a run back is in order at [Jun 19, 2011] Gaming Etc MK9/AE/MVC3 (Stratford, CT)

(shameless plug)

Has anyone seen the Yun Genei-Jin combos on SRK yet? Wow.

Sigh, I wish I had money to go down, but I don’t have enough. I haven’t been to a major and I been playing since vanilla (though I stopped at AE). It’s quite disappointing really, when is it the next one?

Also I wish the Stratford meetups were changed to somewhere to central CT, or at least a bit farther north. 1h 30m is hellofa drive, but I know a handful of people would be able to do a 50m to 1h drive.

There are now Meetups this friday, and might be done once a week, but I don’t know how much of a drive that is for you guys.

If we could all agree upon hosting bi-weekly, (week 1 north, week 2 south, week 3 north, week 4 south), we could get bigger turnouts, I think.

Also what are the biggest names going to ECT3?

Lastly are there any sessions this week, within a 40 minute drive of vernon/manchester area?

new thread already? dayum