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Title says it all

Troll = Ban

there will be no warning :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

Hey guys since it seems many people aren’t going to be heading down to Philly, I decided I wanted to host some casuals.

Auerbach 4th floor
University of Hartford
200 Bloomfield Ave
West Hartford CT 06117
Saturday February 26th 5:00pm-Midnight

When you first pull in there will be a parking lot on your right labeled A lot visitor parking, park there. Then there is a building that will be closest to that lot go in that building and go to the top floor and that is where everything will be set up. There are a bunch of projectors but they are in different rooms, so I will also be trying to bring some TVs. Most setups will be 360, if people want a couple ps3s I can set that up, just mention that in your PM. There will be MvC3, BB:CS, SSF4, and anything else you guys really want. Please bring your own stick as I only have two of mine with me at school (ps2 stick if there is a want for MB or 3rd strike). Also if there is any interest in music gaming I can also bring that and set it up if there is interest (pop’n music, beatmania, taiko etc.).

So yeah if you wanna go just shoot me a PM, I can then send you my phone number if you get lost or whatever. The event is free, but a small donation of a couple bucks to the club that rents out the floor would not go unappreciated. If people want an impromptu tourny or something we can do that, and I also got streaming stuff just for fun, since everyone will be watching Winter Brawl (there are computers there so we can also chill and watch that together).

Does it have to be called NEW CT thread also lol can we make it something else? “CT Thread now with anti-troll software”

I’d take anything even just plain “CT THREAD”

Thanks for the new thread Wally but can we change the name please?

How about, Originators of the OCV.

In order to call it troll-free, we’d have to get rid of some of the trolls first. But then SRK’s user base would go down by 90%, and everyone would see how few useful posts are actually made on the site.

Shit, tomorrow I have to buy a piece of luggage for Winter Brawl that may not be able to exist without breaking the laws of physics. It can’t be huge because I’m going on the train, but it needs to be able to fit my tripod, clothes, camera equipment, and possibly my PS3 in it. I think I can squeeze my laptop and joystick into a backpack. I don’t think it’s possible for me to travel and weigh less than 400 pounds.

Agreed. It should banable for 18 paragraph analysis of a game. Nobody gives a shit. Just sayin

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bad back store - Lug Your Luggage Safely

I hope this is useful information!

Since some people may not see my post in the old thread. Does anyone know any good capture devices I could get at like Best Buy?

I had a Pinnacle Dazzle something or other that recorded composite inputs. Idk how to record HD.

I would try Newegg.com before going to a brick and mortar store like BB, unless you need it right away.

Well I know that the bestbuy over by West Farms Mall is where I got my Dazzle, it is just composite, but you can really tweak it to get some good quality. Check XamginE on youtube for footage I got with it to see the quality.

its funny because i actually do abide by most of those rules since i hurt my back. especially the ones about getting a padded backpack, luggage that is LIGHT when empty, and switching shoulders for the bag I carry my console in. the simplest things can keep you from being laid out for a week or worse. then you can sneeze the wrong way (like i did on Monday) and end up with numbness in your right hand for absolutely no reason. the human body is a bitch.

by the way, I have to bow out of the mvc3 casuals tonight. just realized i need to beat Bulletstorm today because ill be spending tomorrow buying supplies and such for winter brawl. but i may have some time tomorrow for mvc3 warmups.

Yo this thread title is terrible guys. I’m running late. See yous at 8

I thought the casuals were at 10?

ill be on as soon as i get home dammit!!! save me a spot rob…OR ELSE!!!

I just read the threads and I’m hopping on now all late =*(

thanks walter =)

I think Kryonik and Phil should give each other hugs, hugs are free…

if you dont care for the best quality go with a dazzle capture card I have one and it gets the job done it does 480p on youtube but if you want a HD capture card go for a hauppauge the quality is beast it does 720p on youtube I’m currently trying to get one of them but one thing about the hauppauge is it’s $200 while the Dazzle is about $100 now if you want them cheaper I’d buy them on amazon

Pinnacle - Dazzle Video Creator Plus HD Video Capture Cable - 8230-30002-01

Found this. Apparently it doesn’t come with all the neccesary cables. Guessing I’d need to buy some kind of HD cables or something. Which would run me around…?