CSU Sacramento

Right so…this is my lame attempt at reviving something here in CSUS…so whoever STILL plays at CSUS (even if barely)…holla back

Address? What games? Comp?

I will be going there next semester if it even matters. I heard a little while ago nobody plays CvS2 there. Maybe by now, nobody plays at all.

sleeping > playing at the arcade.

You better call me when yer up here!!! Daniel wants too hookup too…

I frequent the CSUS arcade. I think most of the best players here are graduating, though…

There’s still a somewhat strong MvC2 following (mostly due to Tekken 5 being broke for a week) and Tekken 5 is the order of the day. (unless you like DDR)

Some idiot suggested that Sac State get rid of the Alpha 2 machine (which got the most play and was a better game. Believe it.) and got a weak Alpha 3 game. No one played Alpha 3 the last time it was here…

Other games:
CvS2 - yes, a few people still play
Guilty Gear X2

I still play at sac state everyday, and if you ever frequent there you probably know who I am. I’m the P groove guy in CvS2 and I mess around with MvC and MvC2 sometimes even tho I’m not so good at those games.

Did I play you last week?

I was the one who used King a lot and exclusively went N-Groove.

Damn im not sure… I play so many ppl there. I use Hibiki, Guile and Ryo… If you played that team you played me because I’m the only one who uses them.

Oh, I did play you last week.

I’d never even seen someone pick Hibiki, let alone play as her, let alone win.

Dude, Hibiki is awesome.

I’m not saying that Hibiki isn’t any good, I’m just saying that everyone is too busy picking the shotos, Sakura, Bison & Sagat to worry about anyone else.

It takes a lot of work to learn a new character. (I should know, I’m changing my complete line-up in Tekken 5. I used to play Asuka & Law, but I’ve since switch to Jin, Christie & Paul.)

Yeah I agree, but most of the people who pick shotos are scrubs anyway.

And I hate 3D fighters, including Tekken 5. You will never catch me on that machine.

So where is this magical place in Sac where people play SF? Got an address so I can get my ass down there to play?

People play A3 every once in a while…I hope you know how to deal with Zangief, though.

Ditto MvC2, there’s a couple of people who are pretty good, and Tekken 5 is pretty popular of course. I go to ARC, but sometimes I drop by CSUS on my days off (usually Tuesday) when I need to use the library or have time to kill.

what’s ARC?

American River College

i only play 3s and vampire saviour. if you are interested in playing either, pm me.

I play 3S. I been up to ARC acouple times and that arcade is a ghost town compared to sac state’s arcade. I’m going to go to davis one of these days to play, I’ll let you know.

When’s a good time to roll by CSUS?