Crysis 1 coming to consoles and ugly is not harsh enough!


Regardless of being compressed, its way too obvious that shadow and vegetation had to be severely cut down.

I seriously can only laugh at how bad this looks on consoles.

Surprising though it is only 1 month away from release!

And at $20 with no Warhead expansion included? Man el oh el. F that. I love Crysis on my pc to death but this is just pathetic. The Vegetation is what makes the game!

Yup, only someone who doesn’t know better would get this on console.

i think you may be surprised at how many people that might be

yeah well… it looks way different anyways
yeah PC are superior but w/e, that image and the other image are shhwwwaaaaay different.

and its not people that don’t know any better, its people that don’t wanna constantly upgrade or have the skills to mess with PC components.

Plus i don’t see the bad side of new effects, lighting, and nano suit tech on your bias opinion. so talk about that next post.

I am just going by what I can see and its painfully obvious that consoles have a bad port.
Half the point of Crysis was hiding in the vegetation for example. Without vegetation its really not gonna be the same game.
I am not trying to be biased (as you put it) its just first impressions are this looks bad and has stripped away the one of the main things that made Crysis “different”

I have nothing against consoles, but don’t you think they should have waited until the next consoles and did it properly then?

its gonna be the same problem 2-3
plus game woulda been to old and they wanna capitalize off the crysis 2 hittin consuls this year.

In another 2-3 years they can always go back a re-do it, and they’ll prolly include it in crysis 3 as DLC… never know.

You’re 100% right on the vegetation part,stripping that part does suck, but they did put a box there, lmao…
guess you’re gonna have to be extra sneaky through the entire game.

I want a PC and have always seen them as superior, if I had a sweet gaming rig I’d prolly bash on this release too :confused:
The new nano-tech is probably gonna compensate for the lack of detail… :confused:

There is a point and not just braindead people wil lget it. For some people, their computers just were never up to snuff. If you have a school laptop or an old Pc just for web browsing or word processing, yuou were never able to run Crysis, lest we forget it was THE benchmark for a cutting edge system.

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my old dual core could play crisis perfectly fine, which i got 5ish years ago, so that really isn’t an excuse.

PC’s were stronger than 360’s/PS3’s years ago and they are lightyears ahead of them now…

EDIT: :rofl: I forgot that lightyears isn’t a measurement of time… fuck it…

At only 20 bucks I’ll pick it up. I definitely know better but I don’t have anywhere close to a PC that can run this game the way it was meant to be, but I played Crysis 2 and i’m interest at least in the narrative. I’m gonna admit tho that I’m disappointed they are just making the N1 control like the N2. I wish they had kept the pop up wheel for suit powers. I mean i get why they did it, I just wish they hadn’t.

Anyway at 20 bucks it still looks pretty good and i bet it will still be fun to play. I still plan to eventually build a PC that could run this game but it would still be fun to run through and I can think of worse ways to spend 20 dollars.

^You’ll have fun but the lack of Vegetation and the new guns in the expansion Warhead make this release a bit sour. Warhead was awesome.

Distance is still applicable - so your comment still stands :slight_smile:

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Yea my expectations have been adjust accordingly. As I said i still plan to one day play this and Warhead on the PC anyway. I do think you’re right tho that it will still be fun.

Oh wait this shit is 20 bucks?

Here I was thinking it was gonna be a 60 dollar game. :eek: For 20 dollars I’d say this is a great deal. Game is very fun.

I thought the video of it looked good. If anyone is/was expecting the console version of this game to look as good as its PC counterpart then they’re just silly. Even when this game released on the PC you basically needed a PC from the future to run it at max settings.

Yea dude for real. 20 bucks is a fuckin steal for this, even with the downgrade.

I’ll hold out for the 3DS port.

I wouldn’t call that a steal but it’s not a bad price either.

I really really enjoyed the fuck out of crysis. I only played it for the first time in like January of this year. It stands as a crowning example of how to just let people choose how they want to tackle a situation. There is nothing cooler than shit than when you sneak past a platoon like it was FUCKING NOTHING. Never has a game made me feel so free when it came to stealth. God I love stealth.



I want a Crysis 3 with co-op. OHHHHHH THE TACTICS (face now looks like Rigby from The Regular Show).