Critique my Sagat

I know I’m pretty bad an my opponent wasn’t much better but some tips would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I did some pretty yolo uppercuts and I think I uppercutted a teleport which I thought was pretty cool and I had some input errors because my fireball came out as a jump fierce sometimes (I don’t even know)

And if this should belong in the Sagat video thread I’ll happily just post it there.

Thanks everyone <3.

Also I was just testing the waters with what I could punish and punish with sense this character is really confusing to me :confused:

use stand short.

try to pressure more on wakeup by using block strings and mixing up into grabs etc. cr lk cr lk cr mp is a good block string. You could use this after a jump in for instance instead of just doing a cr medium kick.

I would also recommend getting more utility out of standing medium kick.

Lastly, less jump ins. Try to utilize the space by finding safe distances for fireballs to induce a jump in and be ready for the TU


Thanks for the feed back everyone, I can upload more if needed.

Just uploading some more incase if anybody is interested

Thanks for the help krim, my main issue is in my head I always think to myself “OKAY I NEED TO BACK UP AND THROW TS” and I should be establishing wake up pressure. And I’ve been trying to jump less but it’s just so tempting haha.

  1. ease up on the random tiger uppercuts
  2. try not to waste meter on full screen ex tiger shots
  3. learn your match-ups so you know what you can punish and how (ie. when you block seth’s spin kick you can punish with a tiger uppercut)

Posting the last one I uploaded.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone by the way, I’m trying to work your tips into my game.

Couple of tips that will greatly improve your game.

  • maximize punishes -> or to tiger knee/uppercut instead of just throwing
  • learn to buffer uppercuts. I.E crouch and keep pressing down -> forward. It should look you are going to throw a tiger shot. This will be enough to win most games at your level since your opponents jumps are so telegraphed.

I actually find it more effective to not buffer uppercuts because you will tend to get hit by fireballs and long range normals more often doing that. And if you actually buffer the full motion you will AA less often because if they don’t jump when you’re buffering you’re not ready to AA right after.

I guess everyone has their own style. When I say buffering uppercuts, I’m not saying to do it all the time. I do it more at mid range, sort of a fireball feint.

you mean do da wiggle

I actually buffer uppercut motions a lot tbf lol.

but I find doing fake fireballs works a lot even against better players just throwing a couple shots then doing crouching jab seems to throw everyone off then I get a free tu

I actually find that s.strong into tiger knee does more damage but doesn’t always hit 100% of the time so whatya gonna do eh?

Totally agree about fireball feints. So important.

But try breaking the habit of buffering for a while. You will land way more AA. Buffering isn’t necessary because you have plenty of time to react against most characters’ jumps and if you do buffer and they jump when you’re not expecting it you can’t do anything and have to block.

I get where your coming from, that has actually happened to me once or twice in the past but if you think you already have a read on a jump and buffer in rapid succession it just seems like more of a confirmation that you’re TU will come out and you can react faster, but the downside to that is you can accidently get an u2 :confused:

But just randomly buffering and trying to do it on reaction seems like a pretty bad idea.

Honestly, there’s never any need to buffer uppercut because even if you have a read on a jump-in, you still have time to do the full motion – that is, unless you’re dealing with a dive kick character, in which case you will need to buffer to be able to AA in time, of course.

I’m not the best Sagat player out there, but that is one clear cut improvement in my game that I’ve made that I know works. Hopefully another long-time Sagat player can back me up on this? I’d be interested to know what people think.

It definitely helps against cammy lol

If only we could all do your wiggle.

Not a fan of buffering TU myself ( I’m not a great sagat player by any stretch of the imagination btw) , but ryan hart does this (see his grand finals against PR rog in AE…cant remember the even name right now) but it’s clear that he is buffering them TU’s coz he was getting caught by Balrog’s sweeps a lot initially.

Sceeterguy I noticed you almost never use the light kick, which is one of sagat’s greatest tools. You could use crouching light kicks for combo links and throw setups and as another dude pointed above, you could use standing light kick to protect the space in front of you. IF you want to learn a useful buffer, try to learn buffering the first hit of standing light kick into low TS.