Critique My DeeJay!

So like, I was looking around the forums a bit, I noticed a few other characters have threads like this. But not really us and I wasn’t too sure why. Or at least not that I could find. I figured that since a good majority of us are in agreement that DeeJay is a fairly weak in Ultra Street Fighter IV, we could help each other out and improve in any way shape or form. Sometimes good play just ends up winning through bad characters, you never know. I wanted something like this instead of just the video thread as this specifies a specific type of video instead of just combo exhibition or random training room finds. Anyway, here’s a match I had recently, sorry about the quality. PS3 Uploads for USF4 to YouTube are capped at 360p. I have another one ‘processing’, but I’m not sure how long it’ll take for that to show up, haha. And yes, I already know I went in too hard in the second round! :stuck_out_tongue:[/media]

my friend, your aggression cost you a lot of damage round 1, and that shoryu punish! you won the round, but i dont know what the hell happened with him (re watches) yeah i dont know what the hell he was doing at that point, he was super solid in the beginning.

i would say throw more sloushes.

and that finish, of course. it seems like a lot of deejay players do the ultra instead of ex sobat, its all we have :frowning:

There were like a million times in neutral where you just jumped in on him and he just blocked instead of anti airing you for whatever reason. sometimes he’d try to cr.HP to anti air, but it wouldn’t start coming out until you were about to hit him so I don’t know if he was just being slow or if it was lag, with online it’s impossible to tell. In general he had you dead to rights with far HP AA whenever you tried to short hop over fireballs. I’d say as a reminder, you can focus through fireballs as well as short hops, ex sobat or slide. Just important to remember some universal options available as well as your char specific tools.

Akuma can sweep your MK/HK sobats on block.

That’s all I got. Other than that Akuma needed more st.HP special cancelling.

EDIT: I think the DJ players have just been uploading footage of themselves to the gen discussion thread for critique. Not really sure. You’re really just waiting for FreeJay or DaKnut to pop in here for some critique though.

Yeah, I definitely went in too hard at points. In terms of jumping in, hell yeah. I need to work on that more, but part of me was also doing it just cuz he wasn’t really punishing it much. That cr MP punish was supposed to special cancel into an EX MGU, I just missed it, haha. I’m not the best DeeJay player, but I definitely wanna get better. So thanks for the input guys.

Ok, here it goes.

U should try to jump less and knee shot less. I’m having the same issue myself. I’m trying to abuse the knee shot alot, but good players can react to knee shot really easy with anti-airs and other normals. This Akuma anti-aired your jump ins a lot. Learn to play footsies more. Rule number #1 of footsies, walk towards the Akuma player and do nothing and walk back. See if he tries to sweep you or so. Learn his patterns. Next time walk in and then don’t walk back. Block the sweep, punish! Etc.

My tips:

  • U keep walking back when throwing fireballs. Use down/back to throw fireballs, that way u won’t corner yourself so quickly.

  • Try to focus less, especially against characters who have a fireball. Focusing a few times in a row is pretty risky. A ex-fireball will do massive damage when u focus again, since it takes away the damage of the previous focus-absorbs also. Try to simply block fireballs a few times. Yes, it will cost u some chip damage, but you will not corner yourself that way plus there is no risk of losing a big chunk of health.

  • 0:43 don’t press buttons when u cross up whilst not hitting the opponent. Block.

  • 0:45 again, don’t jump in just like that.

  • 0:49 risky jump, the akuma played failed to punish your jump in.

  • 0:55 risky jump in

  • 1:04 nice bait, but u should have punished the whiffed srk better. (cr mp x hk sobat, or with ultra even)

  • 1:13 neutral hk, cr mp x sobat would have worked too. Would have saved u some meter.

  • In round two you are sliding alot. Better slide after u have thrown a fireball to get yourself out of the corner or to move towards the opponent. U can also slide underneath the firewalls btw. Try to dodge the firewalls in different ways. Neutral jump, slide, block, focus less.

  • 2:09 risky jump in (dont jump in from that short range)

  • 2:13 not so useful ex fireball

  • 2:21 no reason to ex sobat, punished with sweep

  • 2:43 nicely timed sweep underneath the fireball, bit risky tho

  • 2:50 nice sweep

  • 3:00 nice anti air

  • 3:02 too bad u miss-timed the jump in. If u would have jumped in with hk, it would have been a massive punish.

  • 3:06 risky slide

  • 3:13 nice block on the overhead

  • 3:25 slide punished with sweep

  • 3:28 risky jump, he almost punished you with anti-air. U finished it classy offc! (dash ultra).

Jump less, slide less. Dont walk back when trowing fireballs and work on your neutral game. Try to anti-air more. Try to play a few games without actually using knee shot and without jumping. Your neutral game will improve.

Thanks man, I’ll keep that in mind. The cr MP punish from the whiffed DP was supposed to be special cancelled, I just must have messed up the timing or input, haha. But yeah, I definitely got away with murder in terms of jump ins, the ex sobats I need to calm down a little, the slides I was only lucky he didn’t start focus punishing them. I’ll work on my neutral game a bit more when I have the chance. I like the time stamp notes, btw, very easy to go back and see what you’re talking about. Thanks again! :smiley:

I can’t load up the video

Here, try going to the Youtube channel. I can’t seem to figure out how to link it without the video popping up and leaving it just a plain link. My channel is

I can’t get the game to upload my vids, keeps saying no YouTube account linked to my google account…

I think you legitimately need a Google account, not just a YouTube account. I had both, and they were linked so it auto-uploaded there after a few minutes.

That’s what’s confusing I do have a google account. Even have it signed into the 360 YouTube app. Maybe I’ll try the girlfriends gmail next…

Huh, not too sure then. Try trouble shooting via Google. I’m sure this issue was huge when the feature first came out. They sure don’t spell it out how to make it simple or anything. Kinda just gotta wing it.

I figured it out had to change a setting on the desktop rather then my tablet… Wish they let you upload from saved replays, my battle log is just a bunch of endless random select currently. I’ll get some on here soon though, I’m pretty good at spotting my mistakes and know where I need to improve, but an outside perspective couldn’t hurt.

Here are a couple against cammy… Before anyone says anything the wake up ultra was supposed to be a wake up dash ultra, did the dash to early… Yeah I’ll throw one out there occasionally, it works if it’s random enough… Also got an ex upkicks that was supposed to be ex sobat after a ex mgu, just switched to square gate from octagon and have been getting down up charge instead of horizontal occasionally.

Alright, I’ma critique the first video while I have the moment, similar to how the other guy did it, with time stamps. Firstly though some over all notes.
As I am really guilty of this too, make those links crispier, or choose a different link. You dropped cr LP, cr MP more than you landed it. If you’re willing to give up a bit of damage try with st MK instead of MP. Or if you’re just really trying to get that link, I suggest practicing plinking or something to assist. The missed links made you waste an enormous amount of meter, which, while I don’t find incredibly useful in this match, is still good to have for maximizing damage.

0:14 - Why are you backing off already? The match just started.
0:18 - Someone else told me this, if you’re not getting the hit, don’t press buttons on landing, or at least be ready for a throw.
0:21 - I like the escape method, even if it’s risky. Not 100% sure, but I think ex Spiral Arrow or Ultra 1 could punish that on reaction.
0:23 - Nice anti-air, I figure you were going for the follow up afterwards.
0:28 - That’s a bold Kneeshot, Cammy has anti-airs for days.
0:29 - First dropped link of cr LP, cr MP.
0:36 - Same thing with the landing, second time grabbed in the round.
0:38-0:40 - Same thing with the risky escape, but nice anti-air on the follow.
0:46 - Nice attempt at punish, but why go for the 1 frame link? If you’re really in a jam just go for cr LP, cr LP xx MGU for quick meterless damage. Second dropped link and loss of 2 meter.
0:49 - I like that you kept the pressure up, but be careful. A neat tactic would be to mix in frame traps for if they try and tech the throw, or to try and bait them to DP.
0:55 - Like you said, wake up Ultra is unfortunate. Not too sure what you mean by you meant to dash though.
1:07 - Same thing with the landing, third time grabbed that round.
1:23 - Still not entirely sure why you feel the need to jump back at the beginning of the round like that. Against Cammy, you never wanna give up space to the corner.
1:25 - Loved the block string and follow up with the sweep. Albeit it being a bit risky, I think I would have done the same, haha.
1:29 - Unfortunate, but cr LK on block is -3, that’s a bit rough, especially when you’re trying to pressure an opponent. If you were looking to end in a block string, end with far st LK, much safer on block.
1:31 - One of the worst things you can do against a Cammy player, as you almost saw. K-Brad actually Ultra’d me on reaction as soon as I did a Focus attack. Be very careful with it. We’re not Rose or Poison, our back dash isn’t that good.
1:36 - Not entirely sure if that was intentional or if you were trying to throw tech. Either way, nice stuff~
1:38 - Nice attempt on the punish, but with you so close to the corner, I almost just wish you would have gone cr MP xx EX MGU into M Up Kicks x 2.
1:40 - Why try and Sobat from that range? Super risky, throw pokes instead. I found far st MK to be a bit useful. Or since the opponent seems a bit impatient, wait 'em out.
1:42 - Feeling flustered?
1:52 - Nice cross up, good conversion on damage and spacing as well.
2:00 - Ooh, nice. I wasn’t sure how well that would work till I saw it. Nicely placed.
2:13 - Every round I noticed you started with jump back kneeshot.
2:17 - Third missed link for cr LP, cr MP and wasted another two meter for FADC. You still got the throw, it’s just risky is all.
2:21 - Nice stuffing on that DP, good timing.
2:23 - Which MGU did you try? I tend to always use heavy and rarely have drop out problems. However, that rarely definitely happens more in Ultra, especially after a cross up.
2:26 - Good knockdown, just work on that link so it’s crispy.
2:30 - Getting a bit slide happy as you could probably tell, haha.
2:32 - So risky! Really be careful with that.
2:34 - Fourth attempt and you got it! But no knockdown or set up afterwards begs the question why even go for it?
~2:49 - I like the little hop back and forth game you were trying, just keep in mind how risky it is since Cammy has U1 stocked.
2:52 - Why…? I cannot begin to imagine why you threw that, even for the chip it’s not worth it, not to mention how unsafe it is afterwards.
In the end I’d say you did okay. Work on not going in so hard, at least in the Cammy match. I have this problem a lot too, but when you’re at the mid game, don’t just jump in at her, super risky. Throw more Air Slashers too, preferably from full out so she can’t punish with EX Spiral Arrow or Ultra. I find this match, at least for me to go like this. Zone Cammy player till they mess up and go in to hard, punish for going in hard, set up off a hard knock down and make them hate themselves. DeeJay’s vortex is still incredibly effective against her. However, being in the corner is just god awful. See as you jumped back at the beginning of each round, I figure it’s worth mentioning again that you don’t wanna give up that screen space so fast. Cammy doesn’t need meter to wreck our day.

I tend to play overly aggressive, gets me in trouble a lot. Just overhauled my stick and the new hori kuro buttons have been giving me some trouble with the cr. Mp link, I’m usually pretty dead on. Haven’t gotten used to plinking on their lower profile. I get pretty slide heavy specially if it’s working or I’m not getting punished, it’s a bad habit. The wake up ultra I’m talking about is in 2nd video, this one was me trying to catch her dive kicking, but she got behind me. Definitely have a lot I need to work on, always do. Thanks for the breakdown nice to get a new perspective.

  1. Don’t jump back at the start of the round. You lose too much real estate.

  2. Your block strings have the same exact rythm. You won’t ever CH your opponent like this, your throw game will be weak and it doesn’t make your opponent fear pressing buttons. Try adding your mid and heavy buttons early in your block strings and/or delay your buttons.

Yeah my block strings are too repetitive and lack luster, I think that is one of the biggest things I need to work on for sure…

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t too. That’s why I made this though, so we can all get better together! :smiley:

It might be kinda silly, but I throw in an occasional cr HP against certain characters on block strings to see if I fish a CH. cr HP sin’t all that threatening, but damage is damage ~

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