Covers and brief synopsis for Issue 8

It is not fair to say that TMNT got cancelled because LeS is working on other stuff. He was notified a while back that TMNT will be “on hold until further noticed”. So he is practically out of a job. He has been working slowly with Rey on CB for a while now and with this extra time, CB just get rolling faster.

So TMNT got cancelled becoz DW stopped it. Not becoz LeS left DW.

Wasnt the hold or hiatus because of DW’s new direction?

LeSean mentions in the CB interview that DW was going in a new direction which is why CB wasnt on DW’s label, so is the new direction the reason why?

Also Erik you might be able to help me answer this, Capcom’s fighitng game department isnt really developing too much right now, but what do artists like Bengus, Akiman, and Edayan all do when there’s nothing in production, or what do your UDON employess do when theyre not on a project, I guess would be a better question since you’d know about that.

BTW I remember you mentioning Edayan doing a cover for the new SF series, but can you tell us when to expect it? Like I know you cant reveal specifics, but could you say something like expect it in the SF2 arc, or sometime later this year, or something like that please?

I’m curious about the other Capcom artists myself. I know Akiman has his own website, which he uses to post artwork on a fairly regular basis:

For some reason, the whole front page is filled with Chun Li submissions from fans right now. But you can explore the page more if you’re curious.

I also know that he did character designs for a Gundam series called “Turn A Gundam” that turned out to be not so good. But the designs themselves are awesome. There was an artbook that came out featuring nearly the whole collection:

I wish this:

was official Capcom art? ;_;

I’m not sure. :lol: Last I heard, Akiman wasn’t working for Capcom anymore.

wow his xmen art is nice.

but what is up with this!

or THIS.

OR THIS!!! Poor Chun Li!

So yes - when I think of Street Fighter, I think of Akiman’s illustrations more than Shinkiro’s. But it looks like Akiman’s taken some “liberties” now that he’s moved on lol. But I would love to see a cover by him for the comic!

Actually he still works for Capcom, along with other companies too.

And the cover Arnold Tsang did for SF#2, is a tribute to one of Akiman’s pics, and actually dosnt look that much diffrient by comparison.


Edayan is Capcom’s best artist/character designer at the moment, but they dont really allow him to do alot, but Udoneko mentioned something about him doing a cover for the new comic series.

Hmm maybe not a formal Capcom employee, but didn’t Satoshi Urushihara also do some really early promo pics for SFII? At least of chun li that I can remember. I googled and even found a pic of chun li he did that i never saw before!

There’s actually alot of SF pics like that, that he did, ie its not very rare stuff.

They were really promo pics for the SF2: The Animated Movie, which was made/released shortly after SSF2T.

Although I think all the pics he did included Chun Li, whether it was a solo shot or a group shot.

Can anyone find where the covers to SF are on that site? I can’t.

I like cover C the most (As always LOL) Jo chen’s covers always looks awesome, cover A looks good too though for cover B I like the way Sagat, Bison & Vega are drawn but am not keen on the other characters, i’m getting all 3 but if I was picky cover B would be on the bottom of my list.

I enjoy reading the comments and views we have on the art and covers of the comic. I don’t know just how necessary it is thought to say something along the lines of, “…But this cover is a lot crappier. Maybe I’d get it, if I want to toss out some money after buying the other covers…” There’s always going to be one you’re bound to not enjoy as much as the others, right? I’m not even sure if comparing them with each other is appropriate at times; a figure painting by Picasso isn’t critiqued the same as a Caravaggio. A Dustin Nguyen isn’t going for the same as Alvin Lee.

If you’re referring to me I see your point, every artist is unique, I was only saying which covers I liked in order of preferance :frowning: I still don’t mind cover B I just said I prefer the other 2.

Youre out of luck. From the time i posted the link to now, the site changed from a gallery website to an art auction site. :lol:

I thought i’d be a team player and kick down.

I just threw it together in a couple of hours plus i’m not all that good at web design, so forgive the ghetto layout.

Holy crap…

So, Mr. Ko…will we see Akiman grace this comic anytime soon? That would be very nice…

The next Capcom artist confirmed doing cover art for us is…


We have asked all others, but it all depends on their schedule…

Well, all goods things are worth the wait!

Nortlee, I wasn’t necessarily calling you out… I understand what you mean and just wanted attention paid to some of the words aimed at the art in SF. :wink:
THere’s always going to be one who doesn’t dig the awesomeness in a particular cover and the likes…but damn if udon hasn’t satisfied me. I’m really digging some of the covers a few that I could do with out I don’t mind either…it’s great variety.
Someone had mentioned that covers have had tendency to look really similar with their ‘group shots’ and I hope the udon folks will look to including a variety of exciting, new images. Thanks!

Edayan, eh? Can I have some examples of his work, so I can get an idea of his style?

Whooooooo!!! Alright!