Covers and brief synopsis for Issue 8

Go to to see the different covers and stuff. I’m sad that there is no Alvin Lee cover. I think I’m gonna get the cover with Cammy and Fei Long. The story looks interesting. Chun Li is my favorite character so I hope we see a lot of her in this arc since she’s investigating shady stuff in Hong Kong films. Now all I need is my Rose fix for this arc since she is supposed to show up again.

Nice covers, but what’s up with Guiles hair in the second cover? lol

I like the New Challengers group shot cover. Can’t wait to pick it up.

hmm i couldn’t find them does anyone have the direct link to the page?

sooooooo is mark brooks doin the art for this new arc or is it still alvin lee?

It’s still Alvin doing most interiors. Mark Brooks is just doing this cover for #8. #9, we will have LeSean Thomas and Trigun’s NIGHTOW doing the 2 covers with LeSean doing the back up story.

Then, be prepared for Alvin’s coming back to the covers for #10, 11, & 12… that’s the whole reason why Alvin is not on the covers of 7 to 9…

thanx man, can’t wait for the return of alvin on covers

u’ve got some good guests lined up. i’ll glad LeSean has some top work now after his unexpected cancellation on TMNT. i love trigun and can’t wait for previews of #9

Here are the direct links:

Hmmm, well i’m definitely a little disappointed, Jo Chen’s cover is pretty good i guess. I’m not very keen on the other two though, #10 seems a long long time away.

thanks for the links, :bluu: yeah those cover are really not as great as the other, i like the fei long ,dee jay, cammy and t hawk cover, i’m still gonna get the two covers though, i never buy the power covers, i don’t know why i don’t, i’m not much of a collector.

i was hoping that bison would end up sending his dolls after cammy like in the game unfortunetly it seems undoneko is going down the easier anti climatic root by making delta red simply capture a doll agent.


i think they look aliright my only problem is that the covers are staing to look so familiar even though it looks good im getting kind of tired of the group shots cuz they all look the same ie. issue 0, 1, 2,3, 8. u know what i mean? it looks great but nothing really original. how bout a battle instead or something different.


Exactly what I think, all the covers are group shots of the characters and I definetely want to see something new…

Anyway, I’ll only be getting cover A, that one looks pretty good…

WHat is going on in Issue 8? I don’t have any idea on the story. can someone provide a link.

Damn i didnt even see this thread! I had to delete my other one. Cant believe danimation gone pro so fast, it was like yesterday he was posting at comixmatrix and even battling me too. Nothing but respect for him.

I missed the covers for issue 7… Any links?

And i agree those covers are kinda dissapointing. Reminds me of issue 2, where the only one i was ok with was the Foil. Issue 8, i almost like cover B… but Ryus face looks messed up.

who is mark brooks? the issue 8 cover is amazing!!! the foil cover also looks like it’s one of the best so far! not only are joe chen’s sf covers amazing, but check out the Runaways covers, especially the one with the girl holding the car up…so good.

The Sakura foil is amazing! looks like one of the best foils so far. I love the new warriors cover and the other one looks good except for Guile’s hair. I will pick them all up anyways. Does anyone have any links to the covers for issue 7? I have seen them, but forgot where.

I’m just happy Fei-Long is on a cover. WAAAATAAA!!!

Cover A is great, but B and C are pretty damn disappointing. I didnt know LaRoccas art was so bad nowadays.

Its not that unexpected given his new projects, like Cannon Busters, which he’ll be working on with Corey Lewis aka REY, who does the CHEAP SHOTS strips.

Cannon Busters

Basicly LeSean is working for another company now, so a cancelation isnt unexpected.