Counterpicking against Adon

Quick question, I notice that if I happen to win a few games online using Adon, the opponent will usually go to Balrog, who I have a hard time dealing with as is. Not complaining though, was just wondering if Balrog is a counterpick against Adon which would show me they thought I was a bit of a threat.

I don’t really follow/believe in tier lists so I was just curious. Any advice is appreciated.

As a Balrog player, I think we have a slight advantage if you don’t know what you’re doing. Adon’s perfectly capable of winning against Rog because of his high/low mixups. Rogs are also adept at blocking correctly and punishing random DPs and unsafe Jaguar kicks. I’d say 5.5-4.5 for Rog unless Adons can mix it up well.

Counterpicks are only in the mind. If you don’t know the Rog matchup well, you’ll have to learn it anyway. Personally I think Honda is a better ‘counterpick’ as a charge character simply because of his superior damage and HHS pressure.

EDIT: Tried checking here? Adon Matchups Thread

Honda is who i find harder to face and feels like more of a counterpick as azproc says. Balrog becomes a lot easier once you can start finding patterns in the way they react to your movements. I rely a lot on this when facing balrogs on endless match that chose him just to fight my adon. It’s a lot tougher vs people who actually main him and use all of balrog’s tools. I can hardly beat those but you’ll have an easier time if you keep track of their charge so u can exploit their lack of charge and get in there for and cross up all day. Every now then nj.HK after a quick crossup gets me a nice combo on the confused rog.

Adon doesn’t have any bad matchups…because all of his freakin special moves are safe and he has TWO armor breakers. I’d say he’s pretty much fuckin all set.

all safe? SPD characters want a word with your adon…

I think Gouken and Juri is a bad matchup for Adon, i realy hate Gouken and Juri.

Appreciate the comments, thanks to you all. I don’t really mind the matchup, I just have to learn more about it, which is fine. Counterpick may have been the wrong word to use as I do think it’s a perfectly winnable fight, but the guy gives me trouble no matter who I use, so I just gotta figure it out through more practice. Forgot about the matchup section as well.

Oddly, I have a slightly easier time against Honda as Adon over Balrog :looney:

ok so you can just admit that you don’t play Adon

Guile and Honda and to a lesser degree, Chun-Li would all be the toughest matchups for Adon in Super imo.

My worst one is c.viper and aggressive bison’s its like my normals just dont exist when I play them

Basically the top tier charge characters are bad matchups (not unwinnable though) for Adon,and Grapplers too.Apart from that Adon goes even or has advantage over the rest of the cast.

chun, rog, bison, gief, t.hawk and honda are his bad match up’s with bison honda t.hawk and gief being the worst of those. guile i think is even i rather face guile then bison or honda

I’ve been main’in Adon lately, and I find Chun to be one of the toughest matchups. She gets priority over many of Adon’s moves with her air splits. Especially if she’s right above him, his rising jaguars will wiff/get punished.

no…i’d like to hear my matchups sometimes, and i can’t have a match against adon without muting the tv or it drives me insane…lol

but seriously, he has the least bad matchups of all the characters. or he perhaps shares that title with 2 or 3 other characters.

troll alert!

I don’t think Guile is a counter pick after learning how to IAJK. It’s still a tough fight but 5-5.
Chun and Dictator IMHO are counter picks.
Honda is also a beast against him he just has less safer options.
Boxer is good as well because he can stuff pretty much anything Adon can do.

^Agreed. It’s all about 1 good approach as far as Guile goes. I don’t think Adon should have major problems with Zan either. I think he’s one of the most well equipped non-projectile, non-grapple fighters for the job in fact. You can use JK against EX Backhand on prediction, NJMK>lk.JK>combo or DP against grabs, and c.HP or s.MK to antiair spaced jumps. Getting knocked down can hurt just like anyone else, but Adon’s decent at spacing out Zan for a good chunk of the match as long as you’re not just throwing out JKs or JTs all over the place.

umm ok? seriously, adon has very, very few bad matchups in this game. how the fuck am i trolling by saying that?

I don’t agree chun and bison are counterpicks. Maybe 6-4, if that. Bison can s.HK your jagkicks just as you can sweep his st.HK. He can be annoying tho if he turtles lots, but most characters should turtle against adon anyway. The worst thing about the MU is that you can’t really backdash out of stomps on wakeup, which can be shitty in the corner, and no real way to punish EX PC if blocked when safejumping, gotta hate that. Chun splits are no more or less dangerous than other neutral jumps, which just suck in general for adon, once in a while you will land behind her and she’ll still hit you yeah but other than that it’s the same.
Gief is 5-5, sweep and HK jaguar kick are good against him. Hawk is bad, because the combination of having a punish for jagkicks on hit and his priority suck. But I don’t know, nobody plays him anymore.

Boxer is a bad matchup, maybe I’m biased though, his gameplan in this MU is so fucking simple and braindead while yours has to be complicated as shit, I’m annoyed. Sometimes I feel like switching to boxer because fuck execution anymore, I’m getting too old to bother. Objectively I don’t think the matchup is even that bad, it’s just shitty to play, then you get impatient and die.

IMO Adon has no actual hard counters, a few uphill battles sure but no guile-bison shit. But he doesn’t really dominate anyone either, apart from maybe a few shit characters like gouken, and MAYBE blanka, but that could just be because the good blankas can’t learn the matchup or something.

I didn’t think either match up was 7-3, but both match ups can pretty much limit all of Adon’s options and/or just shut him down completely.

I’ll try to sweep more on Bison, I rarely use it against him since it feels like he just gets all over Adon too quick.