Could anything have saved SvC?

When SNK vs Capcom Chaos first came out I kinda enjoyed it. Well… half of it. More specifically the SNK half. I also really enjoyed the resurgence of the pre-match discussions. A little story goes a long way with me. But could anything have saved this game from a fate worse than death? I know this game is not highly reguarded for anything (by anyone), and the controls for certain characters just didn’t add up (i.e. having to charge exactly down, and not down/back before performing Guile’s flash kick), but what would you have changed if anything to save this game?

it woulda been better if they just stuck sf chars into kof2k2. the chaos game system is just to weird when you break it down. I only find the game interesting when my brain is off lol

Yes, SNK could have done a lot more testing and fixing things before releasing the game.

Could u guys see Ryu and Guile Hyper hopping??? :rofl:

Game was release in the wrong era, imo. If it was released after KoF 97 then this game would have been the shit.

EDIT: Wrong era (I type like a noob when sleep deprived)

How about the original SNK team in a binding agreeing to finish it off even after the changes to the company itself?

Would have been really nice to see the game in its’ full effect. At least guide them into the right direction. Giving the characters almost all their top teir moves was a good idea(Terry gets three supers, including his Busta Wolf). But not the greatest, but still did good work for SNK. The capcom-ers got a good set also, but some were cheated (Yoga Legend? WTF?).

And the Excel? are you crapping me? Grooves should have been there at least, instead of SNKP’s “yeah, let’s mash potato the fighting system” style, which I despised since 2002’s attempt. SNK knew how to do it. SNKP lacked the knowledge of choice.

Hopefully, Garou MOTW II will not suffer the same fate…if we ever see it.

EDIT: I agree with Atb_555. High VOlume arcade scene then.

…Work Era?

hell no. The controls in 2k2 just sucked just as well. Prolly add a new system the GCS is nothin real cool compared to Just Defend or Parrying. Allow super cancels outside of MAX MODE, balance the game

i dont know which version of kof2002 your playing but the neogeo and arcade versions have perfect controls, as for the other versions i dont know.

back on topic, i think they should have tested this game more, the things i hate the most is the controls they are unresponsive and the hit boxes are shit, the game speed is too slow. and fix the capcom characters cause hugo does not feel like hugo i mean the way you control him makes you feel as if you were playing with a lighter character like choi:confused:
they should have limited the max mode cancels also toned down the damage.

anyways this game is ok for casuals, the only thing i liked about this game is the story and the character intros:wink:

It came out the wrong time SNKP have learned from svc and 2k3 mistakes, look at ngbc and XI, its too bad theirs no chance for svc2 because Im sure it would be good.

I agree with you, if they had taken their time with this game, it would’ve come out great, honestly I wouldn’t mind an improved re-make if they ever make one, seriously, just fix the goddman bugs and this game’ll be cool.

You do realize most of the world hates NGBC with a passion.

Most of the world hates KOF in general so thats nothing new in the SNK world, really NGBC is not a bad game its hella better than svc and 2k3.

omg no i cant! cuz they didnt have small jump in 3 or 4 out of 6grooves in cvs2!

watches ash vs ryo kof11 match vid g-g-guile? r-r-ryu?:amazed:

he must being taking about the console ver. of 2002 but only a dumbass noob would play those compared to the carts/roms:sweat:

i think it’s hilarious that there’s a website that listed NGBC as SvC2… i think it was gfaqs… but anyway, they fixed that error

i liked SvC for what it was when it was released, but a few things…

  1. more testing (as already said)
  2. more characters. what the fuck is violent ken?
  3. the graphics were kinda shitty. capcom fireballs were ass, guile’s hair was ass, geese looked like shit.

Actually he is my fav character in that game, an SNK style ken, svc has some batshit storyline but I think bison infected ken with orochi blood or something.

The only thing is he doesnt have his afro when you actually play with him, now that would of been really cool.

i think that would have made teh game liked, because that would make people think SNK actually knew they were putting out a hot piece of ass. lol

Japan dropped it faster then they dropped MvC2 :rofl:

They still play KOF XI though.

I didn’t really like it because the Capcom characters were so graphically different then the SNK characters. The 2 groups didn’t look like they were part of the same game.

Also I found this game to be extremely choppy. Didn’t seem like SNK put much effort into this.

Not too many characters… but I did enjoy the ones they did put in. Nice to see Zero in a fighting game… though he was pretty broken.

stuff that would make svc good:
low jump/hyper hop
roll(although the guard cancel front step is fast enough to punish jabs)
better maxmode

SvC2 done NGBC-style would be tight.

KOF XI is a good game, and I liked KOF 2k3…but Neo Geo is by far the most fun game Playmore has ever released.