Corpus Thread vrs. 2.0

Ahhh fool… I was looking forward for you to come also :slight_smile: I wanted a rematch :slight_smile: maybe next time though :frowning:

RBox, KStep, APorn: Thanx for coming down, really appreciate it. Hope to see yall next time we are in town. Take it easy guys.

Good Job yall on bringing home top 3

see ya when i see ya …


“Work work”, “Something need building?”

Has been my life since a few days before x-mas, I’ll be in town for a few days, need to rally the troops and talk to some fools.

Well now that the $$$ is flowing again I’m happy…

But for those who knew him the “Ice” the White demon has fallen, no res’r in sight.:frowning:

Gonzo: It’s about time you posted, everyone thought you were dead or something. Anyways good to see your working again fool keep it up.

Also, grats to the guys that went down to the tourney. Good job ya fuks!

Hey WTF???

Hey yea…from the gettogether @ Randoms i remember you guys said something about Black Heart…i remmeber over hearing Man we love doing that back @ home…whats that about…

we love to AHVB tha big ass rat :smiley:

So, this is the new thread, eh? Cool.

Haven’t posted in a bit, but what’s to say? Congrats to KStep, Box, and Porn for the strong showing down the way.

Gonzo, glad to see ya again pal. Hope you enjoyed your vacation and sorry I couldn’t make it tonight, family calls. Be safe and I hope your eye feels better. That shit’s pretty sick, fool.:eek:
Let me know when you get some more time off.

Box, Spider, sorry about last night. Next time, I promise, LOTS OF ASS!

Be cool crew, and see ya this weekend. Lates.

Post Script: PHELPS!!! COME BACK!!!

And Q is a somebody, goddammit!!!

for some VS vids for random shit for perky titties that you can advertise on

Box - I downloaded that game you sent me, its not half bad. feels kinda sluggish though.

Sfjunkie- its alright bro, it was fun for what it was.

Gonzo - nice to see you again, take it easy

and Im with Gonzalo on this one


Gonzo owes me some service charges …

Rey yah those vids are hot fool a saw those awhile back
dotn like that fuckin q-bee and the jedah godamn those fuckers are all ove the place.

I doubt that game will get that serous here in the states but it is a nice fuck around game to play on.

Bishimons own that ass.

Gonzo hope your eye is hot fool.

Box make sure not to touch gonze or anything fool that shit he has a stupid contagious .

Gonzo is on isolation … please approach with caution and that proper equipment is worn when dealing with such a faggott hahahah man your eye ate it fool.

the good Emergency Room.


Mu kyo Peen Che Whay.

i like how everyone wants to play vamp know all of a sudden. I fuckin love it!

Thanks guys for all yalls help. I think ill be ready for regionals in lets see, hmm we dont play cvs2 and noone is any good at it, so ill count that out. Hmm how about GGXX oops nevermind that, people cant even FRC down here. Lemme think, ohh i got it mvc2, wait people are just now finding out how to do fast flight and cant even do it in a match. Well shit, lets see here, how bout 3rd strike, no nevermind, everyone is too busy not parrying anything more than 1 hit and its usually a random parry or there too busy junping around not playing the game hitting fierce all day. Well shit how bout we all just play games that are outdated or not played in tournaments, ohh yea that would be great. Except for the fact that those games as well we would suck at too for all the same reasons as above. Lets all just download videos of high level play, read a bunch of forums of high level play and act like high level players but never amount to shit in reality. That would be more fun. So i guess when i hit regionals ill be ready to talk big game and lose big too . Thanks


i’m broke…

my feet hurt :bluu:


Kstep: hhhmmmm… dont know what to say about that , but the only reason that i have been playing VS lately is because i know that you had been tired and working alot lately and it is hard to get in a good set of games … I totally agree with you on the fact that know one plays the games that we would like to get good on except for maybe a select few… I know that i have called you but it is late and the only time i have to play hence you are tired and probably dont wanna just play my shit anyway…Remember the talk we had about the scene down here. I am all for getting better for showdown maybe that is y i have been slacking cause i wasnt going to reagionals .

Now me and mike have been talking alot about the scene and here is what we think peeps… may get hur t but hey i am tired to of this shit of seeing everyone not playing ( includign me ). So if you are not serious about getting better or contributing to the group for future tournaments … maybe yall should consider thinking about what yall want out of this tournament bis and gaming

Riddlebox: Man i wish was in you shoes bro man you have it all man no chick a pad and all the gear to actually get good, But you learn all this shit and dont use it .Yes you can do fast flight but you never use it. Mike shows you all this shit cause he and I think that you could really be good at that game/player

Gonzo: hhhm I dont know how serious your are but you should deside to man you got what it takes but u r (random)

Animalporn: Man u are good to dawg really but we just need to actually get some games in ya faggot and stop sittin.

Phelps: sorry bro dont got it. Unless you prove us wrong.

Gonzalo: Same thing man…you could but you dont push yourself or dont play and just sit.

Big Chris: Man u got mad excecution but u dont play quit being a pussy and get some games in dawg if not dont go cause for one your wasting peoples gas form them driving back and forth to jays and then your house. So start palyinG cause you got it.

Jerry: you could be good

Rey: sorry bro step it up man.

As for me man look dont get me wrong Vs is fun to play… But i am gonna start playing striclty the games i wanna focus on.

Hey i am not saying one sucks more than the other i am saying we all suck and if yall aint down to get good if not better maybe it is time think about some other shit

Mike you know what is up also too fool I know there are peeps that want joysticks myself included maybe we can work a deal out or something. Talk to you more about it later peace. Not puttin it all on you just a suggestion. Plus extra cash on the side

Mu kyo fell free to to say whatever you want.

Need yalls feed back asap.

Best thing i can say is one day when everyone is at jays house, we could all talk about this so it doesnt seem like were trash talking for the sake of trash talking. Maybe on the internet things get misunderstood and feelings get hurt. In all honesty im not talking shit, and maybe everyone is doing just fine and likes things the way they are. But as for me, i see how i am and know how much time i “WASTE” with games. Yea im a gamer and love games and the competition. But its a waste if it all for not just to be some loser. i Dunno maybe its lame wanting to talk about this stuff or even care about it at all. But im going by what people ask from me. Anyways thats my 2 cents and ive got alot more to say but i think it would be best in person. Cause im sure everyone has read these posts but wont say anything or are like “man mikes a dick i cant believe he said that” . Well that can all get cleared up very easily if you just ask. Anyways im out!

MvC2 Team Tourney - Saturday Night

Be There!! :cool:

Hey me and drama are gonna be at the mall today if anybody wants to go. lates.

R U THERE :smiley: … MIJA I LOVE YOU … R U THERE :smiley: … I LOVE YOU

Agreed that this is a topic best spoken about together, in person, so those who have things to say can elaborate more clearly than
"Step it up" or “you’re a dick”. I don’t think it’s lame to want to discuss these issues, because fighting games is what all of us have in common and we all know that we would LOVE to represent Corpus right and get us on the map. Maybe I’m past my prime or maybe it’s lack of equipment, or maybe I just don’t have it, but whatever it is, I know that it means something a little bit bigger than we would openly give credit for. I would love to do much better and put up a HELL of a fight at Showdown and other big events, but things get in the way, for all of us, be it life, job, school, college, work, girl, money, parents, lack of transportation, and I’m sure much more. Well, KStep, A.Porn, talk to you gentlemen once you return. PCW, you know where I’m at if you ever need to get anything off your chest, or just need to vent.

CC Crew, you all know me by now. Much love and TOO FUCKING MUCH RESPECT!!! I love it here! H-town, Austin, S.A., I’d have it no other way than in shittie ass C. fuckin’ C.!

My $1.50 in thoughts. Be cool. Lates and kick that fuckin’ machine if it eats your change!!!:smiley: