Corpus Thread vrs. 2.0

Hey guys this is where we should start posting now, since we have reached our limit already in the old thread, thx. …best…ass…ever…



Whats happenin with them sausages charlie?

Turn on the air then.

50 bucks fool…

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What’s up guys? Hello from Louisiana. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone from this thread needs Lord Gonzo’s address or something. If you guys could help him out, it’d be great.

:confused: i thought gonzo moved back to VA !!?? :confused:

Hey yah u know what else is hot , how u put it in slow motion and i couldnt even see the double tri jump man

I am sorry Sanfords fuckin magneto is not fuckin fast. It is at ludicrous speed

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Hey maybe we can play some matches or something today

Sabaku kyu!

Anyone else want new avatars pm me.

hey freddy,

congrats on 3rd place at the 3rd strike stargate tourney…u the shit man, keep it foolio, good shit

Andross you need to get yourself a new AV, and yes good job on 3rd you silly fuck! Anyways, i dunno if it was in the other thread or not but i hope you had fun when you came down and i sure was glad you came, hope to see you in march! Also hopefully this will spark people to step up as even though it was a weekly there were still very good players in the 3s tourney in houston, and almost every houston player in any game is pretty much better than most if not all of corpus, so i think its time for us or whoever to step up and also make an impression as freddy did!

Primary Lotus!!!

-just a random insert-

I can get an XX and/or MAYBE an MvC2 tournament at Gamers Den going pretty much whenever I want it…well almost it has to be on a sunday or some other day of the week that they aren’t playing some crap ass game coughhalocough*

-end random insert -

Rey good job, we need more shit like that going on around here. Also would it be for prizes or money and are characters banned? cause if so GGXX needs normal characters only. Not like i wouldnt rape them anyone, but in all fairness it does need them. Mvc2 shouldnt outlaw any charas but if so thats fine, cause i can play anyone on there pretty much if needed! Keep us posted. Im not sure about this weekend though, maybe it may work out cause box said something about a Harlingen tourney or some shit, i need more info on that though, also SHOTTIE if we go hahahha!

anyways let me know something guys, corpus needs to play some more games already. Its bad enuff im gettin to old to compete at a high level with these young guys, but being retired and no practice or comp to push everyone up a level or 2 sucks! lemme know

Well this is as much info as I know right now.

ANY tournament I request has to have atleast 8 people in it or “there can be no final combat” :stuck_out_tongue: No they won’t throw a tournament with less than 8 people.

The tournaments will probably start out being for money - 1st place takes everything because in order to get some of the people to play the entree fee probably won’t be more than 3 bucks 5 at the most . Prizes don’t seem too likely cuz I doubt anyone here wants a Gamers Den T-shirt or a free membership for a month.

As for game specific things

MvC2 is waaaaaaaaaaaaay up in the air as to what would happen what and who will be allowed. probably 2/3 double elim, game breaking glitches banned (the usual). Banning characters would be stupid in my opinion because as you said a while back you could probably get them to ban every damn character in the entire game. Can’t rule it out as a possibility though they haven’t gotten passed the “this character is cheap because dadadada” phase.

as for GGXX

The usual standard tournament rules apply for GGXX. If by some highly unlikely chance EX or secret characters find a way to work themselves into the rules I’ve seen them play enough to know it won’t matter at all.

if you guys want a specific date & time were you guys feel would work better around yalls schedules just post up and I’ll do what I can to get it.

Lates - Rey

How about tourney this Sunday at the GameFAQers Den?


im down for this sunday too, harlingen then gamers den wooooo

Salutaions CC, Its random Mando here >>

Yeah the tourney is on for this weekend. My Place. THC, and hopefully the ever hilarious Pharr scrubs. All the info is posted on the Harlingen thread (third page). Uhh i guess thats about it. Uhh ill post directions and what not on the harlingen thread tommorow morning.

Riddle: Give me a call,(956-399-1668) or IM me (mando956, yeah i know its not creative but it works…), so we can work out any kinks and specifics you and Disciple didnt yet fix… S how many of you guys are coming down??

Well other then that im out, See you guys soon.

Good Luck to the peeps from CC who are going to Harligen today and be careful yall. I will not be attendign this event due to the fucking lame ass excuse that I am working today and could not find anyone in time to fill my shift, Hope yall get back safe and no problems .

Mike/Gabe/Jay- Go get emm ya faggots

And bring me some empanadas con carne y papa cause I am fat ASS now . (L) < BIG OL ASS

And yall better take top three.

Peace RTSD and Good Journey