Corner Tackles

I need some timing help with the corner tackles…i can’t even get the second tackle in :sad: …I’m playin the xbox version but i doubt that’s the case. Can someone gimme some timing info or some tips on how to get that second hit in? I’m doing the mk tackle btw.

hah same with me :wink: I can do everything with Urien, charge partition headbutt 100% blabla, except that stupid shoto combo which I need to know for all those shotos out there =/

i know…suks don’t it?

Secret is to hit them with the first tackle as early as possible, this throws them up higher and gives you more time to charge for the second tackle, the earlier you hit them, the easier it becomes. Just try and get a feel for exactly how much charge time you need.

meh, thats what im trying =/ I can do shit on chun blablabla, even with mp sphere, but I havent gotten double tackles to work outside of ex shit

meh: I guees Ill sit an hour in practice mode again =/

Try executing the first tackle after starting to charge for the next tackle. Yes, it sounds a bit wierd, but you can actually hit towards and then hold back and then hit kick to execute the tackle, giving extra charge time for the next tackle.

yea i knew that :wink: I have tried every single way, but two mk tackles are out of the question, mk tackle, lk tackle worked like twice =/

it takes a while to understand the timing, but once you get it down it’s not too hard against most characters.

Make sure you hold back right after you do the first one then make sure there lined up with the second one dont try to do the second one immedeately let them drop a little.

I never charge back. just charge down-back. everything seems easier to do when you charge downback. The trick is to charge downback NOT back. Or it seems for me.

Okay…so the key is to perform the tackle early…is there something i should look for after the second hit of the down+f? Because sometimes I do it at the wrong times and nothing comes out…and if i wait, the tackle hits but i didn’t do it early enough for the next one. And how fast do i have to charge back, press towards, and then back mk to start charging for the second tackle?

This pretty much works the same way as Remy’s LoVs. When you execute the motion/charge/whatever for the Chariot Rush, you IMMEDIATELY start charging back for the second one, before it even hits. Wait for a VERY short moment while you recover from the first tackle, then do the second one. The timing’s hard at first, but it’ll get easier as you practice.

Same goes for d+HP. During the first few frames before it even hits, you have to start charging. Right when you recover, go for the tackle, and right when Urien starts up the first one(like, before it hits), immediately start charging back.

I’m new to urien and Okay, I can do the c.hp xx mk tacklex2 on the shotos and chun, but what’s the best thing to do after the second tackle? I was thinking that I should be able to squeeze a headbutt in, but I can’t seem to get it to come out. It must be my timing or something. Anyway, what are the best things to do after mk tacklex2 with and without meter? thanks.

i would like some tips on the twins, they are a bitch to fight against using urien,

it is the same principle? just do 1st tackle as early as possible? someone got some tips on what to look for to land the first tackle?

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I mean, what the fuck. Seriously. 2 tackles is tight enough. I can’t do 3 unless I do EX, or start outside of corner.

His site is best urien site ever. :slight_smile:

nothing: Basiclly, if you have meter you do a jab AR and from there start doing unblockables. If you don’t have meter enough for AR then do a headbutt. If you charge downback, NOT back, for your tackles the headbutt will always come out and hit easily. And there are better things than doing 2 tackles against chun after a cr.fp.

i2blue: It’s the same for the twins. Just try to get the first one really early. I shit you not. Charging downback instead of back is a LOT MORE EASY. :slight_smile:

Drunken Master:Actually, against Q, 3 is easy. It’s the forth one that is hard. That one is crazy. A lot easier to do a headbutt after the 3rd tackle but then again… you won’t be able to continue with his unblockables.

And I agree. His site is the best one for Urien. :slight_smile:

What’s this shoto combo that everyone’s trying to do anyway? o.O; Not sure if this is 100% accurate, but you can’t get 2 shoulders off a lift (c.fierce), you have to lift -> crush -> ex crush -> crush -> crush, or lift -> ex crush -> crush -> crush xx jab aegis. If you use the strong sphere, then you can get 2 crushes easily (roundhouse then forward [or short]) then xx aegis or just strong sphere, rh crush, f crush, [short crush xx aegis] or [ex crush], rh crush, f crush. To get the timing down just go to training mode and try to get 5 crushes using xx fierce aegis against a jumping dummy. I always use rh -> f if you want a 3rd crush it’d have to be short crush. rh -> f -> s.

Only worked in 3.2 I guess.

3.2? (In the Dreamcast version, you can freakin’ pull off 5 rh shoulders. :xeye:)

3.2 = 2nd impact, on Dreamcast it was called Double Impact, due to two games combined into one disk, new gen and 2nd impact.

you can do 2 MK tackles on numerous characters in 3s off the cr.HP.