Console Tourney In Winston Salem Results, WE HAD A BLAST!

Tekken 4
1st Ed
2nd Kasht
3rd Los

Kasht put up a very good fight and had Ed scurrying, but in the end Ed got the wins. Not taking any credit from Ed he played great but i never seen him soo shook!!!hahahahah Good Job David!lol

1st Jose
2nd Alex
3rd Yosef (Da MAN!!!)

What can i say about the final that didn’t happen. Man, Alex put up a damn good fight!!! had my heart pumping like a mofo! wow!! Whoever wasn’t there missed a good fight in the finals. there wasn’t any Daigo shit, but Jose pulled a great match win with a crouch parry, crouch short super with Chun-li with zero health left! great match!!

1st Charles
2nd Jarrod
3rd Donnie

Charles was straight reprezentin NC to the fullest!!! VA peeps played awsome, thanx for coming down and supporting the scene. but in the end Charles played flawlessly and never went to the losers bracket!

3S Team
1st Can’t Escape (Edward, Alex, Lucious)
2nd C-Lo (Yosef, Joey, Brandon)
3rd Fay Fay (James, Kevin, Loborine)
Man this was a tight tourney! Thanx to Edward for bringing this to my attention. In the finals team Can’t Escape’s 1st player(Edward) beat C-Lo’s 2 players, but DA MAN(Yosef) came in and OCV’d all of Can’t Escape with Urien. but since C-Lo was from the losers bracket they had to win another set. 2nd set was the same story C-Lo’s 1st 2 players got beat again by edward. it seemed like a repeat of the 1st set. The only difference was Yosef only beat 2 players. so in the end Can’t Escape became victorious when Alex’s Makato beat Yosef’s Urien. Great Battle guys!!!

Now to everyone that came. Thank you so much for coming to support the fighter scene. i had a fuckin blast and i hope everyone else did. Too bad ttt,sc2,mvc2,and cvs2 was not played. so to all the peeps bitching about these games not being in tourneys or is dieing. its no ones fault but yours(not talking about peeps that showed up). i know that there is going to be somethings i could have done better but hey you live and you learn. all and all i think everything went well! but constructive criticism is welcomed! thanx again to everyone that came!

Saisyu Kusanagi you and me need to talk to have us a big tourney!!! :tup: :clap:
Some feedback would be great!

I was very pleased with how things went, tournaments were ran well and in a timely manner. Even though there was no CvS2!!! :lame: Anyways, good to see all the old friends and make some new ones. Next time I will be able to super on my stick, so expect me to show up again. Lots of fun though, thanks for the good time.

AKA James since no one can remember…

Integra - TON!! no idea that was you homie. Anyway, good tourny, thats a shame about TTT. I was lookin forward too it. Did better than I thought I would in T4 tho (considering I don’t play the game). 3S was very Entertaining.

On Organization - The Tournaments moved swiftly and very smoothly. You did a good job as an organizer.The TV setup was great and the tournies each seemed to finish in around 1-2hrs (methinks?). You kept the tourny moving. Too bad some of the games didn’t get played, but that wasn’t your fault, it was part of community that is either unsupportive, or broke (most of Tk). Good stuff.

The Venue - GAMELAN SUCKS!!! Those clowns robbed my homeboy and charge HIM for THEIR idiocy. Its not his fault that they lost the friggin money. And that little white boy behind the counter w/ the glasses SAW US!!! We were the FIRST PEOPLE TO REGISTER!!! idiot. I’m all in favor of giving GAMELAN bad press. To be a center for competative gaming, they should be much more organized, and certainly more focused on helping the community grow, not robbing it on account of thier lazy staff and lack of organization. That’s bad for business and if this post defers even $1 from that horrible little rat-hole of a “Gaming Center” I’ll be a very happy man.

IN THE FUTURE - Anyway, good tourny, but next time, just find another venue. Also, try more promotion. Tournament annoucements should stay bumped even if people don’t respond. Also, Pre-reg is good, I encourage it. But don’t get so worked up if people don’t. AS you see the turn out for 3S, GGXX, and T4 was much bigger than the pre-reg would lead you to believe. I know this from experience. I was so worried at my tourny when no one pre-reg’d. Turnout I got people from ATL, VA, etc, that hadn’t pre-reg’d. Also, if you need something . . . TELL US BEFORE HAND!!! I know you needed memory cards, games, etc. Thats cool, but post it on the forums if you think you might need it in advance. And finally, even tho TTT and SC2 weren’t played, in the future, separate the platforms. The SC2,TTT, and T4 community is alot of the same players, so if I came for SC2 and TTT, I would be their at 12, play nothing for hrs, and finally get to TTT at 9:30. From now on, it would be better to have all the 2D fighters in one big sweep, and then do the 3D.

OVERALL - Good tourny once again. Not a wasted drive, even tho I didn’t play the game I came for, I still got to hang w/ some cool people. If you need the help organizing I’ll be glad to give you a hand, I’ve run a couple tournies myself. Nice stuff. People, next time this cat holds a tourny, go, b/c he’s a good organizer.

DaBastard - so you didn’t get to play TTT or SC2 . . . oh well. In the words of a apathetic, smiling fool “that’s life”. Good showing in 3S btw :rolleyes: . lol. You should’ve entered T4 instead, you might have been $56 richer.

Shiest - CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOUR FIRST ADVANCING ROUND IN A TOURNAMENT!!! Sorry you got friggin screwed over w/ the money. I say we go back and break a window. Jus playin’. I wouldn’t do that even if I wanted too. Holy Spirit wouldn’t let me. :lol:. But you shoulda took it to that wax-pt . . . coulda done it much betta . . .

That Chick playin TTT - Wow. You were pretty good. I don’t think I beat you down as much as I should have simply because I was in shock. Haven’t seen too many female tekken players that were cute AND actually knew what they were doin. But on the real, you had some pretty impressive strats. Good mix-ups. Only thing I can say is to solidify it a little bit (like not doing moves that leave you at risk as much). Hopefully we’ll catch you at another tourny sometime. Then I’ll get to beat you down correctly . . . NO MERCY FOR WOMEN OR CHILDERN!!! :badboy:

Ed - Ur a cool nigga. Been a while since I got to see you play and you showed you got some skill left in the old bones as well as some humor. Great chillin w/ you. Hope to play you cats again when I’m in winston next.

Los - HEADBUSTA!!! whutup. Age seems to have gotten to you man . . . I shouldn’t have even won a round. Good stuff tho. Hope to play you again as well.

CAP - :lame: Nigga shows up crippled. Smiles, then bounces. Good too see you again tho. But I guess leaving was the best thing you coulda done (accoring to Los). Holla.

Kasht - Man, I was hangin w/ you for a second . . . but after I got juggled for 13 friggin elbows . . . I got shook. Kinda like how J.Wong felt after he got parried like that . . . yeah . . . oh well . . . next time I won’t be so surprised and I’ll have to hit you w/ the N.I.N.A. Can’t wait till next time. I’ll definately get up w/ you for some games sometime soon. Peace.

Alex - what can I say. That makoto was nice from start to finish. Very solid, and very entertaining to watch. If I saw one more f+LP+LK I was gonna snap.

Edward?(Dude in Red Cap) - AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

To everyone else - didn’t know you . . . but ya’ll seemed cool . . . but I haven’t been to a tourny in a while . . . and I forgot how bad a buncha gamers smell when they get together . . . whew . .

To GameLAN - Once I again I want to reiterate the obvious . . . but I won’t say it (ahem coughcough :lame: snifflesniffle ).


Hahaha…glad I didn’t go. Free food / movie / asian girl beats the shit out of waking up early, driving a long ways, and finding out your tourney is canceled.

Grats to placers in whatever, blah blah blah. See you guys whenever.

yeah, too bad you won’t ever get any from said asian girl because you have a girlfriend in another state and she sees you “as an older brother”. life’s gotta suck for you

Damn, that’s pretty fucking harsh :rofl: Glad the NC competition was tight. Smeesh, you’ve improved a lot in 3 months :slight_smile: I hope you guys make it to B-Burg in Oct.

The tournament was ran well with only one excpetion. I can’t believe I’m about to say this, but a fighting game tournament was actually run TOO FAST :wow: This is probably the first and only time I’ll ever see this. But it was too quick as I never really had a chance to get a rest between any of my games.

I was happy to find a good SF2 player there (Kevin). I had a couple of very good games with him.

Hopefully if we come back the only 2 games I really like won’t be scheduled 5 hours apart :arazz:

Well… to up and question people’s dedication & shift the blame of the entire state of (local) gaming over to people who didn’t happen to be able to make your 1st tourney isn’t really the thing to do…

…but I’m glad people had a good time, and thanks for your efforts.

I know there’s a place in Gso near UNCG that is interested in doing such, but I have no idea if they’ll ripoff also. The owner’s a bit clueless though.

I aint no fool. and no SC2 meant I had no way to offset the thumping I got on GGXX. I wanted to play more Isuka. :sad:

I’m missing out on all the tournies. :sad:

Jive Out!

buck u r right. i guess i was just dssapointed that i had to drop 4 games out of the tourny. but at least we got to replace one with 3s teams. sorry to anyone that i have offended in that comment. I come in peace!!!

i forgot to to tell everyone that came thank you soo much for not being shady! nothing was missing!! games, systems, cables, mod chips NOTHING! thanx for being so koo!

Well, I am slightly recovered now. It was a good tournament I think for being the first try of silverintegra. Big props for runnin it man. Although I fear if anymore people show up, that back room is pretty small. And you should have let peeps hit up the computer some, 6 bucks for an hour jeeeeeez thats a lot of money for such a short time, thats like 2 maps at the most.

I didn’t do as well as I’d hoped in ggxx#r but thats the breaks. You win some, you lose some. I should learn a character so I don’t get owned by character counter lol. Props to Charles and VA for the excellent display of madskillz muchskillz

Maybe to ease the missing games concern, either: just limit the # of games, ie 3s, ggxx#r, t4 or sc2 OR run one 2d and a 3d game at the same time. You could probably pull it off with that setup you had.

Anyway, GG’s to all that I played and was good to see some of my friends again, hope the next time we see each other is not as long.

haha, jon knows I’m just joking. making fun of him is sort of like the state sport. anyway, it was good seeing you guys again and congrats on placing well too. I was soooooooooo hoping you were going to play dizzy against me, as I think that slayer just rapes her in about every category. anyway, GG to everyone and hopefully we’ll be able to make it up to VA in october

Had a great time sivlerintera. Yes we need to set up something big like a NC grand slam during the summer and hold it every summer. hit me up man.

silverintegra - Nice tourny man, I really wished Tekken Tag and SC2 was runned, I could of had soo much money in my pocket. :sad: Third Strike was off the hook, maybe I should of entered T4 maybe I shouldn’t, either way the tourney overall was good.

Ed and Los - we need to get up sometime later and have a small gathering or something.

Shiest - Congrats on your first tournament victory :clap:

CursedOne - Nice seeing you again my friend, we will have playing time together in the near future. :tup:

Smeesh - Good seeing you again too, next time I go to Chapel Hill I’ll have to stay longer.

King Lo - So much stress over your keys, glad you didn’t snap for real. :karate:

Jose and Alex - Great matches men. Alex, that Makoto is one mean B*tch. Jose, same goes for that Chun Li. I hope we have more get togethers in the near future.

To everyone else, nice seeing you and hope I see more of you future tourneys. :tup:

Silver integra: Well run. nuff said. btw there is a 5vs5 cs tournament in durham oct-24 and we might need a ringer. I’ll update you on it if you’re interested.

Glad to see Ryan, Travis, and Biglow there, too bad you guys didn’t seem to be absorbed with Tag :xeye: it was mostly me and that durham dude. Thanks to all SRK 2d fighter guys playin Tag so I wouldn’t feel so lonely :clap:.

Ryan: Next time we should have a $10 money match to officially have bragging rights.

Panzer juz let me know for sure about the 5vs5. so i can get the day off. and so i can practice.

hahah…is that jealousy or the lack of knowledge of what’s going on that’s talking? :tdown:

Fuck you.

Silverintegra: I thought the tournament on the whole was good shit. Definately might run into some space issues with more people, but it looked like that place could easily be opened up some. I think the only concern for the tournament would be the pace of the matches (atleast ggxx, dont know about the others). I am really glad that you were running the tournament at such a fast pace cause I dont know about others, but I HATE waiting for matches. But, it was stressful for those especially in the losers brackets to play constantly. I think that maybe opening up a few more TVs to speed things along instead of back-to-back matches would solve this; anything to give people atleast a couple of mins to regroup or use the bathroom after a match. All in all, a very small problem, but its really the only thing i can think of. On the flip side, some people like playing back-to-back cause the more you wait the more the nerves kick in.

Va: Thank you guys soo much for coming down to this one. It was great seeing everyone again, but I wish we could have played some casual and got some shit recorded. That would be the other thing i didnt like about this tournament. Anyways, You all have mad skill and i am definately looking forward to getting stomped at your tournament in october.

Ice: donnie, man…that eddie is sick. I dont know what to say. too good. I really think you had an equal chance to beat me with your eddie or dizzy. I really wanted to play your dizzy again cause…my i-no doesnt beat that 7-3 or whatever the rankings say. I am not sure how I pulled off the victory against your eddie, but i do know i was glad i didnt have to fight you again cause i couldnt pull off another win.

Bird: we only got to play tournament matches this time around but your johnny is still too good. I wish we could have played alot more cause I really like playing that matchup. Its too bad, but i guess it will have to wait until october.

J: goood stuff! Robo-ky is such a nightmare to fight against. Matter of fact, I am still impressed with your solid knowledge with soo many characters. Everyone one of them was scary. Your may is a beast and those JI combos were on point! See you guys in october!

NC: I think everyone did well this tournament. I also think everyone’s execution was off cause we havent really been playing much, but i was still impressed. Daniel, you are always getting better man. keep up the good work. Dale, we should play more than anyone else cause we live like 5 minutes apart. I should atleast come over to check out why WoW is soo good. I thought you did well on saturday, you were messin me up left and right. anyways, good stuff guys. We should try and play sometime, soon.

Whatsup! (This is Alex for those who dont know me.)

silverintegra: thanks for setting this shit up man, had a helluva time. Hope to do it again soon(maybe a bi-monthly?) Everything ran nice, I just gotta get those damn smokes in there :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully the 3S community in NC in general is on the rise. Nice to see everyone again, and good games all. Congrats on the top spot Jose.