Console a bad idea? or good?

Now that the cats out of its bag…

Console only tourney for Evo has just lost its mystique…

The B tournies and the Evo tournies has always showcased the best fighting game players (althought i still feel it should only be Street Figther) that played in the “Arcade”

Now that its gonna all be on console I dont think what made Evo and the B tourney so great would ever be the same again…

Personally when i play on console i feel like im playing vs friends and not taking the game as serious as i would if i was sitting down next to them at an arcade cabinet.

The Cabinet just possess this aura that puts out such intensity for the game.

I know cabinets cost a lot more and the time to find avaliable cabinets and game may take more time… but isnt that worth it… Isnt it what EVOLUTION was intened to be to seek the best gamer in the arcade… if not… why not have it console since B4 B5 and Evo…

Im sure Wizard and Inkbot and others will come and complain about the cost and that they cant afford it… which i undestand is a legit argument… but if this is gonna be a Long term event … why not invest in cabinets games and storage… So maybe this problem wont exist in the future… and maybe EVO can have seasonal events throughout the country to pay of some of the the cost for those cabinets…

I wouldnt even mind raising the entrance fee…
25 (cabinets) x 1500 (per cabinet i assume) = 37500
Over the course of 3 yrs = 12500
Say 600 enter for Evo each year…
12500/600 = $20.83 pre person…

Hey I like that… not that bad… in three year your investment will be paid in full… u’ll have cabinets for life…

I just dont see how this event can be better than pervious year… dont get me wrong I think more will attend if SSBM is part of its roster… but the quality of players isnt gonna be the same…

And I feel quality is better than quantity… this is for the gamers not about numbers whether money or attendance…

oh well just some random thoughts…


so that would bring entry fees to $50, just to clear that up, plus the cost of storage, and moving them around.

$50 entry fee this year, who is down?

Definitly agree dunno why but console tourneys feel to comfy ;\ which is hella gay. And the Console differences suck i dont give a fuck what people say 3s on DC is mad different then arcade.

and ggxx X2/XX have speed differences and shit i pointed it out at the evo2k3 and people said i was wrong ;\

kanye -03_til_infinity-whoa


as i said on #capcom… Im down… for cabinets tourneys… hell yea i’ll pay extra…

I totally disagree about the console vs arcade for GGXX. I think more GGXX players are used to console in general anyway even if they have a cabinet in their arcade. Also, playing GGXX on american sticks just feels like ass, its too stiff. We should all just play like the japanese players and get japanese cabs with GOOD sticks, japanese sticks are the way.

Also, Im not one myself but alot of GGXX pad players are really fucking good, you can make fun of Final showdown and shit all you want but hes a good player along with alot of other great pad players that get fucked over on cabinet. Plus you dont get all the colors :stuck_out_tongue: . But either way, I think its much easier for the cabiniet players to adapt to console than the console players to go cabinet, they can just use stiff ass mas sticks. I also think the speed difference you pointed out is almost due to the bulkyness of the american sticks, they just make the game feel more rugged and sluggish. The loose feel of japanese sticks just makes it flow more

just get 1 machine for each game for finals.

otherwise entry fee should be lower since we dont have 2 pay for cabinets.

gogogoggogo console =]

I dunno bout that… Cabinet player has much to complain about console than console have to arcade… Althought i respect a lot of EC pad players… I would like for the Major events to be arcade only… if u guys wanna hold a console tourney great… but Fighting games were made to be played on the arcade not console… and I agree w/ ruin the feel to it is just not the same…

as for the speed issue… There is a significant difference in the timing to FRC certain attacks… and the speed was definately different… I play on MAS sticks only… and I noticed immediately the difference in GGXX jpn and GG2X usa… so did ruin and many others there too…

The inkbot thread have show a lot of concerns bout compatiblity issues as well as stick problems…

Im sure thats also something to consider… do u wanna be dq if an error pops up … do the match start all over… what if u accidentally press the analog button and the character doesnt move anymore… what do u do then… and how bout those who’ve never played on console sticks… do we say too bad to them… and someone like me that really likes to jerk the sticks… do i get punished because my stick cant sit still…

I dunno… random thoughts that was posted on the inkbot thread that maybe other should consider when they post here…

PS. Elven r u gonna be at MWC this year again? hehe i hope so…



Just to clarify, the switch from cabinet to console was not made because of money. Cost was a factor, but not the overriding factor.

We can provide a much better tournament when using consoles, because we can have more game stations, and the game stations are more flexible. This was very obvious in 2003, where the console tournaments all finished ahead of schedule with little to no problems. The cabinet tournaments all finished late, and we had to deal with typical cabinet problems (sticks break, people refuse to play on one cabinet or another, etc).

I think players will get over the “arcade feel” very quickly. Try telling the GGXX players that their tournament was any less serious because it was on console.

The advantages of moving to console far outweigh the disadvantages. I think after Evo2k4 most players will agree.

That wont work either… what if… lets say… some one qualifies w/ pad in XX… during finals is he screwed? … what if someone qualifies for pads in MvC2 (not that i think any pad players can… but still) does that mean u force Justin or Sanford to play console… i dont like the idea…

and yea… im curious bout the entry fee… wizard seems to point out that the entry fee was not to cover the cabinets but only to rent out the location… who knows… maybe the fee’s will increase this year… :confused:



yknow i dont really see the big deal, evo had GGXX on console last year, nothings changed for that anyway, im sure everyones used to it enough. And yes of course ill be at MWC, its 15 mins from my house haha! See you there

No, theres actual speed differences.
Just go look at Sol’s wallkick.

Hehe, ID’s right, if you looked compare both Riot stomps (xx and X2), the American version is faster, regardless.


ok maybe you guys are right, i kinda like it faster anyway, i think the console version is better, less loading time too

I am strongly against console. It really ruins the feeling and atmosphere of a tourny.

I think, CvS2, 3S, and MvC2 should all be Arcade. Everything else, console.

I doubt that’s going to happen. But it never hurts to hope.

Jive Out!

console <3

I agree :frowning:

I’m not trying to argue with you, but what do you mean by atmosphere?

Yes, we’re using consoles, but this isn’t going to be like you sitting on your living room floor. Everything will be set up on tables with chairs, so there’s a place to sit down and place your stick (you won’t have to keep it in your lap). Every console station will have a large, high-quality TV.

To me, dozens and dozens of high quality set ups like this seems even more professional and “tournament worthy” than 4 cabinets shoved against a wall.

Japanese GGXX plzkthxbai.

Yay! My first post!!!

Now then…console or cabinet - it shouldn’t matter. What matters is the tourney - and how well it will be done. If using console makes it go faster and more smoothly, then that’s how it should be. Whining over cabinets when it’s definetly less efficient to use them is kinda pointless - plus now you open up the field for many other “console” players, tho, despised by many, will now be able to compete - thus making more and better matches. In the U.S I know there are many more GG console players than arcade players, and having a common ground to fight it out is nice anyhow don’t you think? You might think poorly of them until they give you a helluva match, then you won’t care anymore as it is. Ah well, i’m just ranting, I guess.

It’s no fun to just clear out a section for set people - the more that can compete, the better, and a few people’s opinions should not interfere with making a bigger, and better tourney.

Well, i’ve said my piece. Thanks for listening. Later.

I think having at least 1 cabinet per game hooked up to a projection screen would be a good idea. You could hold any of the"premiere" matches on the big screen.