Console a bad idea? or good?

Nor am I trying to argue with you. I was just expressing my opinion. I am actually very grateful for what you guys have done for the community. And regardless, wether this thing is console or not, I’ll be there.

By atmosphere, I mean the overall feeling of the room. Just feels like the “electricity in the air” so to speak, is gone. The tone of the room doesn’t feel like that of a major tournament. There is something about playing on an arcade machine, that consoles just can’t duplicate. I honestly don’t know what it is. But console just can’t get the intensity out of you, that an arcade machine can. Maybe it’s psychological. Even on a personal level, I feel much more comfortable and a hell of a lot more focused, sitting on a stool, in front of a machine, then I do in a chair, with my stick on a table.

I hope that explains what I was trying to convey. If not, then I guess I should have picked a better word. :o

Jive Out!

i’m down… i’ll take 200 bucks for entry fees … in case i feel like seconds… … lol jk

and i agree with the 1 cabinet hooked up to a projector idea… kinda like last year… for premire match-ups

well, what if we had like one or two cabinets on the side and gave the players a choice between console or arcade when it’s their turn to play?

I like this idea, especially we can count how many ppl chose console and how many ppl chose arcade for future references…

Hmm but what if u want arcade and ur opponent wants console?? what then??

the problems in life…sigh.

lol, people would be fighting over the use of the cabs. No point; too much drama.

There actually is a solution to this problem. It’s called a jamma to console adapter. Using this would allow players to alternate between stick, custom stick, or even pad. Just ask Jumpsuit Jesse for an image of his.

However, you still have the issue of running it through a cabinet. Could it be possible that the word “cabinet” will soon be taboo?

U know whats sad… is that regardless of how much people beg for the Cannons to have an arcade Evo… it wont happen…

If this year’s Evo isnt sucessful…

I assume the Cannons would still not change…

I wouldnt be surprise if they would threaten the gamers with

-if u dont like it dont come… and if the majority dont like it… then we wont have Evo again… Not the gamers choice… its our choice…

maybe im overreacting… but anyways… discuss…



in that case, i was thinking flip a coin. Kinda like how when players choose the side they want. Or you can have them brawl it out, so we can have some extra footage for the DVD.

i understand for the change. but investing on cabnets doesnt sound like a bad idea… i would pay 50.00 if it came down to it for arcades. but consoles sound just as good. we will have to see how everyone response on evo.

The amount of bitching, game pauses, joystick malfunctions, complaints about moving sticks, random sticks, the sticks that EVO will provide being broken (which will be after 500 scrubs play on them, not being as sturdy as arcade controls), complaints by top players that they only lost because the stick wasn’t at arcade level/stationary/the console version of the game is different is going to FAR outweigh any amount of money the Cannons would have to pay to have cabs at EVO this year.

No matter what we say, they counter with another excuse. First it was money, then we solved that by offering to donate. Then it was that it would save time, and we said why not just have a separate room for casual play to begin with, so nobody would be bored?

But they’ve had no counter to the fact that console versions of Capcom games have differences in speed, damage, and entire characters (Anakaris in MvC2 most notably). How about the fact that on console MvC2 the chip damage is significantly higher? That AHVBs do more damage? Nobody has addressed this, but I’m sure that nobody working on EVO had any idea.

Why? Because none of them are top players in the most popular games to be at EVO. So they could give a crap. Yeah, Seth is good at ST and A3, but does he understand the intricacies of a high-level Marvel game? Do Tom or Tony know how much of a pain in the ass it’s going to be when our Sentinels die to two viper beams instead of three or four? Does Mr. Wizard even know what the spacing differences in ST are between console and arcade?

Of course they don’t. But they’re the guys that are running the tourney.


Now there’s a vote over in fighting games discussion (the WRONG forum since it’s an EVO2k4 issue) of whether or not we want round robin.

All of a sudden the Cannons want our input!

I signed up for round robin because it’s only going to add to the chaos that EVO is going to be this year. I’m going to laugh my ass off when the top players start complaining that they lost to round robin bs and their joystick kept moving, and Doom chip did a ridiculous amount of damage. It’s going to be HILARIOUS when the top 8 end up being Justin and a bunch of people who luck out. There are probably going to be a lot of verbal conflicts and disagreements on results that were never present in previous EVOs.

My only question is: Can I show up 5 hours late and have my round robin pool have to play matches against me after they already thought they won? I like to sleep in late and I heard that notable players who are cool with SRK staff can do this snicker.