Connecting overhead to SA1

i’ve seen people use uoh and f. rh to connect sa1…but i can’t seem to do it. is it because the timing is really strict? or do i need x amount of practice? any help would be appreciated.

The UO needs to be distanced properly, and I don’t know how to do that, but after practicing for a while you’ll figure out which moves push you back just far enough to link into super after a UO or just how to eyeball it.

The toward + RH overhead works well with one of those japanese techniques. As long as they’re crouching, do the overhead and start the super motion on the joystick. Time it so that you end the motion just before dudley recovers, at which point you drum your fingers on the three punch buttons. This helps to ensure that the link comes out at the proper time. As always, it’ll take some getting used to, but if you find it’s not connecting, start busting the super earlier and earlier until you see the 12-hit combo (for rocket uppercut).

Does >+rh linked into SA2 work? Cause that’s super I use now.

i think so, they need to be ducking though

Standing Roundhouse, SA2 is the hilarious (and ridiculous) link.

I found a good way to learn the distancing for UOH into SA1. Practice this against a shoto (i had the cpu use ryu), and push them all the way until Ryu’s back is to the wall. Do c.RH, s.Fierce. Obviously, the s.fierce will reset them: don’t do anything. Wait for Ryu to land. You’re now at the perfect distance to practice uoh into super. Remember this distance, and try finding other normals/specials/tactics that will get you this far away, without being too obvious about trying to use super.

As always, try different normals/setups for other characters too, 'cause it probably won’t work on everyone. This is just a way to get started, and to get used to doing it. Oh, and Ryu doesn’t have to be crouching for it to work. Hope that helps

I can’t seem to get the super to combo after the overhead, f+rh. It either doesn’t come out at all or it doesn’t combo. Similarly, I can’t get the super after s.short, s.forward. s.strong. Any tips?

Then do the super in the middle of “doesn’t come out at all” timing and “doesn’t combo” timing :slight_smile: Also, make sure they’re crouching. It is possible on a standing opponent, but it’s easier if they crouch.

That link is pretty simple, just do the super as soon as you see Dudley retracts his arm from st.Strong. You can also link from his st.Short, st.Forward. Again, do the super as soon as Dudley retracts his arm from st.Forward.

i usually tap twice the lk and then do super very quick, comes out every time :slight_smile:

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What Japanese techniques? I still have trouble getting the super out on time.

zero1: the japanese technique is this:

Once u did the overhead, u see the hit and that he was crouching, make the supermovement but DONT press one punch button but go like this:

jab, strong, fierce and just piano it once, so that you dont hit them at the same time… release the button aswell once u touched it… which means u have negative edge backing you up, and negative edge is very common in cvs2…
example: xx super which is a kick super… if you can do the motion EXTREMELY fast the super comes out when you RELEASE the… so its like 2 button inputs

now just add up, jabx2, strongx2, fiercex2… u got 6 chances that the super comes out really early :smiley:

Seriously, this technique helps

this sounds bannans, how long has this tech been out?

ts been out for pretty long, but seriously, it helps, i thought Haunts told me about it when i told on the forums i had trouble connecting SA1 of makoto after a hayate… when i tried this i really hit 8/10 or something… and that was just the beginning :wink:

So after hit the guy with forward+RH I do the super motion and then hit jab,strong,fierce with three fingers (index,middle,ring) one by one and the super should come out?

nonono man =)

ofcourse u have to time it, but youre not dependant on one input… but on 6… so u can start a little earlier and still hit with the super, because the 4th or 5th input may be the frame where dudley actually can do his super… and there you go, u hit =)


drumming the buttons is an excellent technique to having supers come out at the proper time.

i drum it in a different way though. if a punch button is the activation key for the super, i drum in a fierce, strong, jab direction. likewise, if a kick button is required to activate the super, i go roundhouse, forward, short. just feels more natural to me :D.

btw, i do believe that Rolling Thunder WILL NOT link off of twds + roundhouse. start up for Rolling Thunder is a little above the frame “limit,” if you wanna say, of twds + roundhouse.

ya, i was gonna ask if it matters if you go lp, mp, hp or hp, mp, lp…i guess it doesnt matter.


no it doesnt matter… do worry about when you play SA3 with dudley, coz the jab version doesnt go forward that much… so u might miss the first hit, which is THE strongest…