Competitive gaming is stupid?

“For those of you who live under a rock a competative scene is (in a nutshell) a bunch of gamers who think “playing to win” is ht only thing important to games with multiplayer. These are also people who play multiplayer titles that get good reviews and sales.”



lolz at this.

Quickly, let’s attack him with type written slander for having a different opinion!


What I agree with: That you CAN’T be good at a game unless you are in that game’s competitive scene is a stupid notion. I hear people say all the time that you remain a super scrub until you play tourneys…that you CAN’T become good in your circle of comp…which is ridiculous.

What I don’t agree with: that playin competitively is somehow delusional and stupid. Some people have a competitive streaks and want to prove they know their shit. Nothing wrong with that. Also a game’s scene is a good indication of it’s merit as a fighting game.

I dozed off after 30 seconds.
Really dum idea for a video. He should have posted it in a blog instead.

@Son Them All: I do agree with that, but what got under my skin was that this started with a wiki page. A frekin’ wikipedia page. Dude no one really looks to wikipedia as a resource (no offense to the srk wiki). I do agree that you can be a good player outside of the competative scene, but it’s like DG said that the competative scene gives a whole new level of play. Higher level of play requires more mental strength than just thinking about what a good combo or move is.

2/3’s of the world does not care about competitive gaming.

He’s a scrub who made a video on how to lose to Ryu in his “time-trial” run. No one should listen to him with regards to competitive gaming.

Internet drama ftw. Ip

Also this should be in FGD. I’ll give my opinion when this thread gets moved.

Did you mean: competitive

:smiley: someone had to do it

he is wrong cuz dat madden ain’t stupid.

It should? Eh, I just thought it would be in here since it was generalized and not focused towards the fighting genre.

Oops, yeah I do that every now and then.

DANIEL?, what is this rubbish?

Why are you not reprimanding this scoundrel with the very wit that has made you a virtual force to be reckoned with?

Stop this nonsense immediately and HAVE AT HIM!

i don’t think competitive gaming by itself is “stupid” per se, but i find it pretty sad how some people pretty much live their lives around it and take it to the extreme. like a lot of people that go to evo even if they’re pretty much broke and/or don’t have jobs and stuff.

and even pro gamers that earn their living through playing halo and starcraft and shit… i really have trouble taking them seriously. even more so than rock stars and pro athletes.


Uh, what? Why? If they can support themselves, why not?

This video is stupid. Of course most people don’t care about competitive gaming; most around the world don’t have VIDEO GAMES. Many are in third world countries starving to death, you think they give two shits about who’s good at Halo? And then a lot of old people couldn’t use a game to save their fucking life (or a computer). That’s why it’s not in the mass media usually.

But really, who cares if it’s not in the mass media? The mass media is full of shit most of the time anyway. Especially with regards to their treatments of a lot of pro-athletes.

It also seems like he’s crying because someone told him he could do things better than him at a particular game. That’s not just competitive gamers that do that, hell I have FRIENDS who don’t play competitively who do that shit. In Madden I always hear that crap and I always hear it in racing games. It’s part of the game and part of competition.

Dude just sounds like a poor loser who got his self esteem trampled on by some competitive gamer so now he has an axe to grind.

Tell him to get on dat Madden. Bet he’ll change his mind then.




Watches Video

…Maaaaan what new Street Fighter game is that from? Ryu’s new “Speech Super” is TOO broken son! :lovin:
It’s has 0 startup and all comes out in one frame! It takes up the whole screen so you CAN’T dodge that shit! You HAVE to block! And even if you do and sustain the chip damage (which takes you down to one pixel of health), you’re STILL fucked because it runs out the the damn timer!

…SO broken yo… SO fuckin’ broken!

</Completely missing the point>

QUICK! Change the channel!

Spoken like a true noob.

Sounds like some bad CS/Smash player.