Comp in Okinawa, Japan?

Is there any arcades and comp in Okinawa, Japan?

Do tell please!

there are a few arcades on okinawa. we gots ST, 3s, mvc2, cvs2, tvc, sf4, t6br, vf5, arcanas, lots of kof, melty blood and all that other shit. but all these are mixed up at all the different places. most comp is for tekken tho

Hey Jesse… what the hell happened to the SEGA on 58? It’s a Family Mart now… I just got back on Saturday night…

yo chris you living out in japan now?

Ah… good times in Oki. SEGA has many of those games. If the SEGA you are referring to is the one by the Naval Hospital… hopefully it isn’t, but last time I was over there it had most of those games, but arcades are scattered throughout Okinawa and your best place to play games are by Gate2 street. Lots of Tekken comp mainly.

Yeah… there’s the jungle… which I’m not a fan of… and some SFIV machines at the Koza Music Plaza. I don’t feel like driving to Round 1 just to check if anyone is there… DAMN YOU FAMILY MART! You shut down the most convenient arcade for gaijin…

They closed Sega on 58? The fuck?

I’m on vacation until the 2nd… Let me know if anyone wants to get together and play some matches after then.

Yo, you probably won’t get this message till then, but I will go to Monkey House in Fukuoka, I am living in Sasebo right now which isn’t too far from Okinawa and Fukuoka is between both of us…

If you get this message, PM me and let’s meet up, otherwise, we can meet up and go to Monkey House and try to enter one of those ranbats for 3S or any other game… Just message me basically for any chilling, Okinawa is driving distance.

I don’t think you know where Okinawa is… Okinawa is a tropical island almost 1,000 miles south of Japan…


hey whats up errybody. been on vacation for about a month. be back in oki in a couple of days.

lets battle

There has to be more than 3 of us who play on Okinawa… we’re looking at doing a weekly fight night on Okinawa…

Post up if you’re interested…

I’m definitely down for CvS2 @ Koza Music Town or SFIV anytime we could arrange a meeting. HDR or 3S too, if anyone feels like having a get-together or a base tourney. When do you guys get together, and what do you play?

It’s something we’re trying to figure out… finding a location / time / etc to play…
As for what I play… just a 3S / SFIV scrub…

did i hear cvs2???

i play sf4 and cvs2 but i can get down on pretty much any other sf game.

im usually down to play as long as im not working but that can be very random times.

Hell yeah CvS2! Well I work nights during the week (usually until 10-11), so any night I can get out on the earlier side of that, mornings, or weekends…I’m definitely down. Let me know when you’re free man!

ok ok sooo im off this tue and wed if anyone wants to battle

Is that you Roberto? I just ordered 2 new TE-S SSFIV sticks for PS3 from Amazon… so now all I need is my disc back… I hope they’ll be here before this weekend. When SSFIV comes out here I’ll run down to GEO and grab a Japanese copy and then it’s on.

Where, and what time? I wouldn’t be able to get anywhere before 10:00PM at the earliest those two days, unless you want to do something earlier in the day, like around noon or so. Let me know!

jizzon: if you want lets play at noon today. gullivers on gate 2 has both those games but im not sure where else does.

m00b: roberto=lostnforgotten. also come out at lunch time!!