Combo can't be used in a combo? (Ryu/Akuma)

I noticed something a while ago with Ryu’s (and now Akuma’s) hurricane kick not working properly in combos. Hoping someone could explain why this happens.

What it is, is that can you can’t combo low short into hurricane kick, if you add any hits to the combo before the low short.

Just try it… Pick Ryu vs Ryu and do low short, into hurricane kick for 2 hit combo.

Now, put in 1 hit before the combo (for a 3 hit combo). It won’t work. They can block the hurricane kick.

stand short x low short x hurricane = fail
meaty low strong x low short x hurricane = fail
jump attack x low short x hurricane = fail

Granted, there is a range where low short doesn’t naturally combo into hurricane… So try it with jab. Jump attack x jab x hurricane SHOULD work, but it doesn’t.

Distance is the same, even hit animation from the short looks the same. But try to make a 3-hit combo out of it, and shit stops working.

What am I missing?

ST doesn’t allow for rapidfire shorts/jabs->special combos. That’s why there’s the whole Renda cancelling thing :slight_smile:

Unless you’re Deejay. :slight_smile: jab jab uppercut, cr.short, st.short, st.short, sobat kicks, etc.

I love Renda Cancelling.

This has nothing to do with rapid-fire canceling. There are never two low shorts in succession in these combos.

Yeah, but who said those moves would combo together ???

The first hit in a combo or blockstring deals 1 frame more stun than subsequent hits.

Whoa, can anyone confirm this?

Jump attack combos into jab.
jab combos into hurricane kick (from any range).

But you can’t combo jump attack into jab into hurricane kick. Why not?

If Sprint is right, that could be the answer.

Well there are tons of moves that don’t combo.
Wanna list them all ? x)

bangs head on keyboard

You don’t understand.

Answer this question then. Why doesn’t it combo? I provided examples where every piece of the combo works independently… can YOU tell me why it won’t combo when they are all combined together? Why is it that they can block the hurricane kick?

Distance is not the answer. Neither is hit animation. It has nothing to do with rapid-fire canceling.

It’s kinda funny how nobody bothered asking this question for the 17 years since SF2 was released, but now there are more than a couple of people asking in the same week/month.

Dude, what is your problem?

Why are you trolling? You’re not contributing at all. Just because you’re lazy doesn’t mean everyone else is.

I’m the troll? :looney: lol

Nice one. Excuse me for trying to learn something, I guess. How silly of me! Making logical jumps and experimenting. Tsk.

…and you STILL don’t understand the thread lol.

btw: thanks for the neg. I guess I hurt your feelings?

this is why

Really? This entire combo hangs on one frame of hitstun? One sixieth of second? How come you can do it consistently? Combos that hang on one frame only show up in combo videos. There are multiple frames of the crouching moves that can cancel, right? So how come it works easily 100% of the time if I could have canceled the move one frame late? Or is it that no matter how you input it, the move will always cancel on one specific frame where a hurricane kick will connect on the very last frame of hit-stun? That’s p nutz if true.

In short, what’s up with that?

I BELIEVE (please confirm) that when cancelling (low short XX hurricane kick), you can actually buffer the input for the hurricane kick. So there’s a decent window where you can input the K for hurricane kick and get it to cancel the instant low short lands. This allows for the reliable execution of very tight timing windows.

I don’t think he’s trolling.

He’s not trying to make them combo either, he’s trying to understand why they don’t. Asking why is very important if we want to understand how the combo system really works.

Now, I am going to use an analogy that is probably too strong but it gets the point across. It is like science. In science we don’t just go like “well, in that case our theory doesn’t work, oh well.” It is the “pathological” cases that allow us to refine our theories and lead to major intellectual breakthroughs.

Anyway, the science analogy is a little strong, because we’re just talking about a game that’s pretty old and well understood. I just don’t think a dismissive attitude is the best way to approach this type of question though… it is counter-productive, especially if we were trying to figure out the kinks in a new game for the first time.

exactly. if peeps were just all “fuck it” about combos in Alpha 3, that nuts V-ISM stuff wouldn’t have been found.

Yeah pretty much. Any specials inputted during hitstop are buffered until it ends.

Hitstop being the period for which both players freeze when an attack connects to create a sense of impact.