Columbus, OH - Made you look, Avi!

This will be the last Cbus thread for quite some time, so enjoy.

Thread title tentative, may be changed at a moment’s notice.

Quoted from my good friend Capps Indigo, this is kinda sorta the gist of this thread:

Replace ‘chi’ with ‘cbus’, and you get the general idea.


If you’re new, just post and make yourself known, along with the games you play. Gatherings are currently being held at Donatos Pizza (OSU Campus) on Wednesdays, 6pm-12am.

Donatos OSU Campus
2084 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43201

IRC info:
Come by and say hi!! Then idle.

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As stated above, thread title is tentative and may be changed without notice, so no more polls.

“I like loli, so deal with it.”

Damn it Tiggy, you changed the thread right as I responded to a post. Oh well, Avi, see my response in the other thread.

Also, WTF happened to Bing?

I think Brian is back in school, which shall be my fate next month

Reposting for new thread:

Thanks for everyone who came out Saturday. Super fun day all around. We don’t have a regular weekend thing and things went really well here and I think I’d be up for hosting people more regularly. If there’s enough interest for a weekend gathering in addition to Wednesday, I would probably be up for having it here every other weekend at least.

It’ll be BYO Hot Dog chips though.

Anyhow, if you are interested in getting together a bit more often, let everyone know in thread and mention what time is best for you.

Also anyone going to this? Looks like Dandy, myself and Jacob are gonna head out there for it.

Also, I’d like to my stick PS2 connectors. Does anyone have an extra shitty 3rd party controller or something I can buy/have that would work with PS2/PS3 converters? I think Jacob wants his PS2 stick usable on 360 and would like to have someone do that. I’ve heard some mod talk in this thread but I’ve not been around enough to know who is doing what.

Oh hey Tiggy, good news. ** I end up going to Columbus State next month **

If we’re doing this again next Sat, I may bring some pizza. Depending on how much I have. Other than that, yeah dude your gathering was pretty cool.

I don’t think he is back in just yet but I know he has been busy.

fuck this new thread name

Yeah I dont go back till about the same time you go back. I think its Sept. 23 :wgrin:

Yay new thread!!!

here’s the bb art stuff.

Im most likely going there too.

It was nice to meet everyone at Avi’s on Saturday. Lots of sweet games ‘n’ sticks ‘n’ hotdog chips. Had a fun time getting destroyed in Blazblue.

I’m not done with work until 10pm on weekdays so weekends would actually be the best for me. I’ll still try to make it out on Wed & Thurs if you guys are still out that late.

Semi-related: does anyone here know about dual-modding? ie modding a PS3 stick to work on 360 as well? I realize there are tutorials on this site but if I can see something in person that’d be cool.

If anyone gives me a ride we can stop at Little Ceasers in Reynoldsburg and pick up $5 large pizzas

Thanks. I was thinking of something else completely. Good shit.

If you’re working Saturday and we’re playing that same day, sure I can drop by and pick you up.

Working evenings again, see how this works out.

Good shit on the hook-up Brent. Wednesday is gonna be fucking HYPE

I can be there Saturday if you need me to, if not, my house is practically on the way to Games on Main

Oh. :expressionless: Well, PM me directions or an address, I don’t mind being Taxi Driver / picking up a friend.
Jeeze, get here already Weds, I’m tired of being called a scrub for winning matches without using fancy shit like combos, and FADC’s.

Oh crap, I missed the new thread starting up. Here’s your link to the last post you haven’t read yet; drag it to your bookmarks: Columbus

Columbus State is pretty nice, actually. I took my gen. ed. courses there and saved a lot of money, and some of their instructors teach at other schools too. I hope they solved that parking issue, though.

Been messing around with the PC SF4 for a little bit. I had to buy the game and alternate costumes over again so I could use them online, but there’s an app that unlocks everything for you, and then there’s the [media=youtube]YvZGD70pCRQ]modding, which is [url=[/media]. My MAMEbox is ready enough that I can bring it to Brent’s place on Wednesday. As long as there’s an open TV and one open power outlet, I’m set.