Columbus, OH: jinmaster got banned, lolwut

The people voted, and apparently this is the thread title they wanted…so there we have it!

EDIT: (6/25/09) Obligatory thread title change, since the King jinmaster got banned lol

If you’re new, just post and tell us who you are, along with what you play. Come on, don’t be shy :wink:

Per my good friend Capps Indigo, this is what the gist of the thread is:

Replace ‘chi’ with ‘cbus’ and you get the general idea. We usually do a good job of not getting out of hand though.

Wednesday nights are usually game night at MrBlastyV2’s place, but it’s not set in stone. You’re all free to have setups or gatherings at your own discretion.

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Old thread is old thread.

Out with the old thread, in with the new thread, I WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN

Thanks for dodging my questions :tdown: lol

We need to go down to that arcade over the weekend. I just got around to checking their games and they have 6 player X-men, The Simpsons, 1943, CvS2, and MvC2.

Oh, and they haveRevolution-X :rofl:.


That’s right, I’m bringing the ‘O’ back.

And Revolution X… uggh…

I’m looking forward to some good times to come at that arcade!

Ok on a similar note, this is far into the future (like 2 years or so), but I was wondering what people would think of having an arcade in the campus area. I’m thinking about post college career options. With the current economy the way it is, running my own business might be one of the only options left for me.

I know arcades aren’t “economically viable” but I’m thinking with some tweaking to the business model I can make it work. Also, it seems like all the arcades I know failed for one reason only -> the games they hosted sucked ass and they didn’t take care of them.

If I have one I will be planning on the essentials, DDR, Time Crisis 2, MvC2, Battletoads, ST, Simpsons, neo geo 10 slot…

I just realized… Holy Crap Revolution X!!! I had no idea what that game was until I looked at the wiki article. I love that game! lol no seriously I do.

I think it would be awesome but…I think it would be hard to get something like that going unless you were to appeal to a wide range of ages. I guess Gameworks does ok cause they appeal to the kids 10 and under. Parents can take their children their for birthdays and what not. I guess if you are doing this in 2 yrs, watch and see how this arcade in Cinci does. Maybe you might want to think about having a food service in your arcade as well. Just thoughts…I am no business man :looney:

:wonder::wonder::wonder::wonder:STEVEN TYYY:annoy::annoy::rock::rock:LEEEER!!!


Paying for the Campus Area convenience is going to be your biggest hurtle. Get an alcohol permit and you might be good.

If you got one of those you would be a God…because they don’t exist. :wgrin:

But yeah, don’t worry about making it near Campus. Get yourself a low cost lease on a decent sized space out in the burbs somewhere within walking distance from a big high school. That way you still have kids for business.

You know we’ll all drive up to 20 minutes to play there anyway, doesn’t have to be by OSU.

You’ll spend all of your business loan securing a space the way they’re developing land down there now.

Wake up! The revolution has begun! Generation X is in effect!

Back on the first Columbus thread, Eikichi was trying to set up a pool hall in the campus area that would just happen to have the best arcade in it. Last I heard, he couldn’t find a strip mall that was willing to have a pool hall in it. What we are getting is another Dave & Buster’s at Polaris mall. It’s about half the size of the Hilliard D&B and nowhere near completed. That’s as far as anyone has gotten with making a new arcade around here.

If I were running an arcade, I would try for a good balance between old games I can buy locally for cheap and hot new games I would have to search the country for. I’d be sure to get a GGXX of some sort, a MvC2 (custom soundtrack if possible,) Tekken Tag, AH2, and a Neo-Geo MVS system with a KOF game from '98 or newer. Definitely have a 4-player racing game of some sort, either Daytona USA, Sega Super GT, or Rush 2049. I’d probably have a hacked In The Groove 2 machine like Magic Mountain Polaris and a Guitar Freaks/DrumMania pair for the Rock Band crowd. I also want any bullet hell shmup as long as it’s not terrible, since I bet I could find one cheap and people will spend 20 credits really fast trying to get through the game. Fill the rest with good old games that I can find cheap and upgrade.

lol… I don’t have much experience with the neo geo systems past playing on the one at Gumby’s Pizza. I thought I saw a ten slot one somewhere… :confused: 6 slot it is. But with one of these in it :wgrin:

I’m gonna start making some calls to the various spaces around town that are open now to see what prices are like. I just would love to get it on campus because I would like to see a revival in the college age arcade going crowd, but yeah I think that anywhere could work.

Do racing games really pull in any quarters? I never see anybody play on them anywhere I go. Maybe Hydro Thunder? That’s always been the exception. Or possibly one of the Initial D thingies.

I would say Mario Kart GXP or whatever, since everyone loves Mario Kart, but that’s probably expensive as all hell.

lol, just a bit…

Racing games, from what I’ve seen, tend to attract the older Gameworks type of crowd.

Oh, and don’t get that 108-1 cart. It’s got numerous issues.

I will gladly lend any of my MVS carts for use in a machine should you ever get one.

Finally a good thread title.


So I got really hammered this past weekend and drunk dialed Jincocksucker.

New tread nice very, very nice.

I always thought an arcade/used game store that served food would be the way to go.
Kids could trade games in for tickets and earn tickets in for games. Also top score on any non-ticket would play that game for free. Other than go get drunk or go to the movie’s there is not a lot to do around town at night. I think the market is there.

Arcade operators need a place MoMo’s that has other shit to do other than sit on a stool be sweaty all day. That place has a bowling alley, real food, billiards, nice upolstry, karaoke rooms, etc. It’s hard to put that kind of place together (esp considering the space) but that idea I think is what could make an arcade successful today, in an age where most gamers would rather stay home on XBL than go out.

I think a successful arcade at least needs good food, a hangout area and a classy interior.

Momo’s is awesome. Haven’t been there in a while.

The problem with adding food though is that is once you cross over into food you become a restaurant operator. And that’s a whole other ballgame. Operating expenses go way up, staff increases, and unless you’re being funded by a company like Sega, you’re going to struggle with really being an ‘arcade’. You’re a restaurant with some video games.

I think the perfect mix is a smaller half bar-half arcade type of place. You can still keep the small footprint as far as building space goes, and you can run a place like that with 2-3 people.

Could work with food too, but I would limit it to a smaller bar menu, at least if we’re talking a small space and area.

Hello everyone,

This is the new Michael Brandt. I want everyone to like me, and feel good to be around me. I don’t want to make anyone feel unhappy or unwelcome. I only wish to make friends in the area.

I know I’ve been a real jerk in the past, but just like the old thread, that is the old me.

Who’s going to Brent’s tomorrow?