Colorado thread: 2014 that stuff down

Colorado thread: BACK INTO GO MODE!

Colorado IS INDEED in the Southwest :smiley:
Here you go!

New to Colorado gaming? Here are some other sites besides Srk for you to visit some of your local competition.
New colorado forum for us here in colorado that like fighting games (not only though). Gatherings, tournament and events information all here!
The extra fresh league tournament/tutorial/casual game youtube. You can find the finals for all of
our tournaments here

Filler for now!

lol…Is that megatron with a fro? hahahaha!

I need to get an av. One with ninjas.

yes, my friend, yes it is. lol

have some of you guys (true springs) decided to make it to my house tourny yet??

you guys should come, its gonna be fun lol

Like I said before, if I don’t have to deal with school that weekend, I’m down.

Hokuto No Ken all day baby!!

It’ll be hot FIYAAAAAAH!

I am not the man to ask. :frowning: lol

i put in a request for that day so we’ll see what happens

Are you definately doing it on the 21st? If so, Springs will be there.

Fuck the Springs, all the talent is up in B-town. :wink:


NEwayz, who’s down for practice when I get back from TX. I haven’t played seriously since NEC…

I kinda wanna get the day off for ur turny…but i probably wont :’(

Come on Sonny! MAN UP! I want to play you in some KI.

hmmm…I’m to out of pratice.


Sat. Apr. 14th

Finally a reason to post on SRK!:wonder:

words …

yes, the tourny definitely will be on the 21st…


yea i’ll be there. i got the day off.

I hope it doesn’t snow too much. I really want to get some games in.

my face when i read that bit …hmm who wouldve thought. :lol: