Colorado thread: 2014 that stuff down

lolz :rofl:

take that damage!

Good games this weekend. Damn fun.

Indeed. Far too much HnK and not enough CvS2, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tax season is just about over!!! MORE TIME TO PLAY!!!

more cvs2, just for you next time lolz

its just that it was my first time playing anyone else…

Yeah it was real good to play again this last weekend, can’t wait for this next one though at Half’s place.

I randomly got neg rep in this thread? wtf? lol

Word. More CvS2 ftw. :wgrin:

Fuck CvS2.

Needs more Guilty, HNK, and SUPER F’ING TURBO.



More Super Turbo for sure. Guilty and HnK take a backseat to ST and CvS2, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

i didn’t do it… :rofl:

-hnk and ninja turtles were a hit. i didn’t drink as many as fro but they were good…

-fro, i guess me losing the money match knocks off $5.00 from the money you were going to give me for chipping in on the gin and midori. next time, best out of 7 for $10.00. if you win you don’t owe me squat. if i win… haha, (shark talk)… :rofl:

-f.edge, great to finally meet up w/ you and get some games in.

tomorrow i’ll try and get all you cats out of red rep status… you are too cool to get shatt on like that.

Who are you irl DarkCat?



the anti-scrub lolz

The one, the only

spillzil…i mean skillzilla


I almost guessed from his sig haha.

Get it straight, losahface!



Man, I don’t know why I waited so long to really try MvC2. This shit is dope! So far I’m having a blast with Santhrax and Scrub. I’m sure D will beat the desire to play MvC2 out of me soon enough, though. :wink: