Color Palette Rom Hacking

i recently figured out theres a way to edit sprites and change colors in CPS2/NeoGeo games thanks to eko on CV, but i don’t know how to go about doing it… on you can download patches to change some colors for some cps2/neogeo games. some of the colors for some of the characters look extremely nice… some aren’t so good.

it has some sort of tutorial on the site too but it’s in japanese, here’s the link for the CPS2 tutorial
if anyone can read japanese well enough or know someone who can and can translate those i’d be very grateful, i really wanna know how to make my own colors. best of all it doesn’t desync or anything if you’re playing on kaillera with the different palettes.

here’s some pics of my patched MvC rom:
Captain America with US agent colors/WarMachine with Iron Man color:

Dark gray Strider/Evil Jin:

Dark red Venom/White Captain Commando:

patched XvSF:
Pink Storm/Purple Akuma:

Black Cammy/Green Ken:

damn, black cammy is god tier. pink storm is pretty nice looking too.

These are hot…specially the Black Cammy, but what folder do I put these in?

They’re patches to the ROM code it seems, so you have to apply them to the original files using a patching utility.

I don’t know japanese but i tried it out.

You’ll need a hex editor.

remove sz3.09a from the file (sz3.09c for US 904 a3)
open up the file you removed in the hex editor

search for hex string
’0E 00 0A 00 09 00 06 00 05 00’
replace it with.

‘0E 0E 0A 0A 09 09 06 06 05 05’ or whatever color this will change one of X-Kens costumes to Purple or whatever you changed the Hex vaules to.

ex “00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00” should give you an all black X-Ken

nice find though TK :tup:

a hex editor? wanna help me out? which hex editor do you recommend me to get? any one in particular?

and how do you know the codes for the colors? how do you even know which values are what character in the game? @_@

I’ve been using WindHex32 for finding sound loop points in SSF2T. Seems like it should work well enough.

I’m not sure how to come up with the color code from looking at that page, but if I find out I’ll post.

k using cygnus hex editor… i know the file that the palletes are kept in on mvc is mvc.06a… i just don’t know what the heck to change, there’s so many values and shit @_@

guess ill try some trial and error. damn this seems tricky.

i used XVI32 cos it was free. did the job. Looks like however that there’s a crc type check that undoes the manual changes you make to the rom when you load it in say… mame.

You have to use IPSEXE to make the changes stick.

edit: ugly but you get the idea.

Put it on the IPS folder.

that image isnt working for me. can you go on AIM? i have some questions… you seem to be understanding it more.

edit: nvm, image works now

in mame are you running the debugger to see which values repeat or something?

when they change the colors in mvc2 its going to be on!

I don’t have an IPS folder…Did you mean the INP folder?

Putting in in the INP folder didn’t seem to work.

Wait, I’m going to check this and edit this post.

EDIT:Which version are you using ?

I’m using Mame 0.64

this is what you need to do to apply the color patch files.

WARNING…Before you proceed be sure to make a back-up copy of the rom that you want to patch. Ex: folder make a copy of that folder Ctrl+C the folder then Ctrl+V paste that shit outside the roms folder.

1.) Extract the file of the color you want to patch. Ex: Extracting…bla… blaa… Extracting…Long wait. Okay now you will see mvc_WarMachine2P_I.exe then double-click on the .exe file. A small window should pop-up. It will say file to patch in the middle now right underneath it says something like mvc.06a. Now STOP…

2.) Go back to the roms folder then double-click on the folder inside you’ll see abunch of little files Ex: mvc.01, mvc.02, mvc.05a, mvcu.03d…etc. Now look for the one that was shown in the patch file. Which in our case is mvc.06a now take that file out of the zipped folder and put it somewhere you won’t forget like your roms folder.

3.) Now go back to that patch window and you’ll see where it says Browse click on it and find the file that you took out of the folder earlier click on it then click open. Now it will show were that file was place etc… etc. Ex: C:\Documents and Settings\eko\My Documents\Emulators and Roms\TRAC’s Dark Addictz mame32kpp-0.64-nocrash\roms\mvc.06a.

4.) Now in the patch window you’ll see were it says Patch click it then it will say something like File patched successfully. Close out of the patch window.

5.) Go into your roms folder and put that file back into the folder wait until it does its thing compressing… bla… blaa… Long wait now open up the emulator then reset the directories, because if you don’t it won’t work.

Cool, I got it to work, thanks!

damn this, i want to know which characters go with what hex value’s in mvc. this seems way too hard =[

I Just noticed that the IPS folder is MAME32 PLUS exclusive :confused:
It patches the IPS automatically, just like Znesw.


I just tried random values initially.

I noticed though that the cps2 games had a pallete table which you can acess by pressing F4. the Hex values there should give the colour desired. I don’t have time right now to try it out.

yea thats interesting, awesome. now at least we know what value’s are what color. now the hard part is finding what values go with what character and shit.