College Station Thread: Anyone in this college town?

A few friends and I play SF4 a bit, and I’m just starting to get into Blazblue; with a little 3s in there. School is close to being in session again, and was wondering if we had anyone else in this little place.

Hey man, there is indeed a few people who play in this town. I’m mostly a Marvel player, but I’ve been playing SFIV for some time now. I know a few other guys who would be interested in playing.

NICE! thought I was going to have to let this thing die out since no one was posting lol! Yeah only started playing fighters with SFIV but just recently got Blazblue, so I’ll be putting time in to that! but we’ll for sure have to coordinate something, just I don’t know about now since boss is being a dick and schedules me 5 days in a row wed-sun AGAIN.

Hey man, it’s all good. We’ll work something out I’m sure.

So do you all go to school here? or live here? or…

I go to school here personally. The other guy we know who doesn’t post on here goes to A&M as well.

For sure, my roommate and another friend of ours always enjoy good game, and we all go to school together and stuff

Sounds good to me. I’ll probably be good to play some next Monday evening and few days after if that’s cool. Fenix might be able to play you sooner though I have plans already for this weekend.

so you have a ps3? damn, I have a 360, but we have 2 sticks do you have any for ps3?

closest arcade UFO? really wish they had a machine somewhere here. Already ahve checked grand station, and gatti town. Would be cool if they put something in at the bottom of that new complex, the lofts. I actually drove by there and there are 2 cabinets kind of in the lobby. Prob going to go running and I’ll go look in there, probably nothing but hopefully.

Yeah I have two sticks for ps3 (about to have three). I wouldn’t count on the lofts having sf4 or anything fairly recent, considering a sf4 cabinet runs about $20k + lol. UFO is probably closest but there an arcade in Houston called planet zero. It’s aninteresting place plenty of drama associated with it lol.

I’m actually workig on getting a stick to work on the 360 and fenix has a modded a SE stick for 360. In essence, sticks will no be a problem for pretty much any console.

sweet. If any of you learn how to dual mod, please please please tell me. Lol don’t want to spend as much as they offer on the for sale thread, but have also never soldered. Planet Zero is pretty far away I think. I think the last time I looked it was on the other side of Houston towards Galveston. May have heard of one in the Galleria. I wasn’t expecting it to have SF4 but was hoping for something fun. and how can a cabinet run 20k lmfao.

Board is expensive and an HD display to go on top of it. Planet zero is on westhimer near the galleria sorta, on our side of houston, actually. I might be able to mod your stuff no promises however. Don’t want to break anything :slight_smile:

Must be somewhere else that I was thinking of. Maybe that’s where Stargate used to be or something. Yeah if you’ve done it before, then I’ll have all the confidence in the world that you can do it again. Just need someone to help me with buying the stuff, and then someone who knows how to do the soldering.

Well sanjay and I are both EEs and have built own sticks and mess, so we should be able yi handle it.

YEah I’ll have to talk with you when we meet up about it. I know there is a guide on here and stuff so I’m sure it shouldn’t be too bad for either of you.

Yeah speaking of when would you want to meet up? I’ll be I’m town starting Monday evening from my weekend plans and we could get a few games in or something

Hey Everone,
Sanjay here. I’ve built a few arcade sticks before so whoever needs help with that, I’ll be more than happy to assist. I’m mostly a street fighter 2-4, cvs2, and kof player (98 and 2k2).

Well I’ll prob be quitting my job soon lol, so in a little bit it can be whenever, but I am off Monday and Tuesday. Unfortunately I’ve just got into fighters and have started with sf4 as my first. So may have to introduce me to some stuff. but well see about sometime monday or tues

Well I can safely say that the three of us will be happy to show you and your friends whatever you guys need or whatever. Fenix and sanjay are cool guys and we all help each other. After all, that’s part of improving your game.