Coffee/Espresso, poison of the gods!

Being a huge coffee drinker myself, I was curious to see if anyone drinks the black goodness of Coffee or espresso (or the half-sister milk-drinks of the family), and if so how do you drink it?

I’m pretty big on getting a high quality cup of Joe, going as far as ordering freshly roasted beans and using a french press (thinking of getting into pour-over soon, apparently makes a great cup). Not to mention I’ve finally invested a few months ago into a nice little espresso set up, no more terrible tasting, overpriced Starbucks for me!

Probably looking at around $2,000CAD on that table just for caffeine related drinks! Crazy!

Anyway, how about you guys (and gals), caffeine connoisseurs, casual drinkers or just down right hate the stuff?

lol I thought you were bullshitting me with all of that coffee equipment so I copyed the url of the image and this is your shit…


I’m not really in love with coffee like that but I can tell what a shitty tasting coffee is at the very least…

That white chocolate/dark chocolate stuff in the glass bottles… what is that? And since you seem like an expert on coffee and whatnot, drop me a coffee bean tier list or something…

Goddamn son. I don’t drink coffee but you best believe if someone offered me a cup from that setup I’d drink it.

shout outs to $1.50 espressos at all the Portuguese bars in downtown hamilton. as good as europe.

2 grand in equipment? Might as well start a side business selling coffee lol.

Heh, hell yeah it’s my stuff, I’m crazy enough to be able to justify it! Seriously though, at my point I don’t so much drink coffee/espresso for the caffeine (which by this point does nothing for me), but is more as a hobby, theirs something satisfying about brewing an amazing cup of coffee or espresso!

Syrups for milk drinks, basically it’s for when I’m feeling up for a mocha or white mocha.

Going left to right we’re looking at Bezzera Medea, timer, frothing pitchers/thermometer, Bodum French Press, Single/Double portafilter, white/chocolate syrup, container full of misc stuff (brushes and whatnot), tamper, 2 bags of Transcend IP Espresso blend, Baratza Vario burr grinder and a scale.

If I really wanted to I could have dropped a good 3 grand on a consumer machine, let alone the rest of the stuff! Saying that though my equipment is good enough to sell the stuff if I really wanted to.

i have at least two big cups a day…not that big a spender though…i have found that the cheapest good beans i can get are from a fancy grocery store near my house. Used to use the french press at work but it became a coffee “club” and i got annoyed at people asking me to make them awesome coffee…

I have to drink coffee every morning just to function. If I dont have my morning cup of joe I will get the WORST migraine headache. Im hate it, BUT I LOVE IT (the coffee not the migraines).

Harder said then done, theirs tons of Espresso blends and single origin coffee’s out there, but some of the best cups are from micro lots, which are pretty damn pricey. Like $60 for a 12oz bag, and it goes up from there, it’s crazy!

Do yourself a favor and either go to the nearest coffee shop or find one fairly close and order roasted beans.

Rule of thumb, a green bean begins losing it’s flavor in around a year, once roasted around 2 weeks, once ground 12 minutes. Anything that you’re buying at market has already begun degrading in flavor!

AWESOME setup! I’m a big coffee drinker and I live by my French press. That’s all I have, but god is it good to grind your own beans - fresh organic beans, not the dried out crap at the grocery stores and make a good foamy cup from a press. I’m not really big on espresso and flavored drinks, just good ole black coffee with two sugars, please! I’d love to have access to a setup like yours, though. :tup:

Good to see some french press(er’s?) out there, really does make a great cup of coffee, 'dem oils!

I don’t drink Coffee…

Nice set up tho.

The closest place for me to buy a fresh shot of espresso is a city over (so about 4 hours), so I envy those of you close to them!

The older i get i find my self drinking coffee more and more. First every now and then, then the past winter was like every morning. This summer was like every other day, and i can bet that this winter ill have at least 2 cups a day.

Get yourself some fresh beans and use a press/pour over/vacuum and you’ll find yourself both enjoying and hating coffee more and more. By that I mean the cups you make will be absolutely amazing, but the cups you’ll drink at work and at places like Tim Hortons will seem pretty terrible.

It’s how I fell into this rabbit hole of hunting for the better cup!

oh i dont drink work coffee. i find that when you make 12+ cups at once, it kinda kills it for me.

Oh how I wish I have that setup at home…well not for coffee but for ice cream.

Coffee makes me sleepy for some weird reason.

I make drip coffee, ice it, then add a shot or two of espresso for my own kinda fucked up ‘americano’. It works for me, if I had a better machine though, I’d probably just do iced americannos all day. I’m not particularly knowledgeable about espresso, but I enjoy it and can tell the difference between brown water and the good stuff.THATS MY CONTRIBUTION. I don’t fuck with syrups and such usually, but I’ve added a bit of sugar to my coffee (before pressing) for foam here and there. np.

You add sugar before pressing? Holy that’s weird, definitely never heard of people doing that before! Out of curiosity though how does it create foam? Fresh beans will bloom on their own so I’m not seeing how sugar is going to change that?

Also what machine do you use for your shots?

I’m a dirty povvo atm. I actually use a moka pot. To be clear you add the sugar to to a container and a tiny bit of espresso, just enough to get it to a sludge like consistency, then you add the rest of the espresso to that and beat the hell out of it. Old euro techniks. I have a nespresso machine that I can make actually espresso shots with, mostly I just make iced americannos with those though. I don’t appreciate the taste of espresso on its own enough to wait for it to cool down. :frowning: