Cody USF4 General Discussion

Final Patch notes:
c.MK: Has now an advantage of -1/-2-3 on hit/block (from -3/-6)
f.HK (Crack Kick): 15f start Up (from 14). [conflicting reports if it’s in or not]
f.HK (Crack Kick): Airborne from frame 8.
b.MP: Fixed a bug where you couldn’t get counter hit during start up
**Knife normals: **Increased juggle count (e.g. can air reset after Criminal Upper)

Zonk Knuckle: Can be Focus cancelled
LP Criminal Upper: On block now -4 (from-5)
**EX Criminal Upper: **Strike invulnerable until first active frame (trade into c.HP, U2 etc possible)
Ex Criminal Upper: Pushback on block reduced by half
**EX Criminal Upper:**Removed Throw-invincibility
Bad Stone: Can be released immediately upon charging instead of waiting for the next "charge level"
Knife Throw: Causes armor break
Special Cancable Normals now cancable by Knife Pickup

Super: Opponents won’t drop out prematurely anymore

Ultra 2: Increased range of the first pipe hit (will always connect after dust hit vs grounded)
Ultra 2: Damage decreased to 466 (from 506)

Backdash: Distance increased by 15%
Walkspeed increased slightly.

1 airborn frame wont make a difference at all unless it’s on the recovery imo, even then it’ll make almost no difference. If the changes I’ve read are the only ones we got… Cody’s going to suffer against all these super-buffed characters.
Wait I’m hearing that its airborne from the first frame now?


Cody’s backdash is has been reported to be better, not sure how though.

Zonk FADC and Knife Throw breaking armor is still confirmed to be true as well.

OP is using mistranslated stuff I think.

F+HK - Airborne from 1F till ?
Zonk - Can be FADCed
crMK - now -2F on block
Knife throw - now breaks armor

How I feel:

From eventhubs:

  • Crack Kick (Forward Heavy Kick) is now airborne from the first frame.

Looking at the nerfs and buffs the characters got, I’d say Cody is with the listed changes bottom 3 now, honestly. Unless he gets a Rose-like backdash or vastly improved walkspeed, both forward and back. The Dan matchup will be around 8-2 in Dan’s favor, due to the LK Danku buffed hitbox.

If Cody can’t low profile under Dankick it may not be 8-2 (remember, it’s still not a true block string most likely from any normal except close MP) it’ll certainly be a very hard MU if Dan ever gets you in the corner.

I dunno if Cody will be “bottom 3” but I think he’ll be “bottom 10” for sure. Fei looks to drop pretty far down thanks to crLK and rekka nerfs. Hugo is probably going to be near the bottom. Rufus is going to fall from grace and land HARD with those nerfs. Dan will be slightly better but still have shit normals that keep him from ever being out side of bottom 10 (the shit normals are where Cody beats Dan, beat him in mid screen footsies and you win.)

c.MK -2 on block is a major game changer tho. I don’t think it’ll remain -3 on hit. Maybe it got buffed as well to +1? Or maybe it’s -2 on hit now.

Good thing my original main was juri lol

Dissapointed to read how few buffs he got and only 1 being that we asked for and that wasn’t on the top of the priority list.
Didn’t the loketests have a document at the place where the official changes were mentioned?

Curious as to why you see this having a major impact?

It stuffs quite A LOT of other character’s pressure and poking game. Now that it’s safe, it can also be used from up close and you have a less worse follow up game afterwards on block. Could also potentially be followed up by c.LK on hit or counter hit.

Frame 1 airborne moves are pretty stupid. I rage whenever i face vipers and onis (yeah, oni’s isn’t airborne from frame 1 and it’s just as annoying).

The crack take airborne is going to be a nice baiter though. Jump in after any criminal upper and right when that opponent is going to tech they got cracked kicked in the face followed by MKV ruffian kick. Hell, anytime you’re up in someone’s face Jab jab crack kick… If it’s truly airborne and can truly bait out any tech attempts then maybe it may actually be overpowered which is why Cody didn’t get anything else. Then again, it may not be crouch tech it’ll just stay neutral I believe it goes over Crouchers

Crack kick is good, is -2 on block, so on hit it will probably be neutral or even plus?
I like these two changes but it still doesn’t help him where he needs it.
The crack kick will be fun for wakeup shenanigans.

zonk and knife “buff” are useless.

What does Cody need now:
-Better backdash or/and walkspeed
-EX criminal Upper strike invincible from frame 1
-EX ruffian projectile invincibility(from frame 1)

Not going to bother saying other changes such as the faster fake badstone, faster hk ruffian/less recovery because he doesn’t need those.

Agree, disagree?

I think some of you are underselling the buffs. Airborne crack kick from 1st frame is a major buff and slide at -2 is also really good. There’s also rumours about an improved back dash but those haven’t been confirmed. The top tier was nerfed pretty heavily and even some of the mid tiers were nerfed, so Cody is actually looking pretty good overall IMO.

I don’t need a backdash with a frame 1 airborne move. It’s better than vism dodge.

The release of bad stone ( on charge) should be fixed. Along with simple super drops and just basic bugs. Agreed the F AdC regular zonk is useless with the cost of 4 bars. Aside from the stated buffs, we really needed better backdash or wake up ( EX CU). If Cody truly needs bad defense in order to be balanced, then give us a few more tools for offense… Crack Kick is good but at least make it as powerful as possible if that’s the case

delayed wake up helps a ton tho. I don’t think cody will be in a bad spot.

Who said zonk FADC is gonna cost 4 bars?

And LockM, I agree. But, I think faster retreat speed is the top priority at the moment. More than any other buff.

Badspray recovery - Not fixed
Badstone charging - not fixed
Fake Badstone total frame count - unchanged
Still drops knife for teching/throwing/focus charging
Ultra 2 air hit still leaves him punishable
Super MAYBE works better now (at least one instance it doesn’t drop.)