Cody resets and mixups compendium - He has those!?

Since everyone that’s learning Cody seems to just want to learn his combos, I’ve set myself the task of compiling a list of his mix-up/reset repertoire. You may not know Cody as a mix-up character, but he actually has a pretty solid mix-up game leading to many 50-50’s and 75-25’s (!) including ambiguous as hell jump-ins that are safe from most uppercuts. I’ll get to that later.

I’d like to apologize in advance to any information that’s already posted but my goal is not to inform but to record all these tools so that people like you can have easy access to Cody’s bag of tricks. I think Cody has extremely good normals but because of his slow walk speed he can’t footsie with them too well. So in order to make the opponent fear you, let’s make him afraid not of the boot, but instead be afraid of you period.

**Resets **

Cody’s f+mp is his reset tool and put’s them at a distance where you can either do an ambiguous cross-up, meaty, bait or throw. I don’t recommend Cody’s normal cross-up because it’s really easy to see and block. Versus a non DP (invincible reversal) character this is a 75%-25% mix-up and leads to a minimum 300 damage of off 3 of the possible outcomes with the**, c.hp (1f) xx hp CU (or EX)** and the **, c.hp (1f) xx hk rk FADC U1 **. You could also go for another reset if you have 4 bars, but by then the opponent will be so desperate that they will mash a reversal or ultra. Unpredictable opponents are very hard to play mix-ups on, so I recommend going for the kill after 1 reset.

When can I land the reset?

After a FADC’d hk rk and after a point-blank anti-air bad stone. If you have U1, do that instead of the reset in both of these situation. The bad stone reset is easiest to do in the corner when you predict a jump. Simply dash in and throw the stones, and if you trade you should have enough time still. It’s very risky but can reward you with a lot of damage should you capitalize.

Cody’s mix-up city

Cody has two main types of mix-up games. The jump-in game, and the ground game. I’d like to start with the ground game because it’s the easiest to do and has the biggest room for error. This is the mix-up I see high level Cody’s use the most so I’m sure you will be familiar with it.

  1. Normal tricks:
    Cody has great frame adv. so it’s easy to set frame traps for hit confirms into BnB’s. For example his s.lp is 3 frames so it’s great for jab buffer _____. Fill the blank with a zonk, a sweep, a f+hk, a back-dash, a slide… depending on the situation. You foe will be conditioned to block every time they see a s.jab and you can start to use jab whiff dash forward throw or ex-zonk. After this, s.jab whiff buffer ultra2 into wait for it XX let it rip produces a fountain of rage mail. You can do these with once AE hits USA and it also is cancelable so it will be a double threat.

About the boot: Everyone knows how to properly utilize the boots by now, so I’ll just say “FEAR THE BOOT”.

  1. Command normals:
    f+hk is not only recovery-free, it is also safe on block and ground invulnerable for a frame or two. This normal has tick throw written all over it. That is precisely why you should NOT use it to tick throws. Everyone sees Cody up in their grill and they mash dp or tech at the speed of light (Cody has a nice throw range). Teach those fools a lesson by EX-zonking their face or back dashing into xx lk rk (for knockdown and mix-ups). f+mp is also a good tool for fishing out reversals and techs, but it serves best for frame traps. After they block your f+mp, stick out a and buffer a special. This applies other pokes as well, so be creative with the use. If they start mashing their reversals, just bait and enjoy taking almost 1/3 of their life.

  2. Rocks:
    Ex rocks when used up close (and blocked) are an instant mix-up machine. You have so much frame advantage that you can follow up with almost any move you want for free. This is a really powerful tool if you think about it. its like throwing out a FADC’d hadouken, so any of the mix-ups that a FADC hadouken gives you, apply to a blocked EX bad stone. Just remember, with great power, comes great responsibility. This consumes 1 bar so you better guess right after the stones or it’s wasted meter.

  3. Criminal upper:
    While this is not truly a mix-up generator itself, it allows you to get into a very nasty situation. Suppose you land the following combo; **, c.hp xx hp cu FADC c.lp,, c.hp xx hp cu…**After the FADC, your opponent will either dp or crouch tech unless he wants to eat a punish. I say he might dp because some people are aware if you can’t hit your 1f links, so they will dp you in between to punish your lack of execution. Assuming you never miss your links, they will most likely try a crouch tech or simply block. Using this knowledge, and with an educated guess, you can punish their short with U2, grab the block, zonk a backdash. They’re practically at your mercy since Cody has tools to punish every possible thing they have (teleports with ex ruffian, stones or U2). This is something to use during the second set of matches when you’ve got an idea of what the other guy likes to do when faced with your mix-ups.

  4. Ambiguous cross-ups AKA “The butt boot”:
    You’re Cody. You like jumping, a lot. Especially when you’re close-up and you go nuts doing neutral jumps like you’re sakura. But let’s face it, it’s not that good. Sure, on xbox live people fall for the dragon ball Z fist slam… but I’m pretty sure it won’t work vs. people that play on a high level. So why don’t we look at a much more deadlier aspect of Cody’s air-to-ground game? No, it’s not jumping forward(mk).

It’s actually jumping roundhouse(HK). This little bad boy is probably cody’s best and only air “mix-up”. Why? because Cody’s jump is so floaty, that they will see your from a mile away. Not because you stick it out early, but because of the angle. It’s only useful to prevent the enemy from owning your face when you land, giving you a block string. You might land it here and there, and you can do ambiguous jump ins with it, but you can be DP’d out of those real easy, even anti aired.

The on the other hand, is GODLIKE. It has the curious property of having a bit of hitbox right on Cody’s butt, and it’s that little red corner that gives Cody the chance of having a cross-up game to rival Adon and Deejay… if you can master the Butt slam, it’s pretty damn Impossible and frustrating to try and guess which way to block ninety damage which on hit is free U2 or a BnB of your choice.

Dwi, I tried to land the butt slam, but this move only hits in corners!!!
Here’s the trick. Do a forward throw and hold your stick towards. When Cody starts walking count one second ~ and jump. When Cody is on top of the other guy’s head, let it rip. If the hit seems to come out of Cody’s cheeks, you’re doing it right. If the hit comes out of his leg, knee, boot… you’re jumping too soon. If you whiff, you’re jumping too late. The “spot” is between his buttocks and his upper thigh. His butt is a cross-up, and his thigh is not. Be warned, the timing is a pain and it’s different for each type of knock down, but it’s a small price to pay for such a strong mix-up.

But, other chars have this kind of thing too, why is this a big deal?!
Due to Cody’s jump arc, this move’s desired hit is almost exactly above the opponent, unlike most cross-ups where you’re in a diagonal position. I’ve been messing around in training mode for days and here’s what i found: Wake up dps only hit this if they’re exceptionally vertical. For example, cammy/sagat/balrog/ryu(mp&hp)/ken(same as ryu)/vega/rose/viper can’t hit you out of it without being really lucky and I mean world series of poker lucky. I haven’t tested other characters thoroughly but so far I’ve been dp’s out of it a handful of times. Both attacks whiff when it happens in case you’re wondering.

If anyone has additions, feel free to contribute. If you have corrections, feel free to interject. My only wish is to have as many people as possible aware of the fact that their character is much more than BnB’s and spamming zonk & boot. I myself am not exceptionally strong, but if this helps some other ppl achieve success with their Cody, I’ll be happy.

Great find with the butt slam… its a little hard to do but if executed properly will get them EVERY time! Nice

This is some awesome stuff. The spacing on that crossup can be tough, but when done right it’s a thing of beauty.

Hmm maybe a video is in order for this :slight_smile: also why instead of s.lp, dash (insert mix up here) just asking since I don’t have the game right now :frowning:

Can you give another explanation for the “jab buffer _____.”? For instance, I’m not able to get a zonk out in time… Maybe I don’t fully understand the concept of resets like I thought :frowning:

Do you have any video examples?

i’ll try some of this shit next time i’m at the arcade, good read.

This is awesome stuff, I can’t wait to try this out.

I’d also like more explanation on this.

Great stuff though, I’ve been experimenting with the reset crossup already and it is beautiful.

I think he means you do a followup after a s.lp, which acts as a frametrap. It’s important to mention that s.lp gives +3 on Block and +6 on hit. It’s a frametrap in it self (1 Frame). However, I barely see potencial here, it whiffs on some couching opponents and is imo as good as any other frametrap setup Cody has. It ranks 2nd after with +4 frames. Sadly, it’s not as good as Sakura’s (which is a 0 Frame trap and an ambiguous Tick Throw setup).

Ive been tryin the butt boot. Thought about this before but and im still working on it. Reading your post gave me motivation to work on it some more. Gettin use to the spacing with with different characters hit boxes are goin to take some time :_(

I’m very interested in a video. However I don’t have a way of recording it yet. I can offer demonstrations for free to any Cody players. I promise you will have lots to do in the training room for weeks until AE buffs come which we all are looking forward to.

The jab buffer is not a reset, it’s a mixup situation in wich you stick out a s.jab just outside of it’s range. Due to Cody’s good range with normals, you have the option of sticking out a normal so that if your opponent presses a button to punish your whiffed jab you will hit him/her out of their startup frames.

Alternatively, buffering a special means inputing the directional commands during the animation of the s.jab so that if you correctly guess what your opponent might do, you only need to press a button to punish instantly. It follows from this that in the case where they try a move with invicibility, super armor, or they focus (most people do this after your block strings or after you stick out a poke to try and catch your jump [don’t jump!]) you already have zonk charged up when your s.jab ends.

With this, you can apply the same principle to any of codys specials or supers. I hope this clears that section up. These techniques are really usefull if you predict the outcome of a 50-50, so please think about introducing them to your playstyle.

I think you’re very right, it’s not good for hitting opponents. That’s why I only advise to whiff it out of it’s range and utilize it’s fast recovery, which is better than any other normal he has until AE comes with 3f

If you refer to the reset, moves you so that it’s easy to butt-slam or react faster. Cody’s dash is not best in the game, so it will limit your options. Cody is not very strong, so you want the most freedom posible. Plus, is more dmg.
(I thought s.lp whiffed?)

What I mean about s.lp was if it could be done but I noticed it can’t be done so nm that suggestion.

in the paragraph about command normals:

this is not a combo… perhaps you meant mk rk but just so people don’t think that combos I thought I’d point it out. I like this ambiguous setup, I’ll hafta mess with it.

You can hk ruffian FADC f+mp? I had no idea… I just found about FADC neutral jump hp which is soooo dope.

I was messing with Cody’s ambiguous setups in training mode too, and I use a similar mix-up after forward throw. I walk up a bit, and then jump forward HP a bit early. The way Cody moves during the HP makes it so that reversal and non reversal shoryuken either whiff or lose cleanly to it if you time it right.
Versus Ryu, you can also OS an Ultra2 after that and it will hit with the wrench every time if he does any SRK on wake up.
It seems it only works on Ryu though, I tried to OS HK Ruffian in the jump-in and it seemed to wrok quite well, I haven’t had much time to test it though.

This setup can be dangerous if mistimed, because I found that the opponent can just crouch and make the jump HP whiff if you mistime it, and punish you when you touch the ground. I will try to play around with this more next week.

try to find a buffer for “walking a little forward”, such unmeasurable time window makes you less effectly. dunno, c.lp, s.lp, etc

This what we’re going for?


If so, it looks like a good measure for the jump is when his foot in the foreground is just about aligned with the one in the back.

I tested some ambiguous setups after a forward throw, and here’s what I found so far: (sorry for the crappy vids, I don’t really have any equipment plus this is my first time posting anything on youtube and I didn’t really had time to make it nice)

Crossup [media=youtube]q274ERGcjm8"[/media]
It seems that both j.HP and j.HK can cross up the opponent in an ambiguous way, with j.HK being somewhat easier to time. You can OS the jump in to stuff the reversal srks from Ryu. However this can be tricky. Unfortunately, Ryu has 2 ways to fuck you up : by crouching and by doing a forward dash. Both will make the j.HP whiff, and whatever OS you input will come out, which can be bad. In this case, j.HP OS U2 works like a charm if Ryu does any reversal srk, but if he crouches you’re in trouble.
The timing of the jump-in is quite strict. I sometimes could hit a crouching Ryu at the price of being punished by srk. I didn’t find any reliable way to time the jump in.
The j.HK does everything the j.HP does and is punished by the same things, with a nice twist. If you look at the input in the video, you can see that the j.HK seems to trigger a weird hitbox property making it an “unblockable”. I didn’t think of trying to focus-dash the jump in, nor to just defend it as I was in a bit of a hurry. This definitely needs more testing.

Non crossup [media=youtube]y1W8wN8w57c"[/media]
With a slighty different timing you can make the j.HP non crossup, it still looks ambiguous and this setup also has some nice properties. Any reversal srk will whiff and can be punished, and it will hit a crouching Ryu. However, he can still forward dash under the throw, and can punish the jump in with a late srk.

So after a forward throw, Cody has an ambiguous cross up setup which is a bit tricky to time correctly but has some interesting properties making it a good mix-up.
However, this needs a lot more testing. First, it would be nice if we found a reliable way to time the jump-in, but I doubt it. Then it needs testing on more wake-up options that I forgot, and on more characters.

Thanks duder

Maybe the mixup is in how hard it is to time precisely, because it seems like there are several different outcomes depending on when/how it hits. Sometimes it stuffs reversal Ryu SRK completely, sometimes it causes a reset, and most of the time it depends on which SRK is used. One time lp.srk is stuffed while mp and fp whiff, others lp and fp are stuffed while mp hits.

How the SRK itself is timed sometimes matters: mashed SRK gets hit into reset, but late autocorrect SRK done as “early” as possible hits, late c.SRK whiffs, and a simple c.fp hits Cody. Clearly if that happens it’s probably not being done right, but until there’s a concrete way to time it, it’s interesting that things can vary so wildly.

In all cases though, j.rh is superior to j.fp. Maybe it’s just me, but i found j.rh to be both easier to time and more reliable.