Cody players at Evo

It’s all in the title. So who is going to evo this year?
I want to hang out and talk about the game so let me know here or on twitter!

Yo, thought I saw you in the bracket but wasn’t sure, I’ll be there, I have chi rithy and marlinpie in my pool, potentially two cammys yay

You’ll be fine!

Cammy - Cody is only a 5.8-4.2 matchup! That’s practically even! /sarcasm /eventscrubs

I’ll be there. I don’t know what else to say except just keep a lookout for a somewhat short black dude carrying around a colorful blue button stick with Kula plastered over it.

That could be anybody, lol!

Nobody has this stick though

Hopefully you guys get some stream time, looking forward to some Cody action. Good luck for the weekend!

It’s funny coz this one is mine :

I replaced the both side panels for red one last year…

I’ll be there. It would be cool to meet some people. :smiley:

There’s a picture of myself on my twitter account. Look for the dude on Xian’s left (center of the picture).

Needs more Kula.

Good luck to everyone. I hope a Cody main makes it to top 8!

I’m out, lost to Marlinpie first round, beat his Viper then lost to his Cammy. But I went through losers all the way to losers semis, then I lost to Tsumuji, an ibuki, was close, last game last round. Woulda played marlin again on stream in losers finals I think, sorry guys!

Hey no problem man, at least you gave them both a run for their money.

I pretty much got bopped by a hawk I shouldn’t have lost to. (for some stupid reason wasn’t AAing with HK ruffian and the 2 rounds I should have won lost with no actual explanation.) Went all the way to losers semis and lost to Elf. I pretty much gave up hope when I saw Elf to be honest.

though to be honest, i’m probably going to pick up Guy and just have Cody as a backup or something. I ranted a bit over the weekend about Cody and his inability to do what he’s supposed to do aka frame traps. The fact other characters do what he’s supposed to specialize in way better than him is the most annoying thing.

Yeah its hard to find reasons for sticking with him when so many characters can do what he does but better.

How did the rest of the cody army do? I didnt watch all of the stream and only saw bj unchained cody. Didnt get to see flashM cody or momochi cody.

Flash plays Bison now and Momochi basically refuses to use Cody anymore. (I was highly upset he didn’t use Cody against Louffy’s Rose.)

there was another Cody in my pool who I chatted with from time to time after we were eliminated. Pretty much how we both got screwed over by the Hawk/Elf players. If I won my match against the Hawk player I would have been in winners finals against I think a Dudley (who I watched play the hawk player and pretty positive I would have beat him.)

I saw Codys in my friend’s pool but they weren’t that great from what I was watching.

I guess I fell for the trap again. How many “mains” is this for flash now. If only he stuck with viper, he would probably be one of the best players in the world right now.

From what I understand, flash always tries to play weird or different characters. Which makes sense on why he played viper first…then gen…then kinda just fell out or something.

Flash played a bit of Cody at Evo. BJ Made it to top 48. One of these days people will catch on to Bingo Unchained and start bopping him for it lol.