Cody Character Specific Combos and Setups + General Knowledge [DROPBOX FOLDER]

Here is my Cody folder for all the stuff i know. I did it for yun so i figure theres no reason to not do it for Cody.

Its fantastic if you have dropbox and a smartphone as you just click Cody -> Char specifics -> Char once you add the folder into your dropbox.

It has universal Cody tips, setups, frame traps, combos
It also has char specific combos, char specific setups, match-up tips etc. These are all in individual word document

Please give me some feedback. Leave a post with “this is shit”, dislike it, “its too confusing”. Anything so i know if it is helpful or not. Also let me know of any errors or omissions.


Edit: Please note alot of people put in work to make this possible. I got a ton of my information from other people from this forum and blockstring so thanks to everyone who has stuff in here.

Instant download for me. This is just the thing I was looking for. Good stuff.

Good stuff.

“no Cody likes doing a mirror match” - say what?!

lol pretty much all of the matchup tips are thanks to ramma his words not mine. But i do agree i hate cody mirrors but then again i hate all mirrors :confused:

That’s just cause you’re ugly! Heyo! ;D

pretty sure i’ll be carrying these around with my for evo next week.:>

You going to Evo Shin? Wish you the best of luck bro.

List I compiled a while ago of all moves that beat Level 3 zonk during it’s upper body invincibility frames. Note this is from AE2012 some stuff might have changed, it doesn’t include the 5 USF4 chars and I didn’t bother with Super/ultras.


crLK, crHK, clsLK
clsHK (overhead frames, gives enough frame advantage for Abel to combo to F+MK)
Wheel Kick, change of direction 1st (can actually combo out of it into normals.)
Tornado throw

crMP, crLK, crMK, crHK
MK, HK, EX Rising Jaguar

crLK, crMK, crHK, clsLK
F+MP (2nd hit)
All SRKs
Demon flip throw
Demon flip dive kick
Demon flip palm (extremely difficult to time)

crLK, crMK, crHK
far MK
Dash low straight, dash swing blow

crLK, crMK, crHK, crLP, crHP (only 1st active frame), farMK, farHK, farHP, close HK, F/B+MP, DF+HK
EX Electricity, Horiballs, rainbow balls
Coward crouch (dodges)
Focus attack

crLK, crMK, crHK
All spiral arrows
Hooligan combination - throw (extremely difficult to time)
Hooligan combination - slide

Chun Li
clsLK, clsMK, crLK, crMK, crMP
crHP (2nd hit only, recover frames make zonk whiff entirely)
HK/EX Lightning Legs
SBK (LK, MK, HK make zonk whiff and hit crossup. EX beats zonk)

clsLK, crLK, crMK,crHK, sMP (with knife, 2nd hit), F+HP (2nd hit)
All criminal uppers (Tornado portion)
LK/EX Ruffian Kick
Badstone (once it loses enough height)

C. Viper
clsLK, farLK, crLK, crMK, crHK
Seismic Hammer

crLK, crMK, crHK, far LK
All SRKs

farLK, crLP, crMP, crLK, crMK, crHK,
All MGUs

Zoom LK, Zoom HP, Zoom crLP, Zoom crMP, zoom crHP, crLK, crMK, crHK, slide LK, slide MK, slide HK, B+LP, B+HP (2nd hit), B+LK
All Yoga Flames
Focus attack

F+HK, crLK, crMK, crHK

E. Honda
far HP, far HK, crLP, crHP, crLK, crMK, crHK, DF+HK, clsLK
All sumo headbutts, buttslam (falling portion), oicho
Focus attack

El Fuerte
Far LK, far HK (2nd hit), cls LP, clsMP, cls LK, crLK, crMK, crHK
Tostada press completely avoids Zonk but doesn’t hit it either (even recovery frames of Tostada and run command throws will make zonk whiff.)
Focus attack

Evil Ryu
clsLK, crLK, crMK, crHK, F+MP (doesn’t work on very early frames of Zonk)
All tatsu’s make Zonk whiff and usually hit crossup.
All SRKs
All AxeKicks

Fei Long
far LK, crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP, F+MK

crMP, crLK, crMK, crHK
LK Up Kicks
sMP (1 hit), sHP, crLK, crMK
All rolls

Far LK, close LK, crLK, crMP, crHK, F+MP

farLK, F+MP, crLK, crMK, crHK

close LK, crLK, crMK, crHK
Run - Slide

F+MP, F+LK, F+HK, sLK, sMK, sHK, sHP (2nd hit), crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP
Guard Position (dodges)
EX Oil Dive
All Slides
All SPDs
Focus attack

F+LK, crLK, crMK, crHK, DF+MK
All Raidas
All DPs

clsLK, clsHK (2nd hit), far MK(only if 1st hit connects), crLK, crMK, crHK (MK/HK will also low profile EX Zonk)
LK, MK, EX Pinwheel
All Fuhajin Stores
LK Fuhajin Release
LK+MK EX Fuhajin

clsLK, crLK, crMK, crHK
All Tatsus (avoid and hit crossup usually)
All SRKs
Focus Attack

M. Bison
clsMK, crLK, crMK, crHK
All Scissor Kicks (2nd hit)
All Psychocrushers upclose will avoid Zonk and most will hit crossup once upper body invincibility ends.

crLK, crHP, F+HK
All Oroshi, All Karakusa

sLK, crLK, crMK, crHK
All SRKs, All Ground slams, All Tatsus (cause zonk to whiff and hit crossup.)

crLK, crMK, crHK, DF+MK, closeLK, farLK
LP, MP Reflect

crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP, farLK, closeLK, F+MK, DF+MK
EX Messiah Kick (Very last hit), MK Followup, HK Followup

clsLK, crLK, crMK, crHK, F+MP (2nd hit)
All SRKs, All Tatsu (Cause zonk to whiff and hits crossup)

clsLK(2ndhit) farLK(2nd hit), crLK, crHK
All Tiger Uppers, all Tiger Knees (first hit)

farLK, closeLK, crLK, crMK, crHK, crMP
All Shouoken’s, Level 3 Fireball (on specific frames of Zonk right before Zonk becomes active, usually Zonk is successful though)

crLK, crMK, crHK, farLK, farHP, closeHK (2nd hit)
Tanden Engine, All SRKs, All SPDs

crLK, crMK, crHK, crHP (2nd hit), closeHP, DF+LP
All Tomahawk Busters, All SPDs
Focus attack

crLK, crMK, crHK, closeMK, DF+MK
All RCFs

crLK, crMK, crHK, crMP, farLK, closeLK
All Roll Kicks, All Palm Strikes, All Tenshins

crLK, crMK, crHK, farLK, closeLK
All Tenshins, All Shoulder Slams

crLK, crHK, DF+HK, farLK, closeLK
All Green Hands, All SPDs

One thing I really want to do is work on the Elf matchup. It’s something I’ve dread for ANY character i’ve played (because their wakeups are not that great.) and because I have little to no knowledge like half of the SF players, i’m not sure if i’m doing setups right with the guy to see what options Cody has.

From what I tested though, backdashing escapes all Elf’s options that I attempted (grab, splash, slide). Even had the backdash auto correct on the splash anytime it needed.

I don’t think lk ruffian is a bad option either, gets you out of grab and might get you out of splash, not too sure haven’t played Fuerte in a while.

As far as this doc, the safe jump from forward throw, I don’t think you HAVE to walk forward, you should be able to just wait those frames and jump, similar to the safe jump off sweep.

Yo, got some meaty Close HP combos:

Iv known about those but those are just to specific for me to note. You can do double fierce vs dj also.

I may add the adon one as that is after a lvl 3 crumple so may be repeatable. Gonna test how reliable it is.

sorry for the late response.

Adon combo is tight, but doing it after a level 3 Focus makes it more consistent than doing the EX Bad Stone raw.

I also got the meaty fierce to hit an Ibuki mid-match the other day when I jumped over her Ultra 1, however I just KO’d her with the fierce. Thank you slow motion for giving me plenty of time to see it was meaty.

The file its gone can someone pls reupload or something

my bad hold up. doing it now

Hi is it cool if I put the info (mainly the mathchups) in the SRK wiki?

go for it dude

PMed you Chil/Maple

I just wanna say…whoever contributed and or edited the Cody SRK wiki page is gdlk. I haven’t checked that page in awhile but everything is waaaaaay more organized than it used to be for sure.

If you’re talking about the frame data tables and the notes; that was me, and I did that for every character in as much depth.

If you’re talking about like the character matchups and such, I can’t really tell the difference from how it was like 8 months ago when BixHD added all of the match up stuff to the page.