Cody Changes for Rebalanced Arcade Edition

Ok, fellow cellmates, what changes do you think our badass should have for the incoming patch.

I’m actually a lot happier with his current iteration than I expected to be given that he had so few changes, but with the changes to the rest of the cast and being able to use crack kick as a poke to juggle mk. ruffian, he seems a lot better than he used to be.

Does he still need a walk speed buff? I still think I would kind of like crack kick to actually be airborne and throw invincible though. What do you guys think?

I recently tweeted at Ono san asking for the following buffs

1.> cr. LP +10 damage
2.> cr. MP 4 frame startup
3.> EX CU +2 invincible frames (this one is a long shot but I figured no harm in trying right?)

EDIT: I think we should all tweet at him asking for buffs for him to take it seriously. If we want Cody buffed then this has to be a team effort guys!

Would be kinda cool if the input for Zonk knuckle was changed from a charge release to a DP motion. But I get a feeling Capcom wants Cody to be a character with bad defense. So it’s best to ask for offensive buffs. We have a better chance at getting them.

Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious by now that Cody is a character for which Capcom has an image/fighting style that they wish to maintain. I dunno about 4 frame cr. mp, but if cr. mp got the Balrog treatmeant and forced stand on hit, that would be amazing. I could deal with hk ruffian still whiffing on crouchers for that.

Airborne crack kick though would be SO useful as throw bait. Or maybe making it go over more crouching attacks? It gets beat out now by everything but cr. shorts for the most part, I think.

-ex ruffian from the start projectile invincible.
-better backdash
-I’dn’t even mind if ex criminal upper would be invincible till the first active frame, would resolve cody’s defense problem to a degree without giving him an uber escape tool. and, it’s still rather slow, so his playstayle won’t change a bit. airborne would be good too. might become too good then, tho.

give him something and tone down the stun / damage from his s.hp/c.hp slightly (or only on counterhit) in return. being airbourne would be a bit too good since it would beat throws and low attacks and control space too well, it would force some characters to have to make risky guesses in order to deal with it.

[]I think Cody should have a better back dash that goes back a bit further with better recovery. I also like the idea of ex ruffian having projectile invincibility from the start, well at least slightly earlier than it is now.
]I would like to see them make adjustments to some of Cody’s lesser used tools like the bad spray. I feel making it either a hard knock down, making it two hits, adding invincibility, or increasing the damage would make it much more interesting as a defence or offence tool.
[*]An improvement on the knife making it so that you don’t drop it from teching throws would be good. Also Making you hold it for longer e.g dropping it after 2 or 3 hits since getting hit once and having the knife drop seems to be a big factor why no cody player uses this, they could maybe decrase the stun it does if they did this.

Assuming the game is now rush-down focuses and Cody is designed to have heavy offense and p!ss poor defense:

  • Allow f+hk to ‘hop’ over a downed opponent at close range (will airborne achieve this?);
  • Better mobility ie faster walk speed, better backdash or even just faster forward walk speed;
  • Fake Bad Stone made cancellable like Viper’s Seismo;
  • No damage/stun nerf - the only reason people are even remotely mindful of Cody is that when he hits you bleed;
  • The only way to drop the knife is getting hit ie not on tech or throw.


Either a slightly faster movespeed or a karathrow with decent range.

I’m fine with his defensive options, it’s the only way to balance some of the stuff he has.

Definitely a better backdash and tbh thats all im asking for!

Yeah, I think I’m gonna have to agree with most of this. I used to want airborne crack kick before arcade, but I guess after changing the juggle properties on it, it might be too good.

Changing the invincibility on ex ruffian and ex CU though would be another one of those seems-minor-but-really-helps changes, and yeah, give him a better back dash and I couldn’t care less about him being slow.

I think that would be the perfect balance for him. He has to slowly stalk you across the stage but can mix it up extremely well once he gets in and corners you. I hope Hunter weighs in on this. I’m curious to see what he thinks too.

  • EX ruffian being fully projectile invincible at the start is a must IMO.
  • f.roundhouse airborne and able to go over opponents knocked down.
  • Roundhouse Ruffian hitting crouchers.
  • Jab Criminal Upper safe on block or neutral.
  • Quicker recovery (or startup) on Fake rocks
  • Bad spray a focus breaker

The last 2 are a stretch. Bad Spray being a focus breaker would help. I hate seeing focus eat Bad spray. Already loses to blocking. Fake rocks faster on startup or faster recovery is just my personal thing. Would make his frame trap game a bit better in some areas.

Roundhouse ruffian on crouchers is something that’s been asked since super. I don’t care if the frame disadvantage is even bigger. I’ll take that trade for a crouch hitting ruffian.

Crack Kick not being airborne is pretty retarded to me. Considering he’s supposed to be airborne already. Pretty silly seeing sweeps knockdown cody off this move. Also really dumb this doesn’t cross over opponents knocked down. Other characters have command moves that are real airborne and hop over knockdown opponents but Cody doesn’t get his?

I don’t think I have to really go too much on ex ruffian. Pretty much a given.

Yes, please do. We already have bingo, and focus to go through fireballs, do we really need a near full screen almost instant way to go around fireballs? Fireballs are weak enough in this game as is, we don’t need to give Cody Yun’s EX Shoulder.

but that’s exactly the point. MANY character have easy ways to get around fireballs without any penalty other then the cost of a meter (some even without). only cody has a “half baked” move. the design decision is simply retarded in that matter. the change doesn’t give the move any other new properties, but makes it less a hassle to use and gives it actually some use other then predicting a nearly fullscreen projectile, hence using it against slow projectile “shields”, or in mid distance.

Better backdash

Well, you’re one of the best guys posting here, but I guess we gotta agree about disagreeing on this matter.

I still think he has plenty of ways around fireballs and none of his troublesome matchups are because of fireball chars (Akuma aside, obviously, but in this matchup his gameplan hardly relies on zoning with fireballs). What I hate most about the twins is that they completely prevent you from throwing fireballs from close/mid range (Yang always, Yun when he has 1 bar), and I’d hate for Cody to have the same ability AND get an untechable knockdown into whatever you want afterwards. The only characters who’d have a comparable EX move against fireballs are Ibuki and oiled Hakan, but their gameplan actually justifies this kind of thing. Not for Cody, imo, bingo is more than enough.

I’m expecting Cody to get nerfs.

The reason for EX ruffian invincibility is more so it can be used around mid screen or from sweep distance on reaction. Even when I see or predict a fireball coming, I get punished because there’s no invincibility on the startup. Yes we have Zonk and Zonk can get punished if it’s not full screen or right in footsie range. is pretty tricky to time to go under compared to say Rose or sim. (I generally don’t even bother unless it’s going to hit the opponent.) It’s not that big of a thing. He doesn’t get anything off it but a knockdown and a quicker way in. What’s the worse Cody’s going to do on your wakeup? Ibuki and Hakan have pretty decent guessing options on knocked down opponents that lead to pretty good damage and resetting it back to that knocked down guessing game. Cody? at worse an option select.

while the zoning reason is valid (and as you can read I wanna see that change aswell), I have to disagree about the “what can cody get from a hard knock down”-part. a untechable knockdown put’s you ALWAYS in favor of the current situation. while cody doesn’t have the strongest mixup game on wakeup, he get’s a great advantage of his successful ones. it’s not to be taken lightly. but again, the current version does feature that aswell, and the timing it will hit doesn’t change. it simply lets you do it on REACTION mid distance rathter then guessing. I’d rather depend on my “skill” then on my “luck” :slight_smile:

one could argue the ability to know your opponent would fireball midscreen is skill and not luck but I’m just playing devils advocate there. I agree with you on being able to punish a midscreen fireball on reaction

I do like Cody’s options on knockdown, I just don’t see them as threatening as Ibuki and Hakan’s which Otori was mentioning who have similar knockdown options off EX or non EX moves.

But yea. There have been many times I know a fireball is coming and I end up getting punished for my punisher.