Claw and rage quits

So I’m a Dictator Main but I’ve always played Claw on the side. Tonight I felt like playing Claw after some success in matches I had locally using him. I did 6 player matches. After I beat them all (none of them were very good) they either booted me or rage quit on the final KO. I play player matches pretty often and trash scrubs with Dictator but I’ve never had these kind of reactions. Is it the simple fact that it’s Claw rather than Dictator or was this just a weird streak of sore losers?

I think it’s a mix of scrubs not wanting to lose, scrubs not enjoying matches where you can do damage and move before they can answer (the boring, lame fight according to them), and a Vega match which they probably think will be a cake walk but then have real trouble with because they know very little about his tools.

Granted, you shouldn’t be playing scrubs in player matches. >_>
Go find some really good players who main Rose, Gen and Fei Long. Always good fun in those.

The best player in my area mains Rose actually, ShinkuuR on these forums. ANother guy in my area is pretty decent with Gen. Though I’ve only played them a few times. I play random Player matches for shits and giggles ;D

the level of play in player matches is shit. I’ve never played anyone decent by randomly going into player matches. A win there means nothing.

Champ mode suprisingly has a pretty good level of play. Just stop playing player matches… they are probably making you worse.

The nice thing about player matches is the fact that you can set the match search to players with higher bp than you. While bp isn’t the best method of gauging skill level, I’ve found good players more often in player matches by getting my bp to a high level and just searching.

Usually, if the first player match is rubbish then I leave. Otherwise, I stay and play again. IMO, championship mode has way too many similar match-ups since people are so obsessed with the cp/bp (endless Sagat/Ryu/Ken/Blanka/Akuma).

lol… I meet all my friends in player matches so I think they have great value. I usually friend good people i find in player matches, and the matches go 20+ each time. This in turn helps me specifically with the characters they choose and allows me to adapt over time. Where as championship mode i get one encounter with a bunch of scrubs and an occasional good person. Once i meet that good person then that is it we get one look at each other and its whoever figures who out first.

I just think this is a bad stereotype for player matches. I think if you truly want good practice you need to find the better ones and fight them in player matches. That is truly the way to advance your game past training room combos.

I lose about half my player matches and win about 80% of champ matches. those champ matches also allow me to develop lax/bad habits when fighting were if i challenge good people in player matches i stay on my game because i actually get punished.

It may be very different on the ps3 graph and this is in no way an attack just a suggestion to actually give player matches a chance over championship mode i see more good players in player matches each day.

Dont get me wrong. I do use player matches as a tool but with people I already know who are better then me so I can train. Player match has its uses but randomly going in there doesn’t work for me.

Just had someone rage quit last night as I was in the middle of Claw’s ultra. Haven’t had that in ages since most of the people still playing SF4 in Oz are pretty good.

quitting matches should show up next to the person’s name as an actual numerical figure, recorded online for players who quit matches

heres a nice ragequit for you guys…

That guy’s quit on me multiple times but only when I beat him with claw.

I’ve gotten people sending me a message telling me how annoying it was to chase my Claw around all over the screen.

If they only knew just how stupid bad Claw was when he engaged in close quarters combat, they would understand.

I also had someone tell me I was a cheap. WTF? Vega cheap? He’s the least cheap character on the roster… there is nothing abusable. The person who sent me that message was using Ryu. Now talk about cheap… unpunishable super, stupid ass LP shoryuken to save you from everything, and 1,334,193,543,865 ways to combo into your Ultra. At times he would just spam LP shoryuken five times in row. ***And I’m the cheap one?***:wtf:

It was funny that after I saw this thread, I went to play some online. The very first match I play a high tier, (I think it was balrog, but I can’t remember) and got a perfect the first round. He quit before the start of the second round lol.

some guy named mexicanmex23 ragequit on me, he was using guile and it was a decent match, i got a huge advantage the last round and suddenly he stopped moving and i tried going in for the kill and he DC’s, he then sends me a message that i “spammed too much”. -_-; that loser owes me some bp

I had a ragequit yesterday from a gief. I won the first round, and midway to the second, he dropped. Couldn’t come close.

Well, if you’re sick and tired of people running away from you, stop playing the big Russian.
I main him myself, I just picked up Vega because I love Izuna Drop so much.

I have the impression that most Gief players are dicks… when I have a mirror match, I win and send a “gg”, I never get anything back. And as Vega, I get the most hatemail from Giefs.

Horrible, horrible Giefs.

Why do the majority of xbl Giefs fail at the spd? Getting tired of walking in and out of jab spd range and having the Gief crouch there, with no attempt at trying to catch me. Kills my mind games for that fight. :frowning:

Don’t even get me started on the hate mail that you get when you force them to move around the stage, instead of stay in one place and let them jump-in -> lariat -> mash spd/ex spd/ ultra.

Today i got the best ragequit ever!
Also, my first two ragequits in my SF4 history.

The first one was lame as it was just some regular scrubby Ken who quitted during the second round, after i landed a CH>FBA>Izuna Drop, but the second one… oh, the second one!

It was this guy who actually knew what he was doing, and played Gouken. Idk if he was with ppl or what, but i could hear him over the mike, and he kept commenting the match.
The thing is, he defeated me the first round, but he was getting really frustrated at my running away. I got him on the second round, and on the third one, i had barely touched him, and had some damage, like 50% or something, but i was running and jumping all over the screen. He’s getting more and more frustrated as he can’t get me, and eventually starts insulting my game, and calling my Vega names, and quits :D. He was actually winning :smiley:

I’ll post a whole bunch of hate mail and rage quit photos this weekend…I have quite the collection!!!

I’ve gotten a handful of ragequits… but honestly, I get kicked from player matches a lot more than anything. I’ll play one match against a person with Vega, win, and get promptly kicked from the room. I actually removed my Vega icon after I found that I was getting pre-emptively kicked from player matches because of it.

I think a lot of people don’t know how to handle him. If played right, his speed, pokes, and walldives can be horribly frustrating for an inexperienced player and even an experienced player who just doesn’t know the match-up well.

Pictures such as this are like little trophies.