Chuns fierce vs LoV

Maybe this is common knowledge, but i never heard anyone mention it before … Chuns s.fierce makes her crouch slightly, just about enough for her to go under Remys high LoVs.
I don’t know if it’s all that useful. I don’t know if anyone cares. See if I do :lol:

You kids and your new fangled words confuse me. Don’t know what s.fierce means, but I can contribute to the conversation using old man terms.

If Remy does high sonic boom, Chun Li can do sitting fierce, and it will go under, and move her forward. If Remy does low sonic boom, Chun Li can do universal-overhead and will hop forward above it. Use of those two moves against a turtling Remy throwing booms all day rules.

When you get close enough to connect either move, you can either do Universal-overhead --> SAII or Sitting Fierce --> Kikkoken --> SAII.

If you’re countering a low LOV with a UOH they would be standing, and UOH can only connect to sa2 if the opponent is crouching. So it wont’ connect…

UOH has two frames, if the UOH connects on the second frame of art of the animation SAII will connect.

Try this. Go into training, Chun Li vs. Dudley. Put dudley standing in the corner. Hit dudley with sitting strong. This will push Chun far enough back so that when she does the UOH on the standing dudley, the UOH will connect with the second frame of art. SAII will connect off of the UOH even if your opponent is standing if you have the range correct.

Try the above if you don’t believe me. If you still don’t get the UOH comboing into SAII, I will send you video. You just need to work on the timing.

You DO have to have your opponent sitting if you are trying to combo far-standing-fierce into SAII. You can only get that combo under the same conditions that you can get Hugo’s 3-clap stun combo.

Kids? S.Fierce is standing fierce, not too hard to decipher, no? :wink:

Yes, standing fierce goes under Remy’s high LoV if you time it right. Actually, I only found out about two months ago when I did it by chance in a tournament. I was like: “Uh, yeah, I did that on purpose.” :lol:

Rei: Are you sure it only takes 2 frames of animation for UOHs to come out? I don’t have the actual frame data with me right now, but they look much slower than that to me -more like, at least 5/6 frames. Otherwise it’d be almost impossible to block accordingly. Even throws and Chun-Li low jab take 3 frames to come out (and that’s already pretty damn fast). 2 frames is basically faster than any normal move in the game…

I meant the actual animation. As in the frame of art. Let me see if I can find the frame data tonight from my brother’s all about books. I will give actual frame data if I can find it. I will edit the above post.

Kids these days. Sitting Fierce? Standing Fierce? I don’t like guessing, so I use more precise terms.

Maybe that’s because AFAIK most people who are knowledgeable about SF don’t seem to use the term “sitting” at all, but “crouching” or “low” instead.

Yes. Either of those two terms would be good, but it all depends on what fighting game you started out with, and anything that has a letter and a period requires some assumptions and guess work.

I first heard people use the term sitting fierce at UCLA when they were talking about Chunner’s funky looking sitting fierce.

As long as everyone knows that forward is a kick button, and not a joystick motion, I’m happy.

I never heard the term “sitting” before. Crouching or possibly low is what people say. At least in the SF community …
And yes, calling a kick “forward” is severely retarded. I’ve come to refer to the joystick motion as “towards” to avoid confusion.

Now go and erase any memory you may have about calling crouching moves “sitting” :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually, sitting is more clear than crouching or low because you can combine it with other phrases and it makes more sense grammatically. For example, sitting block, sitting neutral, or sitting towards roundhouse. I thought that it was silly until I actually got into deep spoken discussion on street fighter and needed more precise terms.

Another one that I thought was funny, but now I use is hopping. If you say hopping instead of low-jump it makes spoken discussion easier. Instead of saying, “I do low-jump into roundhouse with Ryo on CvS2Live because it is unstoppable when there is lag!” You can say, “Ryo’s hopping roundhouse on Live is too good.”

You Bust-ers and your made up SF terms!

The only time you’d have to clear up what “low-jump” and “Offensive Crouch” mean is if you’re talking to straight up mall-scrubs or my mother (who can, it is a well known fact, Triangle-Jump like a mofo. No bullshit).


finally check this lame little trick out… wiff the d/f rh flip so it lands in front of them , then ex bird kick. gets em every time

what is d/f ??

rh flip???

Bebop, Next time I see you, I will tell you and your mother all about those terms. You will laugh and say, “What a gonad!” We didn’t make that shit up. We are just repeating it. I’d hate to take credit for such terminology.

Lunlun, d/f = sitting toward = offensive crouch

I think rei was talking about the 2 types of frame animation, not 2frames for UOH.

According to my jap frame book, it says Chunli’s UOH is 16~25frames(when you press the UOH buttons, your character will go into the leap animation and when 16frames have gone
the hit animation will come out, this will last for 9frames).

Thanks for the info.

Exactly. SAII can combo if UOH hits during the last 9 frames. Thanks KS.

wtf… sitting… who says sitting… it’s standing and crouching

hence s. fierce, c. fierce… shit thats sure hard.

lol… on the old cabinets it didn’t say offensive sit or defensive sit… it said offensive crouch, get your shit together


Oh man. That was worth it. :slight_smile:

Sup Bebop?


Some people around here are much to serious about this stuff. I could call it fried chicken, and it wouldn’t matter as long as everyone knew what the hell I was saying.